AnimARide software allows users to upgrade any real-life captured panoramic video into an AR animated experience by using motion file from the video to animate different 3D elements inside the movie. Choose from a wide range of animARide’s pre-installed cockpits and set up individual motion characteristics such as incline of the cockpit, shake intensity, shadow positioning, and a lot more, to create your own AR animated experiences.

AR content production has never been so simple as with our unique technology. AnimARide animates different elements inside the video including the chosen cockpit, speedometer and tachometer, steering wheel and joystick, transmission stick, and a lot more. No manual animation needed.

Create new Supercar or Space Bike adventures using your own panoramic videos.

Upgrade your panoramic video with 3D augmented reality elements animated with animARide software.

Enjoy the highest video quality with resolution up to 8K, 60fps using animARide’s player that is optimized for GPU rendering.

Are you a motion simulator user? Just install our plugin and animARide will work as a 5D cinema with your motion seat. animARide synchronously transfers 6DOF data to SimTools at 100Hz.

How it works:

  • Capture any video using a panoramic camera.

  • In case you have GoPro Fusion or GoPro MAX, just record the video. For all other types of cameras, use iOS app animARide MVC , to record the motion together with the video.

  • Export the video as a mp4 file, H.265(HEVC) preferred.

  • Get motion data from your raw GoPro movie file using our Parser & Editor application. Save as a separate .4dr file.

  • The movie file in .mp4 and the motion file in .4dr should have the same name and should be located in the same folder.

  • Upload movie file in animARide and run.

  • Adjust cockpit position using sliders.

  • Adjust sun direction and intensity for correct rays and shadows.

  • Adjust motion and shake intensity.

  • Adjust rendering quality, depending on GPU power level.

  • If desired, you can save your individual settings for the ride into a separate .INI file.

  • Choose your role in the car: a driver or a passenger with professional driver.

  • Choose between 6 Supercar cockpits or 5 Space Bikes, while running the video.

  • Record upgraded adventure into a 4K resolution 16:9 video file that is ready for sharing.

Software has been tested with Oculus Rift CV1, HTC Vive Pro, Samsung Odyssey +, PiMax 5K +, PiMax 8K, desktop non VR and is suitable for all of the above.

Works with any kind of input control: keyboard and mouse, VR controllers. Customizable controller and keyboard hotkeys.

live In Motion Redefined!

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animARide on Steam



I’ve been following this game through it’s development so thought I should leave a review now that it’s out.

In short: This game is a lot of fun!

The visuals in the game are really pretty, and very atmospheric. I played on high quality at a friends and medium on my machine and I didn’t feel like I was losing any quality. The night tracks are especially good to look at.

One of my favourite things about the game is the way the car “feels” on the road. I’m not really sure how to describe it, but it feels nice and gritty. That’s not quite the right word, but I guess you can just give it a try. The cars feel like they have weight to them and the way they glide around some of the curves in the tracks is really satisfying.

Real player with 20.6 hrs in game

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I played entirely in VR on RIFT with a 1070 and Ryzen 5 2600 cpu.

This is no Project Cars 3 or Drive Club VR. There are no licensed cars and licensed tracks. What you get for your money is really fun if a bit unbalanced in places arcade racing game made by a small studio of 2 people over a period of a couple of years or so.

There are 5 types of car ranging from muscle car to F1 type car and they all feel very different to drive. The 19 tracks are all fantasy but really well done and not stupidly fantasy. From figure eights to Daytona to street tracks plus a valcano and ice track thrown in. What I mean by well done is they are laid out very decently. I found myself nicely getting into the groove when driving an f1 car around a street track in a 20 lap race. The rhythm was good and most of the tracks are like this. Well designed indeed.

Real player with 17.9 hrs in game

Drive on Steam

OverDrift Festival

OverDrift Festival


Welcome to OverDrift festival - a grand celebration of car culture and sports!

Become a participant in drift, sprint and circuit racing competitions.

Explore large territories and find iconic tracks and configs for races in different sport disciplines. Single and multiplayer challenges, tasks and events.

Train with your friends online, compete with rivals from all over the world. Build your reputation among drivers, earn fan likes.

Improve your style and develop your skills.

Japanese, American, German and Russian cars - gather a unique collection. Upgrade, tune and customize the cars.

