Chaos on Wheels

Chaos on Wheels

Leave nothing but chaos!

Chaos on Wheels is a single-player and multiplayer vehicular combat game. A world where Artificial Intelligence has taken out of control and your job is to bring an end to its existence. Choose your car, fasten your seat belt, ride, survive, destroy and leave nothing but CHAOS.

The story-driven game offers you many different vehicles to drive, turrets to destroy, maps to conquer, and weapons to make chaos!

Play as a driver in a heavily equipped car, destroy enemies, and save the human race. Avoid enemy projectiles, traps, hazards and bring chaos to anyone who opposes you.

Key Features:

  • Cars

The only thing between you and other projectiles is your car. Take a swifty car and avoid danger or get into an enormous one and eat projectiles for breakfast. Choose wisely!

  • Drivers

Unfortunately, Tesla hasn’t arrived at Chaos on Wheels so you will need a driver to steer cars. Each driver has its unique specialty, select yours and drive into victory.

  • Customization

Upgrade weapons, ammo, armor, or equip some of the gadgets and prepare chaos for your enemies.

You don’t like your car to be yellow? Make it black with visual car customization. Add wraps, lights, change their colors and make it how you like it in a garage.

  • Turrets

AI has its own army. Turrets are here to ruin your day. Watch out for their projectiles and bring them down before they do the same to you.

  • Hazards

Keep your head up and watch where you drive. Some hazards can slow you down while others might even destroy you.

  • Environment

We’ll give you one tip. Turrets? They don’t like you but watch out for the environment. It may look pretty, but it can be pretty lethal.

Play on dozens of maps, with various environments.

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Chaos on Wheels on Steam

Titan Attacks!

Titan Attacks!

Absolutely glorious remaster of the classic Space Invaders game. Innovative, advanced, and scores of fun to be had.

When aliens living on Titan, Saturn’s moon, decide to attack, they lay waste to Earth’s military forces. Well most of it. You are the last remaining Tank Commander on Earth, and you are one bad mofo. Battle your way across Earth to stop the invasion, and then you take it to the skies as you hit the Titans' outpost on the Moon, and obliterate it. Next stop, the Titans' Martian colony. They wiped out all the little green men also and need to pay. After Mars, you find yourself on Saturn, and the enemy forces are strong. But not as strong as when you reach Titan itself, taking on the nest of the alien scourge to nearly end our way of life… and the poor Martians.

Real player with 33.9 hrs in game

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Titan Attacks! is a retro, arcade, 2-D shooter where the nameless Commander fends off the Titan invasion with his trusty pixelated tank.

The game commences on Earth then progresses to new zones. Zone progression occurs when its boss is defeated. There are a total of five zones, each containing twenty levels, with their own unique design. Once all five have been defeated, it loops back to Earth, albeit with a slightly higher difficulty.

The game mechanics are fairly straightforward; aim & kill. Fortunately, that doesn’t do Titan Attacks! the justice it deserves. The mechanics conspire in such a way to exude a simple & fun experience. There are a number of boosts & improvements that can be purchased between levels to mitigate your success. For example, there are powerful area-of-effect bombs, weapon add-ons, additional shielding & more. Currency is derived from killing enemies & also capturing them. Capturing enemies adds a unique dimension to some situations, as doing so can be lethally dangerous, but extremely profitable. The Titans have a wide arsenal of ships & weapons that change in function & attitude from zone to zone, which can easily lead to your undoing if not cautious. There are bonus rounds that gauge your accuracy & reward you accordingly so keep nimble. These rounds occur between levels, after every seventh level.

Real player with 19.3 hrs in game

Titan Attacks! on Steam

Wasteland Angel

Wasteland Angel

This game somehow reminds me of the mid-90s sci-fi flick Tank Girl, but maybe the similarity begins and ends with the post-apocalyptic setting, the cartoonish art style and the main characters, both girls whose favourite activity seems to be shooting mutants. You take on the role of Angel, who drives around in her car and saves the inhabitants of post-world war III settlements from mutant attacks. So much for the backstory.

Gameplay wise, Wasteland Angel is a no-nonsense top-down shooter. You’re looking at a desert landscape from an isomotric perspective, drive around with a car whilst shooting at other cars that likewise shoot at you. That’s pretty much all there is. Your main armament consists of two fixed guns, additional weapons can be aquired by driving over power-ups. Each level has three stages and, after you defeat the stages final boss in the third, a short bonus stage that leaves the top-down view and switches to a first-person perspective. The game never breaks from this pattern.

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

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Honestly, this game is exactly what it presents itself as - a fast-paced, post-apocalyptic arcade-style game focused around vehicular combat. Within that mold, there’s some aspects I appreciate quite a lot.

