Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom

Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom

I wanted to at least complete the main story mode to give a proper review; I really had fun with this game, I’m super into the show and the books, but not exactly on the whole Action RPG formula (although this one reminded me a lot of Mercenary Kings, and that game rocks) so that says how well the characters can carry you along to keep you hooked xD

If you’re a fan of the show, you’re gonna love this game… Jack Sullivan as a protagonist can be annoying at times (and I like the guy LOL) so I don’t blame you if you find his narration obnoxious, that’s like… his thing, but then again it feels like something from season 1 of the show (considering the game was produced along it) and since then the characters had evolved a bit more ^^

Real player with 29.9 hrs in game

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This game is an incredible piece of crap. It NEVER boots into a usable interface and thus can’t be played. REFUND NOW!!

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom on Steam

Agent Roswell

Agent Roswell

cool game kinda glitchy at times sometimes when you go to complete the level there are enemy ships under the map and you cant get to them and you have to restart the game, also no ingame save feature only in the office area. graphics are so so you can more than likely play the game with integrated graphics because the graphics are very sub par.

Real player with 52.7 hrs in game

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I really enjoyed playing this game. It is just great fun to play. At the risk of showing my age it has the feel of the tv series ‘The Invaders’ with Roy Thinnes. Very similar to GTA but to the developers credit made with a fraction of the budget. The ‘world’ feels expansive and there is plenty to explore. I really like being out in the desert episodes best. The controls gets a bit clunky but that sort of adds to the fun. I will love to play it again on a better PC as I had to run it in windowed mode to help sort the lag. A few patches may well sort that out. I would be delighted to find out if there is a Agent Roswell 2 on the way or a least more episodes. Good game that I know I will be loading up again sometime in the future.

Real player with 24.8 hrs in game

Agent Roswell on Steam



Digitizer is a Sci-Fi FPS RPG set in a post-capitalist open-world, where a constant war between factions has destroyed most of the world’s cities and left islands of Hightech fortresses surrounded by masses of poor survivors.

Pick your side and fight to support those who should survive. Fight for the Future you want as new technology rises that can preserve or destroy what is left of the old world.

This technology can give the common and poor survivors eternal life inside a simulated reality, but the price is high, they will lose their biological life. Will you support this technology, its inventor, and the city council? Or will you join the resistance and restore the old world order? The choice is yours and the Digitizer’s fate is in your hands.

The game features:

First and third-person control.

Fighting with ranged and melee weapons, and with car-mounted machine guns.

Inventory system with trade and crafting.

Branching dialogues in NPCs' conversations. Without cutscenes.

Player character customizations and clothing switching.

Stats, perks, and skills to develop as you level up.

Vehicle upgrades in workshops.

Open-world exploration, teleport, maps, and location discovery system.

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Digitizer on Steam

Farming Tractor Simulator 2021: Farmer Life

Farming Tractor Simulator 2021: Farmer Life

simple simulation

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

The game feels like its still in development but isn’t bad for the price it is sold for and it needs more work.


Fine Graphics

Good Concept (can be a really good game if some changes are made)

Good unlocking system


Bugs (Tractor Gets stuck everywhere)

Can very easily get monotonous after a few minutes of gameplay

Sounds effects

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Farming Tractor Simulator 2021: Farmer Life on Steam

Survivals unknown

Survivals unknown

Survivals unknown is a Survival Horror MMO that immerses players in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world in which a viral outbreak has decimated the human population leaving in its wake, a nightmare of epic proportion.

It’s been 2 months since the outbreak; leaving in its wake a post-apocalyptic nightmare with ninety-five percent of the human population gone. In order to stay alive, you will need food, weapons, and other supplies. Some of you will be able to scavenge as you navigate the terrain, others will be forced to fight for survival as you encounter zombies and other players. Every decision will have an impact on whether you live or how quickly you die.

Survivals unknown on Steam

Totally Reliable Adventure Party

Totally Reliable Adventure Party

Sharpen your blade and light-on your torch, it’s time for an adventure!

The team behind the “Totally Reliable Delivery Service” is up and back at it again! This time around, bringing you the world of dark fantasy and magic where only your imagination (and the reach of your arms) is the limit!

Join up to four friends in this action RPG physics sandbox, full of murky dungeons, treacherous enemies and deadly bosses. It’s not going to be your most efficient quest, that’s a totally reliable guarantee!

  • An online physics sandbox set in the world of dark fantasy, full of dangers to run away from and mysteries to complicate further.

  • Tons of activities to pursue and distractions to keep you safely away from the main quests. Save your grandmother’s chickens or… confront one of the world’s many bosses that somehow keeps getting back to life? Yeah, right, let’s get back to chickens then.