Be creative and self-actualize in creating exclusive liveries for your cars using the advanced styling system.

Experience the emotions of a real driver from participating in races: spectators and fans on the tracks will appreciate your driving.

Share your successes with friends and like-minded people.

Make your dream come true and become the star of the festival!

Intrigue and competition, joy and tears, drama and celebration at OverDrift festival!

Join the community on Steam and subscribe to our publics on social networks for the latest information, screenshots and more before anyone else!


Dozens of kilometers of picturesque roads and tracks: public roads, mountain “toge” serpentines and suburban highways, hypermarket parking and industrial zones, sports tracks and drift parks.

Iconic track configurations recognized by real professional drifters are integrated into the overall game world. The atmosphere of the sports tracks is created with the highest detail.

Roads are perceived as real due to the environment and the terrain.

Summer and winter, day and night, different weather conditions.


Lots of events and tasks, drift and circuit races at the motorsports and styling festival.

Make friends who are close in spirit to your car preferences.

Host meetings and competitions in an open online lobby in a shared gaming world with a large number of participants from all over the world.

Win the popularity of fans and spectators on the tracks, earn money for new cars and tuning, customize your car to accumulate likes.

Create your own team and club, compete and advance to the top ranking of the festival drivers!


A large collection of legendary rear-wheel-drive cars that have earned the love of motorsport fans around the world.

Models are made with high detail, salon and cockpit.

An advanced system of styling and visual customization of cars has been developed in all aspects.

All cars in this game are fictional. Any coincidence with real cars is an accident.


Pure, clear and natural simulation of physical processes on our own architecture.

Based on the many years of experience of our team, we have made great progress in improving physics and are proposing a next-gen project.

Detailed tuning of the physical parameters of the car, variable parts increase in power and decrease in weight.

Different weather conditions, air and asphalt temperatures affect engine performance and tire grip.

The natural feeling of speed and lateral g-forces.


You can share your wishes and suggestions on Steam Community Hub by creating a separate topic.

Submission of applications for participation in the beta testing of the project takes place in the Steam community.

We will be glad to consider your candidacy.


  • Real-time multiplayer and open online lobbies

  • Drift, sprint and circuit races

  • Each level of the game world with an area of ​​more than 50 square kilometers and a length of roads over 120 kilometers

  • Photorealistic nature, environment objects and characters in the game world are powered by the Unreal Engine

  • Car collection - the best representatives of the drift culture and rear-wheel-drive circuit races

  • Juicy engine and exhaust sound systems with customization

  • Events and tasks in the game world - a lifetime in the project

  • Compete with your friends according to your rules, arrange massive events among teams and clubs

  • Support for the latest graphics technologies including RTX ray tracing

  • Convenient control on the keyboard and all types of gaming devices

  • Physics of the car has been improved thoroughly

  • Support for keyboard and gamepad control

  • Support for all controllers, support for multiple input devices at the same time

  • Support for all steering wheels with detailed feedback

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OverDrift Festival on Steam

Porsche Hall of Legends VR

Porsche Hall of Legends VR

I play alot of VR apps that are basically just commercials for really rich people who are interested in a fancy car, homes, or air travel. People think because you have VR hat that you are rich. I’m dirt poor. I own several thousand dollars of student loan debt that I refuse to pay off. This, and other life stressers require me to indulge in this cybernetic escapism, even though I still feel jealous and bad when I’m inside something like this. It’s pretty god though There is a talking robot, a big hub environment, and 4-5 various car showrooms with some interesting models and videos and narration.

! It ends at some point too. Can’t wait for the end.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Eh, it’s cool I guess. I frequently play racing games (Forza Horizon) and it is interesting to see some of the Porsche cars fully modeled right from your room.

The only complaint from me is that you are able to move inside of things, which makes me go a bit bog-eyed.

It is good if you are looking for a short VR experience about cars though.

I’d recommend this.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Porsche Hall of Legends VR on Steam

Welcome to PINEHILLS

Welcome to PINEHILLS

While the store page states it was released in August 28, 2021, it is not a full release. The files even state on the startup screen they are using the July Early Release. Therefore, this game is still “Early Release”. I spent 2 hours going into every empty building, going along every road, covered the lighthouse and even went as far into the ocean until you fall off the map. The game only has 3 “otherworldly” flashbacks. The total number of angels you can find are 4 of 12. The game is impossible to complete because there are no more angels to find on the map. Once you find all 12 angles I’m guessing the trapdoor inside the church will open and you can complete the game? If you want a “complete game” with a similar map check out Titan Chaser. Your money will be better spent there unless the dev releases the complete game of Welcome to PINEHILLS cause right now this is not it folks!

