Train Life: A Railway Simulator

Train Life: A Railway Simulator

Train games are not exactly a highly competitive market so most are downright garbage. Train Life is not one of my favorites for good reason. A couple of the games I prefer are as follows with the first being a bit complicated to learn as it’s Korean and you need to make notes about what certain things are and how to do things. The second is designed for multiplayer, but, I and many others play solo. The first is Hmmsim Metro. The second is RAILROADS Online! Check those for better games.

A large update came out. I have made a couple deliveries in Germany so far and glitches have been much better. Animals don’t have faces glues to tracks. I’ll keep editing this as I play more and if it deserves it will change to voting up.

Real player with 139.0 hrs in game

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OK OK… First of all let me say I rated this title as “recommend” only because I think it has huge potential and, let’s face it… if $15 bucks is a deal breaker you’re in the wrong hobby. I usually don’t pay for something I haven’t gotten (my lesson was paying a landscaper for a whole job he was to do on a Friday and by Monday morning I discovered that he closed his doors and skipped town with my money) but I’m gonna make an exception in this case. For two reasons… first - It’s worth the $15 as is! Second - it allows the devs to buy groceries on their way home tonight and not starve before they finish the game.

Real player with 34.9 hrs in game

Train Life: A Railway Simulator on Steam