Even in it’s Early access state RO has a lot of potential The Locomotives are very well detailed and are pretty fun to operate. The same goes for the rolling stock as there is a lot of little details most developers tend to overlook. Then there is the map itself. Even though it uses the basic textures from Unreal 4 the landscape still looks amazing at times. However it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Track laying can be a pain in the ass and the terrain and bridge tools are a bit clunky. The Link & Pin couplers have a tendency to break randomly when loading a saved game while other times they have a tendency to launch into space. And while the game is meant to be played ONLINE with Friends don’t expect them to stay on very long if you have a slow internet connection as it is a Peer to Peer Hosting system that RO runs off of. However this also means that you can in a sense play this as an offline Sandbox Game since when you Host a Server you only need to be online to launch the server itself. Once the Server is running you can play the game offline and not worry about getting dropped randomly. Naturally however I give these issues a pass since the game is still in Early Access and as such is bound to have some issues. The game itself is still very fun and like I said before has a lot of potential. Of coruse it’s not for everyone, but if you are interested in Turn of Century American Narrow Gauge Railroading, t’s woth checking out.

Real player with 495.6 hrs in game

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After 81 hrs of play time, I must say AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Yes it’s got bugs. Did you report them so they can get fixed? No? then STFU! I have 1 to 3 others working in this game for me. (Yes they work for me. I get more money and XP faster so we can all have good engines) Always have others join your company, always make a password so a**holes don’t join your world and destroy all your hard work. Yes ghost links and tree regrowth is a small problem sometimes. Hey, it’s still under construction, just like your RR! Got a good idea? Go to the Dev’s Discord and tell him. Is it fun? Very much so. does it have bugs? Yeah but so does CyberPunk 2077 and it’s a finished game. Should you buy it? IDK, I did, it’s up to you how to spend your money. I give it a two thumbs up. But hey what do I know. Will you enjoy playing it? Did you like playing with trains when you were a kid? I still like playing with trains, That’s why I work at a railroad museum. If you to like playing with trains, then by all means get this game.

Real player with 94.5 hrs in game

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