Let’s ride

Let’s ride

Let’s ride

Let’s ride

Lavender Lamborghini, roll up in a blue bikini

Bitches on the beaches, lookin' super cute and freaky

All my friends are princesses, we keep it whipped and creamy

Ice cubes on our tongues because we like to keep it freezy

Lavender Lamborghini, girls out on the right side

Chauffeur stayed at home because my girl wanted to ride

Lookin' lux and tastin' plux, I’m feelin' so alive

Want to take it to the highway, come on, let’s go for a drive

All my life, I’ve been waiting for a good time, a good time

Real player with 37.2 hrs in game

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This game is addicting. I like how simple the mechanics flow and the intensity of each run. different game every time. you never know what might happen. I have nearly struck my computer due to rage though, a simple mistake can really piss you off when you get pummeled by 30 cops after snagging a corner ruining a otherwise perfect run. Developers are adding new content regularly and i like what they’ve done so far. I am biased towards certain loadouts however because some weapons i cant seem to operate effectively due to timing issues. Sub-machine gun all the way! Perks for completing jobs are great all except for “Death Touch” i really hate getting it, and vote to remove it alltogether. It doesn’t help you in the slightest. In fact it has killed me more times than crashing or making critical errors.

Real player with 27.9 hrs in game

PAKO 2 on Steam

Captain Jackson

Captain Jackson

Revolutionary game, that improves your reaction time,


  • Cheap

  • Fast

  • Weiths literally nothing

  • RTX 3080ti graphics

  • In game item shop

  • music


  • Irritating when you spontaneously combust

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

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Great game! Can’t wait to see second part!

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Captain Jackson on Steam

The Last Hope

The Last Hope

Running simulator

In the game we play the role of a viking who must save the world. To do this, he has to go through several portals in order to reach his destination, which is Mars. In addition, we have to control life, collect food and drink. On the road we will also meet various enemies.

And now what does it look like? The game is to run from one point to another in front of you. Eating and drinking is useless, all we have to do is find first aid kits, which usually lie on the road. Enemies are bugged and don’t want to attack us, so the whole game is based on running through yourself. And so through 5(?) locations.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

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(Got this game for free from . Thanks, guys!)

I am walkin' to the limit! I am walkin' to the limit! I AM WALKIN' TO THE LIMIIIIIIIT!!!!!

The Last Hope is a game about walking to a destination which you have to discover while making sure you survive to meet it. During your quest, you will need to maintain your health, hunger, and thirst…which can become quite a challenge in various areas (this limit is removed the moment you board the plane to the USA, which makes the experience more casual and enjoyable). The overall objective is to push a small object a short distance (like nudging it off a cliff), but with a very long run towards the destination.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

The Last Hope on Steam



Switchcars is amazing. It’s fun, has an interesting concept, and with the new update, you can let your imagination run wild and create any car you want. I recommend taking a look at the tutorial for creating cars though, because when you got that down, you’ll never want to stop making cars.

Playing the run mode is adrenaline inducing and addictive. You have to travel right as far and as fast as you can before the aliens catch up and try to kill you. It makes you use strategies and tactics, from fleeing with an airplane to blowing them up into a million pieces with a tank. The game also has 1000+ vehicles to collect (and that’s before mods) and multiple game modes, such as the run, hardcore, free ride, and the newly introduced rally mode, which requires you to travel as far as you can from the start with a time limit. Don’t worry, you have 3 tries to get as far as you can. :)

Real player with 379.6 hrs in game

Steam recommended this game on release day so I checked out the videos and it looked interesting. Over the course of the next week I watched a few let’s plays which looked better and better, and saw how active the dev is with answering questions - you can see the guy’s passion for this game, and he alludes to some really cool future features.

Realizing this is early access, I am having a TON of fun with this game. After splattering my head a number of times during the first hour, I find the game is pretty easy to learn. Once you understand the controls it’s a matter of experimenting with the mechanics to optimize your game play, but I feel like mastering this game still takes long enough to keep you coming back.