  1. Civilian towns. The primary objective is not just to survive against all comers, but to protect towns full of civilians - this often, at least for me - created situations where I had no choice but to hold off on blowing up targets trying very hard to kill me in order to protect civilians. This particular feature just seems very well designed - you’ve got enough heallth to sacrifice some if you have to in order to protect civilians, the game smoothly increases complexity from one town on a flat map to multiple towns on a map covered in impassable terrain obstacles, etc. If a bunch of civies are walking back to town after the transport which took them is exploded and you or an enemy runs them over, they die, etc. It’s little things like that which make a good game a great one or a bad game okay.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Wasteland Angel on Steam



This game sucks so much. I got diarrhea all night long after playin' this.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

It feel like I got rape and didn’t realized it until the game is over.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Snowboard on Steam

Bunch of Games

Bunch of Games

After i bought this game, it has been updated already 3 times, they added 1 more game.There is game what i like and recommend to play called “The Drop” and “Duel Frenzy” Worth every penny. Cheers!!

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Normal games, I’ll be happy if new features are added to The Drop. BTW have the worst PC on earth , but i still can play everything

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Bunch of Games on Steam

Diesel Guns

Diesel Guns


Nowadays is really hard to find some good drive combat videogame, and while Diesel Guns is still in developement, it is still promising and has a good foundation.

Sayd this, maybe is because of it’s Early Access nature but there are things that definitely need improvement in order to make it a good game that can bring back the Drive Combat genre.

First off, let me list what’s good about it so far:

  • Good weapons variety. I especially like that you can choose which weapons to equip for each kind, and apparently it seems there will be more in the future.

Real player with 10.7 hrs in game

If you’re a fan of games like Hardware: Rivals and Vigilante 8, you’ll love this game. the balance of weapons seems just about perfect, and so does the gameplay. Everything just works great. The speed and pacing is perfect. You’re never struggling to try to make a certain mechanic like, ramming or ground pounding work right, it’s not TOO easy either, but it just feels… GOOD when you use it. as of right now, the game is severly lacking in overall content due to it being an early access alpha title, but what’s there will make the gameplay feel near complete when you’re in a deathmatch and blowing up enemies! But for $5, it’s absolutely worth the current state that it’s in.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Diesel Guns on Steam



a game where you have to shoot police cars with a turret mounted to a compact

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

very simple game, but I had fun with it

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Bumper on Steam

Raidfield 2

Raidfield 2

Defintintly annoyed by the bots they can kill faster than you can so if you want to stay alive use a tank just use it so the bots can not kill you plane controls are a lot harder than what i’m use to

so you should play the game it runs great and i have a potato laptop cant run beamng drive tho cries

Real player with 17.3 hrs in game

if you like call of duty with cartoon looks and only bots in the lobbys i have not seen one real person in this game then play this game it is free but i think raidfield was better cause there were no bots

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Raidfield 2 on Steam

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip

You’ll find huge amount of guns. Stuff your enemies with bullets, cut them, burn them and blow them up. Find and use special items to slow down time, gain invulnerable, or bring a real armageddon. Everything in this world is created for destruction.

Gain experience and earn money to gather collection of vehicles. Improve and customize them to find the perfect perks combination for each arena and your style.

Комбинированные улучшения

Travel through unique realms: each arena is a parallel dimension, with its own topology, atmosphere and mechanics. Feel really unforgettable experience.

Meditate on destruction. Hypnotic visual style combined with a hardcore gameplay will give you a doses of adrenaline and endorphin just in a few minutes. Repeat until complete satisfaction.

Players already compete for leadership - and this is a really epic battle. Welcome.

Music is what we are inspired to create each game, and here it has a special role. The soundtrack was written by a wonderful russian musician Moa Pillar and creates an atmosphere of insane rave. Reach for the lazers!

There is no story.

  • No bullshit - pure action

  • 11 types of guns

  • 9 special items

  • 40+ upgrades combinations

  • 16 types of enemies + 5 bosses

  • 5 unique arenas

  • 3 battle vehicles

  • Endless ammo

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip on Steam

Lawnmower Game: Battle

Lawnmower Game: Battle

Cool game for your money

Grabbed her at 50% off

I really liked the game, I want to play and play …

Convenient and enjoyable gameplay, I recommend to fans of this genre of games

For several hours of the game, I did not find any bugs and holes in the game.

The developer knows exactly what he is doing. The product is really high quality, I recommend it!

I hope the author will not abandon the game and will delight us with updates!

I advise everyone to purchase!

Oh yes! The author is releasing more similar games, I am your fan)

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Great, fun, positive game in which we have to ride and fight on lawn mowers

The price is very nice.

Time flew by in it.

If there are new updates it will be great.

Maybe new arenas and lawnmowers are planned?

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Lawnmower Game: Battle on Steam