So 320 hours of gameplay, met many super nice folks, visited all areas multiple times (Map is huge). Super stoked i gave this game a shot upon release!

Developers are really friendly and work really hard, updates have been frequent, sometimes daily depending on what theyre working on. Lots of exciting things to come in the future of Capsa, but need to give them time. Just 2 developers and the game hasn’t been out long at all. Lots has changed from the short amount of time it has been released.

Real player with 1640.4 hrs in game

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So far I have spent like 32 hours in Capsa and not one minute was boring.

Even if the community is still small it is growing, but you can easily spend hours exploring by yourself.

I didn’t even visit all of the islands yet, but found a marvellous place for my home…just imagine a house directly on a beach with your own mooring to the right there is a romantic looking lighthouse and I can listen to my favorite music while dancing with a friend or simply gazing at the sunset!

When I feel like going somewhere else I can choose between a boat, a horse or a buggy to go wherever I please in this huge open world.

Real player with 41.1 hrs in game

Capsa on Steam



You’ve died, this is space hell.

Everyone gets room and board.

Doesn’t seem so bad.

Gamepad is strongly recommended!

The game has two main paths, both leading to a face-to-face meeting with the Lord of Death. Who’s grown tired of misery and is currently working on rebranding hell for a gentler, more joyous experience. However not everyone in the city is convinced by this sudden change of heart.

CAR PATH, is focused on racing THE TRACKS OF THE ABYSS. Collecting stars along the way and recieving the honourable invitation after getting all of them.

STORY PATH, consists of increasingly silly scenarios as you get entangled in a plot to overthrow the Lord.

  • Drive around in rocket cars.

  • Become the TOP-STAR-RACER.

  • Go furniture shopping.

  • Decorate your own apartment.

  • Ragdoll around on the floor.

  • Seamless drop-in drop-out multiplayer.

Connection is automatic, but you can manually select region and overflow if you’re looking for a specific room!

Filtering is only a click away.















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sunny-place on Steam

Auto Age: Standoff

Auto Age: Standoff

A ton more fun than I was expecting.

Full disclosure, I am an indie dev living near where Phantom Compass is located, so I knew about the game and was given a free copy. Very surprised at how fluid and smooth and most of all FUN the cars are to drive. I absolutely love the way the little cars handle. It has that perfect “arcady, videogamey” vibe, where teh cars aren’t striving to feel realistic, they are striving for teh best player experiance possible, which I personally think is teh best way to go about this type of locomotion based game. They really did a great job tweaking the cars, and probably my favrit part about teh game is drifting around and boosting into teh air, feels so slick.

Real player with 119.0 hrs in game

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This is not a combat-racing game. vehicular brawling, varied classes/styles and weaponry, arenas, aesthetic; this is a car combat game - Auto Age is this in essence, and it’s not too shabby.

In my opinion, the last proper car-combat game was Twisted Metal for the PS3 released back in 2012, and when there are far too few games released apart from the Twisted Metal franchise that fit the bill for being considered part of the car-combat (sub)genre, and to date, as an indie title, Auto Age: Standoff covers the bases to officially be a part of the lineup and not be cringeworthy in 2018.

Real player with 61.8 hrs in game

Auto Age: Standoff on Steam

Hashiriya Drifter-Online Drift Racing Multiplayer (DRIFT/DRAG/RACING)

Hashiriya Drifter-Online Drift Racing Multiplayer (DRIFT/DRAG/RACING)

Absolutely love this game and its community. Only downside is that the concept is good, but the actual development is iffy.

Controller support (Xbox One controller anyway) is currently semi-support; there’s no way to change binds and the default key binds make no sense whatsoever.

As a mobile port, this game needs better graphics, more detailed interiors, genuine controller and wheel support.

I see this game to have a good future, but it needs some work.


It now has full controller support but no wheel support. Game is addictive and enjoyable!

Real player with 142.3 hrs in game

I’ve played Hashiriya Drifter for 2 years(probably started 2.5 years ago but i had to stop playing in between) and while it has been infested on mobile. the PC version is great! i don’t know why its mixed but it feels like this is a completely new game. The AI is solid but i wont hit you, it flies over you. grinding is WAY easier since campaign exists and its very addictive for me :D (way more points why its good but i’m to lazy to write em)

Real player with 107.6 hrs in game

Hashiriya Drifter-Online Drift Racing Multiplayer (DRIFT/DRAG/RACING) on Steam

Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing

Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing

I don’t know why these Tony Stewart games are better than the mainline HEAT series from Monster, but it is really quite special.

If you enjoy dirt circletrack racing, but don’t want to enter into competitive sim-racing like iRacing, these are the games for you. This game has updated physics, and a progessive dirt layer added to the cars. The two things, really, that the already great Sprint Car game was missing.

It would have been nice if Monster added the Sprint Car content to this title. It will also be nice to see additional classes like Late Models, Super Late Models, Pro Trucks, and maybe some more models in Street Stock.

Real player with 52.1 hrs in game

It has been so long since Dirt Track Racing games were released. This game is a very nice upgrade from those versions. First impressions are very positive. Very simple, fun racing game. Game play is very similar to Dirt Track racing, with greatly improved graphics.

Pros: 3 classes of cars to chose from, custom paint schemes (limited), tuning (simple or advanced)

Cons: Limited custom paint schemes, no track conditions (wet/dry), zero advantage to running the cushion (high side) of track.

