Fractured Lands

Fractured Lands

I’ll update the review when i play more :)

So far i love it tho it has problems yes but other then that it is pretty good game the cars and the bikes is a bit funky to use in driving mostly the bikes i’ll….stick to cars thank you :P as for the loot it seems fair but sometimes can be a bit harsh when your not luckily enough to find loot that you need.

The FPS seems fine tho i am not playing from the US so i am most likely in US severs so i am finding it rubber banding now and then in some matches some worse then others which makes the playing experience bit unpleasant and takes away the enjoyment of the game to a degree but i always seem to burst out laughing or be surprised by players that kill me at times :P.

Real player with 137.8 hrs in game

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Is it another battleroyale? yes.

Is it Hella fun? do bears shit in the forrest?

Is it smooth with the controlls? they programmed them with digital silk.

Is it worth the money? how much money do you put on shit food compared to a one time payment with a lot of fun?

Is it better than Pubg? That’s very subjective depending who you’re asking, and if they say no they’re wrong and you should burn their mailbox.

So a little about the game per se:

Everyone starts at the middle of a big hangar like house thingie, where they can go in whichever directioni they want, sometimes the ring is in the middle, sometimes it hugs the corner of the map and gives you the middle finger while it steals your wife while you are at the oposite corner of the map.

Real player with 63.9 hrs in game

Fractured Lands on Steam

Not My Car – Battle Royale

Not My Car – Battle Royale

notmycar Is a very enjoyable game, unfortunately the fact that it is Early Access and Free is usually overlooked.


  • Fast paced, high action gameplay

  • Constant updates

  • Friendly & Engaging Community

  • Community discord so that your opinion can be heard

  • Devs that listen, and actively seek your opinions and advice

  • Community playdates & testing - (makes up for one of the cons below)

  • Competitively Priced Season Pass - If you like your cosmetics, this one is for you. The season pass also presents additional in game challenges which keep you further engaged

Real player with 147.7 hrs in game

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TLDR; Dead playerbase, ok game, would play again.

I really enjoyed the game, it was fun and exciting to play. Unfortunately, it had a rocky start with numerous issues that should have been hashed out in a closed beta. Optimization seemed to be a large issue for people with mid-grade to potato tier computers with unbearable stuttering. I had high fps but still crashed out of game almost every round when the game first rolled out. Crash logs didn’t even automatically upload, you had to go to their discord and upload manually. Along with other problems it was essentially unplayable for most people at the time.

Real player with 61.1 hrs in game

Not My Car – Battle Royale on Steam

Dashing Dodgems

Dashing Dodgems

Dashing Dodgems is a fast-paced frantic online and offline multiplayer game

about destroying cities and friendships!

In it players drive around with bumper cars to knock other players into the water. Last car driving wins. But if the match takes too long, the environment will start to collapse on them.

The full game will features four-player split-screen, online multiplayer, full destructibility, four themes with twenty unique maps, five customizable game-modes, eight playable characters with many many hours of competitive fun!

The game has plenty of opportunities for players to express their domination over others through visceral feeling gameplay, All coated in a friendly-for-all-ages colorful art style in which characters are never really hurt.

While we’re working on adding more features (See the Early Access info), here’s what you get right now:

  • Fully destructible environments to properly get to the point!

  • Four different characters to express yourself accurately!

  • An exciting Last Car Driving game mode to creatively show you’re the best!

  • Four maps to conclusively beat your friends!

  • One winner. This you?

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Dashing Dodgems on Steam

Hashiriya Drifter-Online Drift Racing Multiplayer (DRIFT/DRAG/RACING)

Hashiriya Drifter-Online Drift Racing Multiplayer (DRIFT/DRAG/RACING)

Absolutely love this game and its community. Only downside is that the concept is good, but the actual development is iffy.

Controller support (Xbox One controller anyway) is currently semi-support; there’s no way to change binds and the default key binds make no sense whatsoever.

As a mobile port, this game needs better graphics, more detailed interiors, genuine controller and wheel support.

I see this game to have a good future, but it needs some work.


It now has full controller support but no wheel support. Game is addictive and enjoyable!

Real player with 142.3 hrs in game

I’ve played Hashiriya Drifter for 2 years(probably started 2.5 years ago but i had to stop playing in between) and while it has been infested on mobile. the PC version is great! i don’t know why its mixed but it feels like this is a completely new game. The AI is solid but i wont hit you, it flies over you. grinding is WAY easier since campaign exists and its very addictive for me :D (way more points why its good but i’m to lazy to write em)

Real player with 107.6 hrs in game

Hashiriya Drifter-Online Drift Racing Multiplayer (DRIFT/DRAG/RACING) on Steam

War of the Mars

War of the Mars

Step onto the battlefield and answer the call with the title that raised the bar for first-person shooter games with its great graphics, high-powered guns, and intense online multiplayer action.

Play free anywhere, anytime. War Of Mars delivers the most intense multiplayer action on Virtual Reality. Drop-in, gear up, and compete.

Battle Royale features:

Game modes

3 separate game modes: team, solo, and Robot battle. Try them all!

Character variety

Tons of different skins and heroes, Pick your target and attack!

Weapon variety

Choose from pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, miniguns, sniper rifles, rocket-launchers, and grenades, Pick your weapon and attack!

