EDIT: Alright so I just replayed this game TWICE and have to say the majority of all my problems were completely fixed.

I found about 2 new bugs, neither of which were game breaking and I don’t doubt the Dev will fix it as he does really care about this game.

Give this game a shot, it’s well worth it and if I can beat it before the update and twice after so can you.

LOVE THIS GAME, Try it now! I’ll add a link to my new playthrough when I get it uploaded soon.

New Playthrough as promised:

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

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I love this game although at moments it touched a rage nerve lol. But it is great! Good atmosphere but the one thing I will touch on is the fact when you die it sends you back to the start which is really frustrating for me and probably others. But all in all a great game:) Check my playthrough and I got the bad ending so must get the good ending now:) Well doen Dev..I look forward to your next game:)

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Krakatoa on Steam



Update Mar 2021 - The sole developer of the game, according to

his statement, has been (quite unexpectedly, judging by the tone

of his message) drafted into the Russian Armed Forces. My guess

as a former Soviet would be him suddenly dropping out of college

as a most likely reason. But I am not here to speculate.

Here is his message.


An important announcement that you should know about. I, the developer of this game, was taken into the army until November 2021. Based on this, you have already realized that at this time I will not be able to continue development, and of course I will continue development with tripled strength when I return.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

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Taiga on Steam

Velocity Legends - Action Racing Game

Velocity Legends - Action Racing Game

This is very much a EA game that is allot of fun with the trigger events that can change your position from 8th to 1st the price itself is worth playing just to see them unfold.

It’s not perfect it self drives has good drifting & boosts to keep you getting that arcade feel.

Cars are slow atm which I’m assured will get faster.

Dev is working on a whole new gfx overhall which looks really good.

I gotta feeling this could be really good once finished.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

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Velocity Legends.

This is a better game that the game this is based on, as the PC port of Split/Second is just slow, buggy, and not needed, but this game is pretty fun, it has many level styles like a Dock style, an industrial style, and more, the only issues are the cars, they are slow, and the fact that the game might be too easy.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Velocity Legends - Action Racing Game on Steam

ArcticBoy: The Interactive Story

ArcticBoy: The Interactive Story

Genius Kojumbo Does it AGAIN!

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Another completely whacked out story line game from this developer, this time it’s a story about internet romance gone horribly wrong!

I will say that this game is well worth the price tag.. but NOT as a game for “you” to play yourself.

.. By far, the best value in this game is to GIFT it to someone you want to troll and tell them just to play it. Then watch them as they get hooked enough or curious enough as I was.. to play it all the way through to the end! Haha!

My Score.. To play it yourself.. 2 out of 10. My Score to troll as friend as a meme: 9.7 out of 10!

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

ArcticBoy: The Interactive Story on Steam

Super Drag Race

Super Drag Race

The roar of the engine caresses the ear, the nfs is resting. The music is relaxing.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

Only forward. Only the first. Only the finish line!

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

Super Drag Race on Steam

Lunar Rover

Lunar Rover

If you are reading the reviews and thinking about buying it, you probably already know you are going to love it. Likely you saw and it stopped because you like anything to do with outer space. The list of awesome starts with, “Driving around on the moon.” The game is certainly peaceful, serene, and relaxing. Driving without racing, or shooting anything - very well done. You may learn a few things along the way, too. Oh, and you get to drive around on the moon!

Artwork and environment are beautiful, physics are seemingly reasonable (not sure, never been there!). The game doesn’t punish us for bad driving, even when we intentionally do so. This is a hassle-free simulation experience.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Very interesting game, its not ultra mega overkill game, but its chilling and you can enjoy to explore

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Lunar Rover on Steam

Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit Remastered

Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit Remastered


This was an interesting review to write. On one hand, it’s an extremely fun game to sink a lot of time into. On the other hand, it’s basically a re-release of a game, not a remaster. The game itself when it was released in 2010 was really fun. I really enjoyed it (although I’m still not a huge fan of the very heavy steering that the game supplies) for its really fun gamemodes online, good graphics, great car list, and the really good tactical nature of most of the online stuff. It’s also immensely satisfying when you do get a really good run through a series of corners at top speed and shaving off that extra fraction of a second when grinding for good times on all the single player events. Likewise, it’s also hugely satisfying to release that perfectly timed spike strip to catch one of your enemies off guard, allowing for your teammates to move in to take them out of the game.

Real player with 295.6 hrs in game

For reference, I bought the 2010 “Limited Edition” version of this game’s original release for PS3 pretty much as soon as it was available. I played through all of its DLCs, too. Is this remaster a faithful recreation of everything from that version of the game? Pretty much, yeah.

