Corona Runner

Corona Runner

Escape the virus!

As part of a classified, highly advanced government experiment, your rover has been shrunk down to microscopic size to find a cure for the evil Covid-19. Unfortunately, while you are exploring the inner surface of your patient’s lungs, the Novel Coronavirus strikes!

Dodge the mysteriously intelligent virus cells as they relentlessly pursue you! See how long you can outlast the viral attack… while transmitting critical data about the virus. For SCIENCE!


  • Drive your super miniaturized research vehicle around collecting data nodes.

  • Avoid the virus cells as they try to destroy you!

  • See how much data you can retrieve before you are trapped!

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Corona Runner on Steam



Pretty fun for the short time that it lasts. Worth its money in my opinion.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

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good game i have finished the game and the levels are challenging

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Bulldozer on Steam

Chaos on Wheels

Chaos on Wheels

Leave nothing but chaos!

Chaos on Wheels is a single-player and multiplayer vehicular combat game. A world where Artificial Intelligence has taken out of control and your job is to bring an end to its existence. Choose your car, fasten your seat belt, ride, survive, destroy and leave nothing but CHAOS.

The story-driven game offers you many different vehicles to drive, turrets to destroy, maps to conquer, and weapons to make chaos!

Play as a driver in a heavily equipped car, destroy enemies, and save the human race. Avoid enemy projectiles, traps, hazards and bring chaos to anyone who opposes you.

Key Features:

  • Cars

The only thing between you and other projectiles is your car. Take a swifty car and avoid danger or get into an enormous one and eat projectiles for breakfast. Choose wisely!

  • Drivers

Unfortunately, Tesla hasn’t arrived at Chaos on Wheels so you will need a driver to steer cars. Each driver has its unique specialty, select yours and drive into victory.

  • Customization

Upgrade weapons, ammo, armor, or equip some of the gadgets and prepare chaos for your enemies.

You don’t like your car to be yellow? Make it black with visual car customization. Add wraps, lights, change their colors and make it how you like it in a garage.

  • Turrets

AI has its own army. Turrets are here to ruin your day. Watch out for their projectiles and bring them down before they do the same to you.

  • Hazards

Keep your head up and watch where you drive. Some hazards can slow you down while others might even destroy you.

  • Environment

We’ll give you one tip. Turrets? They don’t like you but watch out for the environment. It may look pretty, but it can be pretty lethal.

Play on dozens of maps, with various environments.

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Chaos on Wheels on Steam

Criminal Pursuit Force

Criminal Pursuit Force

I originally went into this game thinking “Oh, it’s just a bit of fun. Nothing too serious, I’ll review it as such.”

However, I reported the games main flaw being that criminals always end up getting stuck in the same place under the bridge. I did this so the developer had time to fix the bug before I reviewed it. I’ve since went back and played only to find the bug still hasn’t been fixed after he assured me it had been.

This game doesn’t have a lot going for it, it’s a basic loop of crashing your car into a criminals car in order to apprehend them. Then the level restarts and you do it over and over again. Don’t worry though, they’ll always be under the bridge at the local criminal stop point. There’s nothing else to it, that’s it.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

I like trash games very much and i had a blast with this game. So, i recommend this game to all trash fans. But for the others, i say just no, this is a really bad game. In Criminal Pursuit Force you are a female cop (only visible in the missions screens as a picture) hunting bad guys. The goal of every level is to catch an enemy car with your police vehicle. I like that kind of game and that is why i bought it. But there are so many things that are just awful. The graphics are outdated and there is just one small map (for all missions). There are not many sound effects in the game, just a police-radio, which tells you the same thing over and over, and a police siren. No engine sounds or other effects (maybe that is just a bug). The music is ok, but there are not many tracks. The worst part of the game are the ai-drivers, the normal ones and the enemy. I never saw such stupid drivers in a game, they even can not stay on the road. You have to see that for yourself to believe it (watch may video under the text). And on top of that all, the game is not finishable because in one mission, the enemy car is not findable. So my final verdict for the game, buy it if you want to laugh about the most stupid drivers in gaming history, otherwise avoid it.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Criminal Pursuit Force on Steam

Supfly Delivery Simulator

Supfly Delivery Simulator

very nice and chill game, if someone likes this type of gameplay I suggest to try it, if you’ll don’t like’s it you can always get back your money if you don’t play more then 2h and don’t have game for more then 2 weeks, but I suggest to help developers to grow bigger and buy it 3

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

its a simple game with a fun progression, its aesthetically nice to look at and the beats are bangers

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Supfly Delivery Simulator on Steam

Agent Intercept

Agent Intercept

For being an expanded port of “just” a mobile game, this one’s great.

