This is a REALLY fun 3D arcade style casual racing game that handles very well with just a keyboard, although it is optimized for a controller. This is a throwback to games like Cruisin’ USA and Road Blaster except it’s actually set in the future, as far as the story goes. The visuals and music add a lot to the solid gameplay.



I only have two problems with the game: there are only four levels (currently) and there is this weird thing in the first two levels where you kind of stick to the walls when you run into them. This is by design and not a bug but it got really irritating until I realized why it was like that. To the developer, you may reduce the stickiness just a tad so that it isn’t debilitating so early in the game. However, after a short time, it didn’t affect me very much.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

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Game is amazing. Play this shit now

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game


Absolute Drift

Absolute Drift

So, here it is. My review.

At time of posting, I have all the achievements and have 50 hours in the game.

First of all, just a general comment: I love this game. It has a great, smooth game engine and the controls are fairly easy to me. It wasn’t too hard to pick up, and learning some drifiting from Assetto Corsa and driving my Miata IRL, I can say that the physics are very realistic and it’s easy to apply those skills into this game.

Here’s a list for the TL:DR, and it’s at the top (you’re welcome):

Real player with 69.3 hrs in game

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I’ve had tears of joy playing this game to completion, which is a rarity, I will say.

Absolute Drift is a top down, minimalistic stunt driving game. Your goal: become a master drifter, by refining the art of spinning out and smashing into walls controlling oversteer and burning rubber.

For the aesthetics: it’s low poly, simple graphics, with most buildings and roads left white and untextured. Objects of interest are coloured red, blue or yellow. Your car leaves behind skidmarks wherever it goes, whether you slide or not, which allows for impressive drawings on tarmac, or a nice spiral when you catch some big air.

Real player with 65.7 hrs in game

Absolute Drift on Steam

Boring in paradise

Boring in paradise

Two arcade games in one: “Antipain” & “Antitrolley”.

The first is a pseudo-three-dimensional runner. It’s a kind of meditation.

The second is race against time with a top view. Run over few pedestrians by accident or become a road killer.

From the author:

To avoid pain or to be that pain. Notice objects in this world or discern a foundation in it. To choose. Not to choose. Accident or cruelty. Mercy or coincidence. Music. Screams. Overcome or substitute. Imaginary cities or a mirror of loneliness. Executioner and victim, at least. They are close. They almost communicate, even if they delegate to doubles. A world is seen again.

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Boring in paradise on Steam

Car Looper

Car Looper

A unique idea which creates a fun puzzling experience and allows for creativity.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Car Looper on Steam



Absolutely a waste of a dollar, There’s no rhythm whatsoever, and every level shares the same song. You can tell how the levels look, and are, just by looking at the menu screen, and I’m not saying they’re good either, I guess they do their job, but nothing is special about them, the dev just wants you to play this for as long as possible, hence the multiple levels. This game is obviously a cash grab, and it’s upsetting. Don’t buy this.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Ultratank on Steam

Jet Car Stunts

Jet Car Stunts

At the moment I saw this game I knew I am going to like it. So far I have spent 17hour of playing this game I have completed 3 of 4modes game offers and get 11 of 12archivemenents. Now I feel competent to write few lines about it.

Game is remake of games released few years ago for iOS and Android. Despite developers call it remake game is simplistic lacking any advanced feature, setting and unfortunatelly being short even in comparison with other budget titles. On other other site game is very adictive and fun to play which is what matters.

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

There’s a really good chance you’ll give up on Jet Car Stunts with a sour taste in your mouth. It’s difficult, yes, very difficult. I’ve had several short burts of frustration and enjoyment in the near 3.5h I played it before writting this review. As such, you either need to be looking for this kind of game or be in the right mood to play it - if that’s the case, I can recommend Jet Car Stunts, especially with the sale price.

There’s just one car (+1 in Collector mode) , and a good amount of levels, and 3 game modes, and hard to master controls. The jet + air brake mechanics are good (just that).

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

Jet Car Stunts on Steam



Fun and quirky combination of the common memory game and a bullet dodger.

Sometimes a neat idea for a game comes by combining genres. That’s exactly what Memorise’n’run does.

Each level has a boss with a certain attack pattern. You defeat the boss by dodging its attacks while simultaneously solving the memory puzzle of finding pairs.

You only get to see the puzzle for a short time before everything is hidden, but you get unlimited number of guesses. That is, as long as you can dodge the bullets.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Memorise'n'run on Steam



Flatout 3 killer.

This game gave me stage 3 prostate cancer and my wife left me with our 8 kids (it’s not all bad news after all). I would recommend this game too all of those who want to commit suicide and experience how horrible this world is.

This game is bound to not give you any will to live anymore, that’s for sure.


Real player with 105.2 hrs in game

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Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

CARGAME on Steam

Custom Machinery

Custom Machinery

I like building games a lot so I wanted to have a go at this;


  • At first it seemed like you can’t really do anything but as you try stuff and learn how it works, you can build cool things

  • Most blocks have 3 sizes

  • Saving/copying your builds can be done quickly

  • Not expensive

  • Nice graphics


  • Hard to learn (I recommend you to watch tutorial videos. Link to tutorials )

  • New players may not find the controls easily (They can be found by pressing F1)

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

No way to flip over if you get stuck.

No on-screen controls. F1 shows a transparent list of keys to remember. You are instructed to go to the YouTube channel for tutorials rather than having them in the game. If the developer simply put keys on-screen, it would be much easier to get into.

4 small wheels will provide an excessive amount of thrust by default, and do not require any sort of engine, or even hinges to rotate. There also aren’t any arrows telling you which way they spin or turn.

The only issue with balancing I had was trying to assemble a vehicle without it falling over. The ‘magnetic clamp’ or whatever, wasn’t.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Custom Machinery on Steam



Define your own path and survive until you reach the end that lies ahead of you by swerving, drifting and flying across traps and obstacles while avoiding the abyss. But there’s a catch: the world is disintegrating at your heels; better go fast, or you might not make it.

Neodash plunges you in a unique sci-fi atmosphere that is brought to life by music: the environment reacts to the beat in different ways, creating a thrilling and immersive audio-visual experience.


  • A large collection of high-energy electronic songs, including Monstercat releases

  • Challenging campaign that takes you in for an immersive, thrilling ride

  • Unlock car models, wheels and other cosmetics

  • Powerful and intuitive in-game level creator

  • Countless traps and an environment that reacts in real-time to the music

  • Play and rate other player’s maps in a community mode

Neodash on Steam