Bears Can’t Drift!?

Bears Can’t Drift!?

What is Bears Can’t Drift!?

Bears Can’t Drift is a kart racer that is set in a stylised world and is heavily inspired from Diddy Kong Racing. Players take control of bears and race across a variety of tracks and game modes with up to four players in a split-screen game. Four game modes are available to be played. These include time trial, single race, and checkpoint. As a result of these modes being used in countless other racing games, they are self-explanatory.

The fourth game mode, I’m not certain what they’ve called it, or really what the objective has you eat power-ups to fill up a power-up bar. I have yet to try this in the multiplayer mode. However, in the single-player mode, I filled up my bar and attacked the opposition. It isn’t entirely clear what is supposed to happen or what you are supposed to do. An attempt to attack a single enemy mercilessly never eliminated them. Allowing the AI to attack me and empty my own bar never ‘killed’ me. Racing around the track six consecutive times didn’t bring a possible ‘race’ to a close. Consequently, some clarification on this mode is necessary.

Real player with 22.5 hrs in game

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Bears Can’t Drift!? bears a decent resemblance to N64 classic Diddy Kong Racing but this is definetly not a negative.

The game has an over world which connects different tracks and currently there are 3 different game modes. Single Race which, as you would expect, pits you against up to 7 other racers, time trial which does as it says on the tin and a picnic basket mode where you must be the first to collect picnic baskets that keep spawning around the track.

Graphically the game looks lovely running on the Unreal 4 engine and so far the developer has put in some different looking tracks. A little bit more “stuff” on each track would be nice but I am sure this will come as the game continues through early access.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Bears Can't Drift!? on Steam




WARNING: do not buy the Amplified Edition but go for the Standard game instead. To this day it’s unclear what the extra benefits of Amplified are gonna be. They already released a car DLC (Porsche Macan) that isn’t even part of the Amplified Edition and in a recent video interview with the dev director on the DIRT YT channel it’s stated that even the Standard game is gonna get extra free content. I still like the game but so far the extra money I paid for the Amplified Edition feels like a waste.

Real player with 80.8 hrs in game

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  • Dirt 5 is really good with some caveats. If you’re looking for something in the vein of the previous DiRT games, you’ll likely be disappointed. But if you enjoy arcade offroad racers hearkening back to the PS2/Xbox era, you should definitely check this out at some point, most likely on sale.

Pros, Cons, and Meh(s):


  • Wide range of car disciplines, from rallycross spec cars to 80s rally to trucks to buggys. All of them feel fast, responsive and just fun to drive.

  • Graphics are really solid, night time lighting is especially nice.

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game

DIRT 5 on Steam

Turbo Machines Mini Racing

Turbo Machines Mini Racing

Drift, slide, skid ! Turbo Machines Mini Racing makes racing even tougher than ever.

You race against up to 8 cars on 18 tracks; As an experienced racer, you will have to manage driving your car on bumpers and jumps, looping roads and even ice.

Don’t let you get overtaken by the fast computer driven cars or other players car, avoid collisions and win each race!

Your car accelerates automatically to allow you to concentrate on steering. Press ‘Brakes’ button to brake then reverse.

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Turbo Machines Mini Racing on Steam



While writing this review I’m 3 hours in. I’ve only played level 1 so far, but this game has amazing (community) potential! After 10 minutes of testing the mechanics (which are awesome), I’ve decided to create my own level and boy this game has some amazing potential.

The community is very warm and welcoming and the 1 man developing team is awesome! Really enthusiastic about his own game and you can see the passion.

Looking forwards to what this game has to bring!

10/10 would zeepkist, look at windmolens and eat stroopwafels again!

Real player with 219.0 hrs in game

Zeepkist is a wonderful experience if you enjoy physics-based gameplay. Being a true gravity-based racer, levels resemble rally style sprints more than typical lap courses, as a result the game’s pretty addictive as each level usually takes around 1 minute from beginning to end (So much so that each time i fail i think to myself “damn, one more try!")

The campaign while still feeling very much W.I.P gets very challenging, but the most enjoyment i pulled out of Zeepkist lies in the level editor. Ever played with Hot-wheels tracks and wondered “what would the car see?” Well, with this game you’ll feel every turn and twist you yourself crafted to perfection. I have no joke spent most of my time tinkering and creating tracks with the extensive parts at your disposition. This is in addition to other user-created levels which are found on Discord (for now).