Real player with 46.0 hrs in game

Tony Stewart's All-American Racing on Steam

Mini Racing World

Mini Racing World

_ Deutsche Version weiter unten _

It’s a fun little racing game.


You have to play the 12 different Seasons in the open world chronologically. Each Season has 4 races/events, 3 of which must be successfully completed to unlock the next Season. There are different modes, like races, Minikhana events, duels and sprints. You can buy new cars, tune the cars and customize them. The open world has different areas and themes in which the Seasons take place.


In 4h I’ve played all 12 Seasons and Special Events as well as the Final Race (though I didn’t complete every Season and don’t own every car).

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Great game, fun to play and easy to learn, controller compatible as well! Fully recommend this game if you want a casual racing game!

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Mini Racing World on Steam




Cyberpunk styled combat racing inspired by all the amazing 90’s and 00’s racers. Featuring fast paced, frantic racing action with intense strategic combat.


Equip four types of abilities simultaneously for ultimate destructive capabilities! Load up with homing missiles, plasma launchers, laser cannons, proximity mines, gatling guns and more! Strategy and combos are key if you want to quickly dispatch opponents.


Change team liveries, colours, chassis, race numbers, wheels, loadout and more. Build relationships with fellow pilots and draft them on your team. Research abilities and technologies then set your loadouts before the event.


Race across five vastly different locales, each with destructive and interactive environments. Use track hazards to your advantage to trap opponents and force a mistake. Blow up volatile trackside objects for big damage.


Play online with your friends, or join up in a two person super team with split-screen co-op!

Phaseshift on Steam

Police Getaway

Police Getaway

Police Getaway is an open world racing game focused around police chases. Take on a role of Chuck Chase, a former movie stuntsman turned mafia driver. When the head of a local criminal empire kidnapped his family, Chuck knew that saving them would not come easy. Blackmailed into cooperation he will have to use all his daredevil skills to perform the most dangerous missions and save his family.

  • Play the story campaign focused around doing the most risky driving jobs for the head of the local mafia.

  • Take on various side missions to acquire additional funds.

  • Perform daredevil stunts to earn Respect.

  • Buy different cars and upgrade them in various auto shops around the city.

  • Explore the city of Paradise Lost and its outskirts, find all the hidden collectibles and secrets.

  • And finally, remember, DO NOT GET CAUGHT!

Police Getaway on Steam

Shakedown: Hawaii

Shakedown: Hawaii

Shakedown: Hawaii is the follow-up to Retro City Rampage.

Retro City Rampage (aka RCR) in my mind, was a sleeper hit of an indie. So how did VBlank manage to follow it up?

The gameplay in Shakedown: Hawaii is nearly identical to that of RCR, and so nearly instantly I felt quite comfortable with the controls. Mechanically the game seems rock-solid, which isn’t always something games of this nature get right, so it’s worthy of praise.

Shakedown: Hawaii sort of tones down the parodic elements that Retro City Rampage was known for by a lot, and while that might sound like a good thing since a common critique of RCR was how it was far too “in-your-face” about parodying pop culture of the 80s and 90s, I’m not so sure the comedy Shakedown: Hawaii goes for really “hits” all that often. Most of the jokes seem to elicit rolling eyes, rather than laughs.

Real player with 37.4 hrs in game

A kiddie version of GTA2 with some business management.

Nice, easy, colorfull, pleasantly funny, sympathic.

Probably its very easy to identify with the maincharacter since he still lives in the 90s and is confronted with the modern business life. So its a great game for guys who played GTA 1 or 2 when it came out.

Further its not that hard like GTA was. You can’t die, you can restart every mission, you can get health on every corner, cops are kinda brainless, no long searching for special cars to sell, no blood (I am missing that!)… so Millenials will also have their fun from a different view without any big skills, effort or heart attacks.

Real player with 33.5 hrs in game

Shakedown: Hawaii on Steam



Give this game a chance guys. At a glance it looks like a copy/paste of Heat 4. But try playing this for an hour or two then go back to Heat 4. You will see and feel a significant difference. Several tracks were improved both visually and on how they drive. On top of that, the AI have been improved a bit, providing the most fun single-player racing I’ve seen in a heat game. I honestly barely played single player in Heat 4, but i’m enjoying it a lot more now. Another great thing is the new custom car options. Sure it’s no paint booth but to me it’s satisfactory for the most part and they will be adding more templates via DLC. Custom seasons in championship mode are also awesome, though sadly you can’t put tracks that series doesn’t normally go to such as Cup at Road America, though this might change.

Real player with 538.3 hrs in game

First off let me say, I’ve been sim racing for 3 decades (which yes, makes me old!). I started with Indianapolis 500: The Simulation and have played each and every Papyrus game since. I have also run iRacing and I have been a HUGE fan of each and every one of those games.

This year, during the pandemic, NASCAR Heat 4 was on sale and I thought, what the heck, I have time on my hands, lets give this thing a try. I set out wanting to not like it to be very honest. My expectations were low, quite low in fact. After running my first few races I felt I was liking it just enough to try running a career. A few days in I realized something. I was having fun. More fun than I expected. I kept playing, and my fun level continued to rise. I continued to play NR2003 for my weekly races but kept coming back to NH4. It was a damn fun game. Was it perfect, absolutely not. But, the racing was very good, the setups fun to build and I was moving on up in my career.

Real player with 203.8 hrs in game

NASCAR Heat 5 on Steam