Welcome to PINEHILLS

Welcome to PINEHILLS

While the store page states it was released in August 28, 2021, it is not a full release. The files even state on the startup screen they are using the July Early Release. Therefore, this game is still “Early Release”. I spent 2 hours going into every empty building, going along every road, covered the lighthouse and even went as far into the ocean until you fall off the map. The game only has 3 “otherworldly” flashbacks. The total number of angels you can find are 4 of 12. The game is impossible to complete because there are no more angels to find on the map. Once you find all 12 angles I’m guessing the trapdoor inside the church will open and you can complete the game? If you want a “complete game” with a similar map check out Titan Chaser. Your money will be better spent there unless the dev releases the complete game of Welcome to PINEHILLS cause right now this is not it folks!

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

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The game is akin to one puzzle like you would find in Res Evil 4 and the whole game has been centered around it.

Find x number of angel statues around the game world and replace them in PineHIlls' church.

Problem is after that hiding three or four statues and placing some very empty stock asset structures in about about six different spots the devs never came back to scatter the remaining angels.

This should be Early Access but the empty discussion board suggests abandoned.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Welcome to PINEHILLS on Steam

First Racer

First Racer

First Racer is a racing game with convenient arcade control in which you can get a lot of good emotions.

  • The game has the ability to select a car and configure it, both the appearance (body parts, color) and technical specifications (engine, transmission, suspension, tires).

  • The game has different game regimes:

    • Racing.

    • Drift.Tune your favorite car for the modes that you like and go to new records.

  • Compete with the ghost of other players to improve your experience and set new records on each track.

  • “First Racer” has visual and technical damage, you need to drive more carefully in order to get to the finish line with a good time.

  • Play with your partner on the same PC, this makes the passage of the game much more fun.

  • Enjoy beautiful, stylized graphics.

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First Racer on Steam

Miles of Cubes

Miles of Cubes

OMG I LOVE YOU!!! I’ve been looking for a infinite ski slalom type game for over a month now. And this! This is want I wanted, and didn’t even know I wanted.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

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Miles of Cubes on Steam

We Took That Trip

We Took That Trip

Imagine you and your best friends tripping and enjoying every moment with no worries and no hurries. This game its about that!

We Took That Trip is a chill road trip game. You drive your beloved van through procedural roads with no hurry, relaxing and enjoying the company of your best friends. Chill out with the dynamic weathers and the wide variety of biomes. Customize your van and enjoy this emotional ride.

#### Key features:


  • Travel through procedural roads, the road is never the same

  • Variety of biomes (hills, forests, deserts, beaches, swamps, fields…)

Chill Out

  • The soundtrack puts you in the mood with tracks by awesome artists of the internet

  • Enjoy the beautiful landscapes

  • Dynamic weathers

  • Dynamic time with gorgeous sunsets, sunrires, moonrises…


  • Grab them all on the way, the ride is much better with the ones that you love

  • Discover their stories and revive great moments


  • Yes, theres a cat, and he’s inseparable. So he is gonna enjoy the ride with you

  • You can pet him and he loves it


  • Paint your loved van

  • Change cosmetic parts and make it feels like home

Zen mode

  • If you are just looking to relax and refresh your mind, this mode is just for this

  • Choose who you want to go with or drive alone

We Took That Trip on Steam

Alaskan Truck Simulator

Alaskan Truck Simulator


Get behind the wheel of a mighty truck and jump into the boots of the Alaskan truckers, challenge and be challenged by one of the harshest and dangerous environments.

Alaskan Truck Simulator is a unique game that blends the well-known simulators’ classics with the ruthless environment of Alaska and elements of survival. Buckle up, we are about to set off for the proper adventure!

What comes to your mind when you think of Alaska? Endless wastelands, towering peaks, harsh winters, and sunny spring-like meadows. Alaska is a unique place to explore. How to do it better than driving a truck across the entire state? Experience changing weather, vehicles’ behavior on snow, cross the uneven roads, and find out how is your truck’s condition affected by harsh climate or the driver itself –this is just to name a few elements of the game.

It would be a dreamy world if you could carelessly drive around Alaska, but let’s be real, you need these bucks to fuel your truck and feed yourself, ain’t you?

Let’s start with a few cargoes. In order not to take the fun out of driving, while progressing in the game you will gain access not only to the better trucks or equipment but also to the more challenging missions. Anyway, no matter the prestige of your mission, always drive with cautious as you may lose your cargo, damage your truck and finally, end up with debt instead of earning.

You are here for a bit of adrenaline too, right?

We want to show by our game the bond between man and the machine, what shows it better than exploring the basic needs of both? You will need to pay attention to the stats management as well for yourself as for your vehicle. Hungry, tired, out of fuel or with a broken tire - take care of all the difficulties you can encounter on the road!