Real player with 134.0 hrs in game

Switchcars on Steam



Great game idea! Things are getting better with time and as updates come out and always looking forward to the new parts missions coming soon. Having helped with beta testing and some ideas i can say this game is just crawling compared to where it will be when its fully released. Degradation is a fast pace new age tank game with realistic missiles and bullet drop from your choice of a variety of weapons to destroy and collect resources from other tanks and wear-houses as you progress world by world. Join your friends and battle your way up the chain and become the most well armed forces around.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Degradation(Alpha) on Steam

Demon Engines

Demon Engines

Over 2.4 million unique weapon combinations and counting

Ancient machine demons prey on the last surviving people. Remaining survivors must build powerful weapons to rival the machine demons might.

Create the ultimate weapon with over 2.4 million possible combinations and counting. Engage enemies far with sniper grenade launcher. Get up-close and personal with automatic shotgun with exploding bolts. Near limitless combinations

Destroy enemy strongholds and fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies for legendary loot. Each level the enemy difficulty increases, but so does the loot quality

Unlock new characters each with their own unique vehicle and skills.

Demon Engines on Steam

Project Voxel Miami

Project Voxel Miami

Welcome to Mimai

It’s the 80’s and you’re a mafia in Miami.

Who will do the tasks given to the mafia first? Fulfill the task given to you before your opponents to win. Whoever made more money at the end of the game will be the best mafia. Explore the Miami inspired voxel map alone or with friends.

This game is a multiplayer action shooter where you can fight with your friends or against them, clash with weapons.

Project Voxel Miami on Steam

Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat

Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat

From the first bits I played, this is the greatest game. Unlike Robocraft, you don’t have to deal with damage propagation. Instead, you have to deal with cooling the weapons and other functional parts, supplying power to the same functional parts, and being able to grab enough scrap to upgrade your vehicle.

REVISION: While the multiplayer is essentially dead, the new Gauntlet mode is remarkably fun and unique; a roguelike involving vehicle construction is nothing I’ve ever heard before, and it pulls it off well. There are only two problems I have with it, and they’re more minor nitpicks than anything:

Real player with 74.4 hrs in game

I had been following this game for a while via the old tech demos but had never been willing to pull the trigger on purchasing the game since the demos lacked any real form of game play. With something playable finally released, I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, the actual game play mechanics are awful.

Despite being a car combat game with a focus on building your dream deathmobile and watching it get destroyed in actual combat, trying to actually build a fun car is tedious. The actual vehicle construction is fine – however, the developer decided to hide half the parts under a Call of Duty unlock system. Great, another game to grind away at before I can even do anything. Another issue is the game’s money and cost system. To put it simply, in combat, you are supposed to start with a basic car and acquire money to purchase bigger and better cars, all of which can be your personal designs. The way money is acquired, however, is horrendous, requiring players to deposit money on “pads” – a process that requires you to sit in park for three seconds with a giant bullseye on your head – as opposed to just letting you keep any earned money in a manner similar to Counter-Strike. Also, destroyed cars cost money for them to be replaced, meaning that one lost vehicle is all it takes to set you back to square one. Players basically wind up in an infinite loop of never having enough money to actually do anything once combat begins.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat on Steam

Wings of Justice

Wings of Justice

Dankie Grafiek Muesli

Please add proper controller support. Still playable and great fun. We did split screen I had the keyboard other player with generic gamepad. I could use boost and weapons, other player could not, but the second player’s controls are also on the keyboard (I guess because both players can play sharing keyboard) - I could boost my opponent into cliffs at own discretion.

Goooood fun and laughs!

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Wings of Justice on Steam

Poly Party

Poly Party

This game’s controls are awful and ruin the experience. It’s not well designed, and is not worth playing.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Poly Party on Steam