Real player with 115.7 hrs in game

Zeepkist on Steam

Barely Racing

Barely Racing

Barely Racing is a fast-paced combat racing game where you can buy and upgrade your car and play through the campaign. Drive multiple cars on multiple tracks. Play offline with your friends in good old hot seat fun.


Several multiplayer modes are available

  • Race - Typical racing with weapons.

  • Mine Tag - A good old tag game, but more dangerous. One player carries the mine which has a timer. Once timer runs out, mine explodes. Touching other player will transfer the mine. Then it’s time to run

  • Flag chase - The flag is in the middle of a map, whoever takes it will have their points increased as long as flag is being carried. But watch out, as soon as someone touches you, the flag will be transferred to the player that touched you.

  • Deathmatch - Pure carnage. Use your weapons to destroy as many opponents as possible. Once destroyed, the car will respawn for another round.

  • Football - Good old football game with cars. 2v2 isometric football

Barely Racing on Steam

PAKO - Car Chase Simulator

PAKO - Car Chase Simulator

PAKO - Car Chase Simulator is a game in which you have to avoid crashing for a certain amount of time while you’re being chased by cops.

The first thing to attract my attention was the simplistic and adorable cartoonish graphics and soundtracks with a retro vibe, as well as the menu design in harmony with this nostalgic direction.

The controls are simple, you have an accelerator, brake and power-up use buttons. Since your car can never stop going forward, you can only either slow down or speed up your car. It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds though, because the game is not very forgiving even againsts your “soft touches” and you will explode no matter how slow you crash. You are supposed to do a lot of drifting and use the environment and your powerups to get rid of your chasers. It’s also important to note that it’s possible to change the camera angle to the one that suits to the environment.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Generally speaking I don’t like the idea of porting a mobile game to pc. This one though is acceptable. Liked the original version a lot. It was one of those phone games that wasn’t cringy or full of microtransactions, but instead implements the classical idea of simplicity which I believe is what a good mobile game should have. The sense of humor is also quite likable (the square level for example, I believe it is a indirect refrence to some ugly event happened in my country decades ago).

This port version obiviously kept all the good qualities and added some more stuff. Simplicity sure isn’t quite the thing for a pc game but who knows, sometimes people just need some simple, quick fun I guess. Both version is still quite buggy and need some fixing, but that doesn’t affect the enjoyment it provides. So for now I will say this is definitely something I’d recommend, but at the same time I do hope the developers can keep optimizing it and add more features.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

PAKO - Car Chase Simulator on Steam

Motor Strike: Racing Rampage

Motor Strike: Racing Rampage

Wow, is amazing. Chaotic and in some moments peaceful, and I really really love the cars and characters xD, very good early access. The online mode is perfect to play with my friends, but I suggest that at the end of one online race, keep in the room with the same players, althougt I understend that is a recent release

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

A nice and fun arcade racing game with some original mechanics and nice details like the cars (I miss some iconic cars like a doggo van), Since I use the keyboard I will love to be able to change the keys, also I want to see what the developers have to offer during the EA.

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

Motor Strike: Racing Rampage on Steam

Photon Rush

Photon Rush

Best party game for more than 4 people~!

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

Dead simple, fast and fun.

Played with two friends and i must say i cant wait to try it out with more ppl.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Photon Rush on Steam

Rolling Hamster

Rolling Hamster

This game is sooo much fun! had a fun time playing with my chat. most def worth it!

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

its a good game because its has cute hamsters and funny moments when you play and it isn’t hard so its easy for family and friends to play together with

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Rolling Hamster on Steam

Warp Drive

Warp Drive

I just had a go at the game. As much the design/models slightly lacks polish, the colors within the shaders gives off so vibrantly. Gameplay wise is like your average Asphalt game however I feel the drifting needs a slight tweak and the original concept that they’ve brought to the table is the teleportation mechanic. How it works it’s by approaching a glowing orb and pressing the A button (Gamepad) allows the player to teleport to an area where its located or grabbing a crystal (used for boosting pressing X) and pressing A to take the lead of the nearest opponent. All in all, the game is fun and worth a buy.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Warp Drive is an all around good game. It has somewhat simple mechanics and is like a kart racer but I like that the pick ups aren’t random and it lets you actually plan how you’re going to use them. The upgrade system is straightforward and simple, but it’s cool how the different parts are actually shown on your craft. Aside from these things, the game has a pretty unique style, splitscreen options, and a KILLER soundtrack.

Some fortnite skin packs cost more than this game, so there’s really no complaints from me.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Warp Drive on Steam