Among many features:

  • Dynamic weather system with Day/Night cycle

  • Vast interactive environment to explore

  • A dynamic economy based on jobs, ranks, and performance

  • Survival system

  • Useful knowledge to gain and mysteries to discover

  • Crafting, upgrading, repairing

  • Multiple roads, routes, and wastelands to conquer in your truck

Check out another great game which is being developed in cooperation with Discovery Channel:



Alaskan Truck Simulator on Steam

Synth Retro Vapor Wave

Synth Retro Vapor Wave

its a great game, surpised my GTX 970 works, but the card is pushing at 98% game runs smooth, tried with AI cars, co pilot, all maps seem to work, game settings work with the card i have, this game is alot like what i have on my phone except you can choose to have an open road or traffic, an idea for you is you can have the tracks react with the music, that seems to be fun, i love the idea where this is heading, a map idea you can add i like to see is as you drive you can have lights light up around the track, they ccan change colors, shapes etc. that be cool to see smthing like that react to the music you listening to with awesome trippy effects,

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

One of the most relaxing games I have played. The gameplay is simple, you drive on a highway and overtake other cars. Or you can play it as an idle game by removing the traffic and just enjoy the scenery while listening to the awesome soundtrack.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Synth Retro Vapor Wave on Steam



Eh. The game isn’t much fun in it’s current state. I doubt the state will ever change though, given that It’s not marked as early access, and since devs are Russian (I know just how we work, in general, i barely have any hopes).

So, the goods.

  • Vehicles, they’re legendary indeed, and LUAZ i’ve never driven before in any other game, they’re all glorious.

  • Looting is most satisfying! You drive to some pilles of barrels or boxes or stops close by a cargo container and you just syphon stuff out. Yay!

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

I have to say, this is one of the worst games I have ever played in terms of controls and in-game physics. I have had to restart this game multiple times after getting my vehicle stuck at the very beginning either from clipping into the environment or just not traction or power to get out of a small rut. The slightest incline, you’re vehicle isn’t getting up without mashing the Q button repeatedly. It’s so frustrating that I just turn off the game.

There’s no in-game map which is fine, but the devs need to at least fix the programming for in-game pathing during missions so you don’t just randomly end up at the bottom of the large mountain or hill with no way of figuring out how to get up it.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Wildland on Steam

Hard Truck Apocalypse / Ex Machina

Hard Truck Apocalypse / Ex Machina

There are a lot of games on Steam, but once in a while, you browse the catalogue and discover a little gem hiding somewhere in the deep ends of the underated section. Ex Machina is one of those games, but let me start off by saying that this game certainly isn’t for everyone, it’s genre is considered to be a very acquired taste, but I would say it’s worth the buy anyway just for the sake of trying it. I didn’t expect it to be anything amazing given it’s lack of popularity, but I was wrong, this game is truly brilliant.

Real player with 96.5 hrs in game

The Crossout single-player predecessor, Hard Truck Apocalypse (original name Ex Machina fits it even better) was somewhat quite intense when it first hit the shelves. The gameplay (similar to the golden classic of the Russian game development, the Vangers) was quite addictive, with all that driving in the wastes of the post-apocalyptic open world, shooting bandits, upgrading your car, delivering some post quests and convoying caravans… Driving, driving and then some more driving and fighting with your car. There was also an intriguing sci-fi story plot, with some twists and various ways to go through the game (two starting quest lines, non-linear solutions in every big chained mission in every game area, and two endings, with two different boss fights and outcomes).

Real player with 75.8 hrs in game

Hard Truck Apocalypse / Ex Machina on Steam

Heavy Cargo - The Truck Simulator

Heavy Cargo - The Truck Simulator

Load heavy and bulky cargo by crane, choose the appropriate trailer and ensure professional cargo securing. Work your way through narrow roads and difficult

terrain with your 30-meter-long truck and trailer combination? Accompany convoys in a support vehicle, take care of removing signs and obstacles, and stabilize critical passages during your ride. Do you have what it takes to take ships, rotor blades or locomotives to their destination and found your own heavy cargo empire?

Heavy Cargo - The Truck Simulator was developed in close cooperation with our partner ‘Universal Transport’ and presents the work of a company that is specialized in heavy cargo transports in a realistic way. Everything is in your hands – from planning the challenging missions to performing them.

Show your skills in over 30 different mission types and master demanding rides at the wheel of your truck and trailer combination:

  • Transport rides with oversize

  • Accompanying transports

  • Tour preparation (remove obstacles, stabilize bridges etc.)

  • Crane rides and missions to load and build up machines

  • Combined missions that have a direct impact on the game world

  • MAN and Scania trucks and various trailers/semitrailers based on real-life models (boiler bridges, rotor trailers, low-loaders)

  • Escort vehicle (Sprinter class) MAN TGE

  • mobile cranes

  • static cranes

The over 200km² large, lively game world with an European setting invites you to explore and discover. From large cities and motorways to difficult mountain passages and remote villages - sometimes a journey can become an adventure tour. Your assignments and completed missions actively change the world and ensure long-term driving fun and a spirit of discovery!

Heavy Cargo - The Truck Simulator on Steam



YES!… wait… no….


it´s fun, i guess?

bought it for the glorious naming.


Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

This feels like a free game. I got it for $0.49, which is a perfectly acceptable price because I would still like to support the creators. But the sticker price is too much for the experience being so short and unpolished.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game