I understand that a few cars were removed for the remaster. However, from what I’ve read online, the Carbon Motors E7 was removed because Carbon Motors no longer exists as a company, and the two Mercedes SLR McLarens(Mercedes McLaren 722 Edition and Mercedes McLaren Sterling Moss) due to Mercedes selling off their stake in McLaren starting back in 2009 and not completing until 2011(after the original NFS:HP 2010 release).

Real player with 89.4 hrs in game

Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit Remastered on Steam

Car Tuning Simulator

Car Tuning Simulator

So far so neat. It’s the perfect game for me to chill with some phonk music on the background. I highly expect this to become a full playable and interactive game in the future, so far they’ve caught our attention!

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

First off… The game is absolutely worth the 99 cents. So one can go ahead and get it if they are curious.

The game itself is VERY limited. you can change body parts, rims, tires and steering wheel. on 4 models of cars.

Then take it to one of 2 maps. That is basically it.

NOW here’s some problems…. while running the night map, there are invisible object in the middle of the road. you can’t see them, but you will crash into them and eff up your car.

The day map in suburbia, cars seem to appear from no where as well.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Car Tuning Simulator on Steam

Garage Flipper

Garage Flipper

You’re an ambitious contractor with a passion for repair shops. The task seems simple, but is it really? Will you handle demolishing walls without having the roof collapse on your head? Can you give them a nice, even paint job? Starting’s always tricky but remember – practice makes perfect!


Visit the auction service and place bids on garages and repair shops. But you don’t have to wait for your results – you can outbid the competition and buy immediately at a slightly higher price. Better to pay more than end up empty-handed. ;)


Many people treat their garage like a dumpster and, unfortunately, before you can get to decorating the interior, you’ll first have to liberate it from old junk. Rusty mufflers, used-up batteries, shelves of empty cans, as well as old fridges and washing machines are just some of the things people tend to stuff and forget in their garages. Sort the recovered materials or try to sell them to scrap collectors.


Clear the place out of old cars. Most of them are no longer operational, so you’ll need the help of a tow truck. The good news is that your old pal Bob happens to drive one those. The bad news is that he’s a terrible driver. Better if you take the wheel and handle towing out the junk yourself.


Go for your hammer and bust open the old walls! You can make rooms bigger by building new ones and installing new roofs and floors. Choose your preferred paint color and soon you’ll see new life breathed into the garage!


Place a brand new workbench and tool cabinets, as a more expensive preset, or create a collection yourself by laying out tools individually. Remember that everything needs its proper spacing and placement.


To make a garage into a shop, you’ll find it necessary to also buy the right devices, such as tire changers, oil collectors, wheel balancers, pneumatic jacks, or engine cranes.


No high-profile repair shop would be complete without a dedicated office space. Choose patterns and textures for its separate floor. You can also install a counter, leather furniture, veneer tables and even a sound system. Look after your style by placing around some interesting paintings with an addition of modern LED lighting. You can even hang up a punching bag or set up a bench


Once the renovation work is completed, take a few photos of the new facility that present it in an appealing way. Log into an auction site, calculate the costs, set up a few parameters, and put it up for sale! But remember – buyers don’t like being lied to in posting descriptions.

Build up your empire! Invest in new specialist gear (including prototypes) and discover new construction technology. Travel the world in search of inspiration to outdo rival companies. Take part in international contests for flipping freaks such as yourself and win numerous awards!

Garage Flipper on Steam

Offroad Horizons: Arcade Rock Crawling

Offroad Horizons: Arcade Rock Crawling

This game is awesome! I’ve been wanting to have a game like Offroad Horizons for a very long time now. The rock crawling aspect of this game is simply fine tuned. And the physics of the vehicles is so realistic. I’m having a blast rock crawling on the trails which are soo beautiful by the way.I also love how areas on the trails get hairy and would need your complete focus and would need just the right amount of throttle response to get over the obstacles. Do yourself a favor and get this game you’ll definitely have fun rock crawling on the trails!

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

Fun, challenging, but most of all ADDICTING!! This is one of those games you WILL put some serious hours in. It’s definitely well worth it for an Early Access game. The most important of this game is the mechanics/physics, and it works really well! Driving and handling is really fun. Another thing I want to point out is the GRAPHICS!! I’m not that far into it but in what I’ve seen so far the levels are really pretty and well designed. I’ve only played about 3 hours thus far but I haven’t come across any bugs yet. My only suggestion is the possibility of adding a desert level? Would be nice to see a jeep drive through it hehe :P

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Offroad Horizons: Arcade Rock Crawling on Steam