  • Lots and lots of nice and tasty…hmm… shiny loot! Wear it, use it, eat it, craft it… tame it?

  • Use environment, make-shift weaponry and the most unreliable magic tricks to defeat the weirdest monsters. Try not to kill all your party members while you’re at it!

  • Start as an adventurer and become something much more!… A level 60 adventurer! The next DLC will allow you to get level 70, while the bravest ones will get to level 80, or even 90! You get it right.

Totally Reliable Adventure Party on Steam



You have come from outer space to the destroyed Earth. You are a person from the past in a harsh and inhospitable world… The IRON WORLD. Can you survive?

Your cool car

Driving your personal car in events on the global map. Always transport your stuff in the trunk. Shoot enemies with a turret or crush them.

Explore the world

Before you is a big ruined world. You are free to go wherever you want. Mountains, wasteland, towns and farms. Realistic layout of houses and attention to the interior. What is waiting for you around the corner? Create your own adventure.

Uncompromising fights

Dynamic and bloody battles. Move, use shelters, arrange ambushes, use power-ups to survive and defeat outnumbered enemies.

Tactical AI

The enemies will seem smart to you. They will find you by the noise and look for you if you have disappeared. Be sure, they will find you and surprise you.

Dynamic field of vision

You will not know who is in the house until you go inside. A sense of uncertainty and danger around every corner.

Visual style

Carefully recreated atmosphere of the apocalypse and devastation. A large number of details on the locations. The original hand-drawn style of graphics.


Collect resources in houses, berries and mushrooms growing in the world. Create food, ammunition and power-ups from them. Good nutrition is the key to success.

Characters and humor

Meet colorful NPCs in cutscenes, dialogues and quests. We tried to make the characters bright, not devoid of black humor and sarcasm.


Dark Dealings

Dark Dealings

So i stumbled upon this game whilst browsing through the store and what a find it turned out to be!!! A nice little game with elements of Dopewars, the original gta and even sensible soccer especially when using the top down camera! Even feels and looks a bit like the original south park in 3rd person! Proper little diamond in the rough and i look forward to spending more time on the game and for future developments!!!

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

To be up front I received the game from the developer for free.

I played the game for about an hour and the bare bones for an open world RPG has been laid out. Everything else still needs to be fleshed out. I think the developer would really benefit from making a free demo available so they could get a lot of feed back. I think this would be beneficial because the developer seems interested in the game being a success.

Keep in mind this game is in early alpha testing. The complete game could be great but in its currents state I don’t think it’s worth buying. I’m going to write out a review below but you can see my gameplay on my YouTube channel, linked below:

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Dark Dealings on Steam

Radiant Crusade

Radiant Crusade

You’re in a valley defending a tower against attacking alien bugs.

It’s steer with gamepad and sight/lock targets with gaze. All functions (weapons, throttle etc) are on the gamepad. If you’re not a gamepad user effective control will be an issue as game doesn’t support motion controllers.

The ship hugs the terrain closely and though i didn’t suffer any queasiness others a bit more sensitive might.

Cockpit arcade shooter really sums this up. It’s colorful (although not Polynomial colorful), fast paced and suited to folks who want a gamepad VR arcade experience. My gamepad dexterity is severely lacking so the full potential of this game was lost on me but check it out if you’re a gamepad warrior looking for a fast blast.

Real player with 26.7 hrs in game

Radiant Crusade is a sci-fi, cockpit shooter title. In this game, player will drive around on a vehicle with cockpit (that display in-game information like health etc) and shoot at the creatures.

There’s also an AI tower that will attack any nearby creatures too, so player has to work together with the tower. If either the tower or the player loses all the health the game is over. So strategy has to be made. Player can drive around to attack or thin the incoming herd (and let the tower to handle the rest), or stay near the tower, and attack the creatures together with the tower.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Radiant Crusade on Steam



EDIT: Alright so I just replayed this game TWICE and have to say the majority of all my problems were completely fixed.

I found about 2 new bugs, neither of which were game breaking and I don’t doubt the Dev will fix it as he does really care about this game.

Give this game a shot, it’s well worth it and if I can beat it before the update and twice after so can you.

LOVE THIS GAME, Try it now! I’ll add a link to my new playthrough when I get it uploaded soon.

New Playthrough as promised:

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

I love this game although at moments it touched a rage nerve lol. But it is great! Good atmosphere but the one thing I will touch on is the fact when you die it sends you back to the start which is really frustrating for me and probably others. But all in all a great game:) Check my playthrough and I got the bad ending so must get the good ending now:) Well doen Dev..I look forward to your next game:)

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Krakatoa on Steam