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

The game is akin to one puzzle like you would find in Res Evil 4 and the whole game has been centered around it.

Find x number of angel statues around the game world and replace them in PineHIlls' church.

Problem is after that hiding three or four statues and placing some very empty stock asset structures in about about six different spots the devs never came back to scatter the remaining angels.

This should be Early Access but the empty discussion board suggests abandoned.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Welcome to PINEHILLS on Steam

Street Dreams

Street Dreams

pretty cool

Real player with 144.1 hrs in game

Great game! Personally I liked dual wielding weapons. The game is both great for a chill play-through or if you’re going for points/time and want to higher up on the Leader board. Personally my favourite gun was the Deagle. If you’re looking for a good VR experience, then definitely worth buying!

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

Street Dreams on Steam

Cargo Transportation: Low Poly

Cargo Transportation: Low Poly

Cool 3D game, great design!

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Quite addicting but I rage a lot but like the game but VERY glitchy should be fixed

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Cargo Transportation: Low Poly on Steam



Update Mar 2021 - The sole developer of the game, according to

his statement, has been (quite unexpectedly, judging by the tone

of his message) drafted into the Russian Armed Forces. My guess

as a former Soviet would be him suddenly dropping out of college

as a most likely reason. But I am not here to speculate.

Here is his message.


An important announcement that you should know about. I, the developer of this game, was taken into the army until November 2021. Based on this, you have already realized that at this time I will not be able to continue development, and of course I will continue development with tripled strength when I return.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Taiga on Steam



A VR action-adventure game set in the unique and intriguing Hubris Sci-Fi Universe.

As a player, you take the role of a recruit in training to become an agent of the mighty and feared Order-Of-Objectivity, also known as the ‘OOO’.

Together with the pilot Lucia, you are sent to the planetoid belt of the Twin Planetary System, to search for the mysterious agent Cyanha.

You will have to use all of your agility and strength to survive the harsh environment and wildlife on a planet which is being terraformed. Along the way you will have to fight like a real OOO agent. You will learn to craft weaponry and control vehicles and machinery.

But more than that, you will need all the help you can get, as there are other factions eager to unravel the long-forgotten secrets of the OOO.


• Enjoy a full VR experience with free movement, climbing, swimming and jumping.

• Become part of the unique and intriguing Sci-Fi world of Hubris, the start of a new full–blown, multi episodic space saga.

• Savour some of the best and most immersive graphics in VR available.

• Fight alongside colourful epic characters against a mix of alien wildlife, humanoids and mechanised enemies, each of them requiring unique tactics to defeat.

• Gather and salvage resources, craft weapons and tools, control vehicles and mechanical devices.

• Unravel the OOO’s long-forgotten secrets.

• Earn your place as an agent of the Order-Of-Objectivity.

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This is the kind of game that just gets better the more you play and become one with the control. I’m using WMR headset and at first I couldn’t see my controllers so I thought I couldn’t play it. You’ll need to bind WMR control in the options menu, then your controllers will appear in game. Took a little while to get it but as I played and experimented I found myself having a complete blast! (PUN intended) the first time I blast jumped!! The challenges will make you work hard to complete and that is helping me to get better. Great Fun!! Really excited to see the different boards and what they will be like. Big thank you to Tomy Horst. I would buy again.

Real player with 21.8 hrs in game

Fun for the price but it’s not quite as polished as Jet Island - some of the physics are off and there’s a few poor UI choices as well as a bunch of spots on the map that would benefit from some minor tweaks. For example halfway down one of the long downhill halfpipes where the pipes join it acts like a collision - easy fix would be to lower the bottom one a tiny bit but for some reason they havent done it and I have found 3 or 4 in 3 hours playing no doubt theres more

If they fixed up the bugs, polished the map and the physics I’d happily pay $30 for an improved Hovrboard 2 as its a lot of fun at its core

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

hoVRboard on Steam