My only two complaints are irregular, but severe crashes and the fact that the campaign is rather short.

Though, regarding the latter, Score-Hunters will still have plenty of fun with the arcade mode.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

This is a really fun game. It has striking character design, engaging gameplay, and a funky soundtrack. The story and dialogue can be goofy but that’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Incidentally, I have not encountered any bugs.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

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Grilled is an action game where the player has the goal of eliminating all characters in order to successfully complete a level.

Grilled offers two modes: Campaign and Carnage. In Campaign mode, the player will go through a series of levels of increasing difficulty where he/she will have to eliminate all characters to complete the level and unlock the following one. In Carnage mode, the player will have the freedom to eliminate a horde of characters which continue to spawn indefinitely.

Grilled on Steam

Hyena: Dogs of War

Hyena: Dogs of War

It’s been ten years since the war with the Banana Republic ended. Dozens of prisoners of war remain in camps across the Republic, abandoned by their allies. Join Team H.Y.E.N.A., a private mercenary force, to rescue them and end the war once and for all.Can H.Y.E.N.A. and their allies get past the outcast heroes who are under arrest and rid themselves of a menace that could literally destroy everything… even the Republic itself?


  • Drive an armored jeep though hostile territory

  • Collect and upgrade weapons

  • Fight against enemy forces from the land, sea, and sky

  • Engage in epic boss fights

  • Rescue POWs and top-secret documents

  • Explore the beaches, plains, jungles, and mountains of Banana-land

  • Uncover mysterious clues about the Banana Republic

Can you free Banana-land from the treacherous Dictator before he unleashed forces that threaten to destroy the earth?

Hyena: Dogs of War on Steam

Rubber and Lead

Rubber and Lead

This game is very reminiscent of Autoduel, for those old enough to recall that classic. As compared, there are far fewer weapons and vehicles, and the game ends more quickly unless you really make a point of playing it out.

For those unfamiliar with older games, this is a simple, top-down, 1-player shooter with a slow-it-down button (not quite bullet time, but close), which I never used after figuring out what it does, which is: lets you see what the AI does, and presumably learn to target with missiles.

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

Made sure I finished the game (no spoilers, BTW), and even earned all the achievements.

First of all, the presentation of design is lacking. Of course, it’s just a car game in entirely 2D top down. Though on the bright side, controls are not that hard to use. But as a person with a thing about repetition and cliches, it’s the most cheapest control design that can be made by anybody. Final thing about design, it’s entirely a game developed by beginners.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

Rubber and Lead on Steam

The Visitors

The Visitors

The Visitors………..

An unidentified spacecraft has been discovered in a nearby solar system… as our most experienced Agent, you are tasked to explore the craft and determine its purpose, then report back to the command center.

Late news, an outside force has sabotaged the transport that was carrying your Portal Stone, you must find all of the components and quickly, so you can rondevu with the task force that has been assembled, to go with you on this mission.

You are to record all Points Of Interest, that have been marked on a schematic of the ship, created by a previous force. It is almost complete, except the command module, you must find a way to get in there.

Previous reports state, they encountered resistance from numerous alien species within the habitat rings of the craft, caution and stealth is advised

We as a species are relying on your commitment to this task, may your god go with you..



Orbiting Space Station

The Visitors

The Explorer


Easy or Hard modes

Stats Page

Save/Load saved game

Waypoint Teleporting

Weapon: Pulse Lens


Walk/Run, Teleport, Drive and Jet Backpack modes

The Visitors on Steam