Huge map

The map is filled with unique nooks, crannies, and structures to hide out in and take cover. Camp out till your heart’s content!


Amazing futuristic graphics in HDR

War of the Mars on Steam

N1L (No1Lives)

N1L (No1Lives)

still in the early stages of the game but it being early access as everyone knows the game grows over time

i enjoyed playing the pve good atmosphere graphics not much of a online community at the moment

that is to be expected for an indie game i give it two thumbs up the developer really put the effort in to

bringing people a experience over time shall see it evolve.

Real player with 40.4 hrs in game

This game is amazing. Graphics are excellent. Love the options that are available to choose from such as weapons, characters, locations and such. I would definitely recommend this game to my friends to play and enjoy. Another great game to join in with my gaming buddies and have a fun night gaming.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

N1L (No1Lives) on Steam

GangV | VR & PC Battle Royale

GangV | VR & PC Battle Royale

Honestly, DON’T listen to any bad reviews from people who have only played it for an hour or so, because this game is very very early in development, so visually it may not look very polished but it truly as a LOT of potential if you give it a chance…

The dev team is a group of amazing people who are eager to hear your feedback good and bad so they can learn from it and improve it.

I have been a part of this beta for quite a while, sadly I haven’t been able to play it as much as I’d like due to work, but i saw how much better this game became through a very short time,

Real player with 104.2 hrs in game

I’ve been enjoying this game a bit. I’ll most likely be returning to update my review as time goes on.

Very unpolished battle royale but can lead to some very fun times for a group of friends. The developers are very friendly in their discord and seem to take suggestions & answer to bugs pretty fast which is nice.

I’ll be reviewing it as a PC player, VR experience may differ.

The Good:

  • The gang / takeover system is pretty refreshing in the BR genre.

  • Driving is actually enjoyable.

  • Community is fairly nice so far.

Real player with 46.3 hrs in game

GangV | VR & PC Battle Royale on Steam

Let It Flow

Let It Flow

A Vintage Gem! When the original hit the shelves in 2001 there wasn’t a Cal-i (early professional) gamer that could take his hands off it and it was one of the few games in which the West Coast gaming scene could hold its own against the dominators in Seoul. The 2003 World Championships were one of the greatest moments in gaming history, when Joker760 bested vvClutchvv in overtime for a slim but well-earned victory. Truly epic. And now DevAddict (former CFO of EA Sports and step-son of Valve CEO Gabe Newell) has brought it back, updated and better than ever, for a whole new generation of young gamers. All the original features are there, just with some updated graphics and new music. Boot this classic up and give it a whirl! Gamer dads, show your kid what you used to be made of!

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

I’ve seen things in Let It Flow you people wouldn’t believe…

Fauxlaf and Shreek under fire on the platforms of Fail Guys…

I watched corn glitter in the dark of the Sewers. All those moments will be lost in time, like underpants in washing machines…

This game is perhaps the capstone of human existence. However, I cannot recommend this game to anyone. Playing this game is like getting the chance to briefly enter the Empyrean, to bathe in its deep and heavenly light. For a few moments, you feel as though you are one with the universe. But the moments soon pass, and you return to reality feeling empty and alone. I can guarantee that after playing this game, your life will be nothing but a steady decline as it dwindles to nothingness. Food won’t taste as good. You will no longer derive pleasure from your favorite video games. I’ve even heard that some people start habitually watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It can get pretty dire. Personally, I stopped being able to get erections. I can only assume that it was this wicked game that stripped me of my powers of turgidity.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Let It Flow on Steam

Pitched Battle

Pitched Battle

Pitched Battle;

If you are reading here, you are a warrior. Welcome to the war you’ve been looking for.

Our Online Tank Game, our Online Tank Game features 3D graphics locations and realistic tank looks. Our game consists of 2 modes.

Mode 1: Team Deathmatch, It is a battle mode consisting of 4 teams of 3 people. Each team represents a country. Countries include U.S.A, RUSSIA, CHINA, TURKEY. We have 2 special bullets in our map. There are 2 types of special bullets and protection shields in our map.

In our online system, there is a money making system in proportion to the number of tanks you hit.

In the update, our new model tanks will come and you will be able to buy them with the money you have saved.

Mode 2: Flag War, Flag between 2 different countries pass as the war. Our map consists of a Desert environment. Realistic models are used. This is also on our map

There are 2 types of special shells.

Our game can be played online and offline. To make you feel completely in a war. Both music and models, very well designed

Our game is under development. Please be involved in this process. Comment on the shortcomings and regulations.

Pitched Battle on Steam



Its a really fun game, you can loose hours playing. You are always guaranteed a laugh! Having friends enhances the experience! It was fun helping during the development of this game, glad to see how far its come and cannot wait to see where it will go! Heres to the future of RoboSquare and the memories we will make along the way

Real player with 47.4 hrs in game

after playing this game for almost 20 hours, this game provides a lot of fun for you and all of you friends, from the races to the sumo matches and the more that is still being constantly add by the Dev’s. this game is fun and competitive at the same time. i’m excited to keep playing and excited to see the what new features come into the game as well as seeing the growth of the game continue.

Real player with 19.5 hrs in game

RoboSquare on Steam