Wake up at midnight, tune the radio to your favourite station and drive. As a small time courier, you’ll meet an cast of unusual characters, carry their packages across the region and learn their stories. Deliver packages through the night until the long shadows of dawn calls you back to your bed.

Your goal is to pick up packages from locations and deliver them on time. It’s 1986, so there’s no satnav— you’ll rely on your map and street signs to learn the best routes. Late deliveries mean less money.

At the end of each night, you return to your garage. Completing deliveries and earning cash unlocks new garages and cars, allowing you to travel further, complete bigger deliveries and build a delivery empire.

  • Explore an open world of open highways and sparkling skylines

  • Deliver packages for a cast of characters in story missions, or in unlimited procedurally generated missions

  • Upgrade your car from fixer-upper to lean muscle machine

  • Unlock new garages to take longer jobs and explore more of the world

  • Hire and manage drivers to build a business empire

  • Stream radio, MP3s, and podcasts on your car stereo

  • Photograph your journey with a range of lenses, filters and effects

  • Turn off missions and time limits with Endless Night mode

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Transmission on Steam

Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R

Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R

this is so much fun i love that i get to chose between different characters and each race is different i can buy more characters make my hq look even better and have different skins for the cars

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

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Well this is the best Fast & Furious game on PC that i am aware of. Its better than showdown (which i missed on pc but played on PS3, oh dear) and miles ahead of Crossroads. Why? well it takes the premise of the Kids show and keeps it heart but knows we are all here for the cars, racing and gadgets.

The premise is the villain from season one has recruited teh villains from the other series and some old crew to help win the ultimate car. So the Spy Racers enterthe tournament to stop him. Simple plot. If you know the series you know it spans alot of areas so we get locations inspired from them. Sadly no Volcano or underwater levels but hey we do get Mexico, LA, etc…

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R on Steam

Xpand Rally

Xpand Rally

This was the first racinggame using Techland’s Chrome engine and just as I like that game I like this one too.

For starters I still think this game has great graphics even though they’ve aged (see guide for setting it too your desktop resolution) and while it doesn’t have an official WRC license or cars it does have an interesting carreer mode where you can buy upgrades for your cars.

In simulation mode a good setup, knowing the limitations of your cars and managing your speed accordingly are key to win in this game and I found this refreshing after comparing the driving in this game with the more arcade oriented rally games of the time, only Richard Burns Rally was more realistic.

Real player with 66.9 hrs in game

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I’ll admit that rally games are my guilty pleasure. Most feature mushy controls, daft physics or ridiculously undamageable cars. this has none of those. The controls are crisp, the physics moderately good, and cars which will fly apart satisfyingly when you ram into a building or errant rock. The career feature is quite well done, leaving you to decide which cars to buy to win certain races. It does have relatively few maps (4 maybe?), but a lot of variety of tracks round them keep things moderately interesting. Stability-wise, there were very few glitches (I can count them on one hand, after months of play). The car addons actually feel like they’re making a difference, and strategic part and tyre-selection can make an impossible stage remarkably enjoyable.

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

Xpand Rally on Steam

First Racer

First Racer

First Racer is a racing game with convenient arcade control in which you can get a lot of good emotions.

  • The game has the ability to select a car and configure it, both the appearance (body parts, color) and technical specifications (engine, transmission, suspension, tires).

  • The game has different game regimes:

    • Racing.

    • Drift.Tune your favorite car for the modes that you like and go to new records.

  • Compete with the ghost of other players to improve your experience and set new records on each track.

  • “First Racer” has visual and technical damage, you need to drive more carefully in order to get to the finish line with a good time.

  • Play with your partner on the same PC, this makes the passage of the game much more fun.

  • Enjoy beautiful, stylized graphics.

First Racer on Steam

Horror Drift (ホラードリフト)

Horror Drift (ホラードリフト)

Ever wanted to deliver tofu while drifting on japanese touge runs? Great, because this is your chance, only problem is that the tracks you were assigned to are a little…haunted. Try not to get discouaged by the sinister presences and complete your run to earn your fame into this haunted drift world!

An arcade racing game with a horror heart: drive through the best japanese scenery and touge tracks and show what you are capable of, but be aware of the dangers that lure in the dark. You can go for the points by drifting your tires out, or go for speed and best time, driving as fast as you can. Be careful though: on the tracks, numerous evil entities are trying to slow you down and make you crash. Will you be able to avoid them all and cross the finish line? Every drift you make, every corner you cross, will make you closer to unlocking new tracks and new cars, with an ever growing chioce that will be kept updated and renewed even after launch. But behind every corner lies a possible danger that may completely wipe all your progress, randomly generated for your (un)pleasure. Be fast, be smart, don’t get scared.

Horror Drift (ホラードリフト) on Steam

Rolling Hamster

Rolling Hamster

This game is sooo much fun! had a fun time playing with my chat. most def worth it!

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

its a good game because its has cute hamsters and funny moments when you play and it isn’t hard so its easy for family and friends to play together with

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Rolling Hamster on Steam

Taxi Chaos

Taxi Chaos

Awesome, very close to sega’s crazy taxi which was out in the late 90s. That version is available on steam but Taxi Chaos is more modern with better graphics!

Has a sense of humour with driver/passenger chat and so on. You only have a few moments to deliver a passenger to his or her destination then you simply move on to your next customer. Each customer asks to go to a different location which can be long or short distance. Long distance gives you more points but short distance takes less time so you can move on to your next customer more quickly and boost your time limit counter.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Not what I was expecting. Since Crazy Taxi is one of the only comparable game in this genre, I’ll be using that as a basis.

For starts, everything about this game is a watered down version of Crazy Taxi, even to the original. The game isn’t nearly as chaotic or fast paced.

The environment is based of of NYC and isn’t nearly as fun or dynamic to traverse as the other Crazy Taxi games. Because it’s NYC and as a flat as a board, the game is built around having to jump like an Italian plumber to even get a good time if you can find the spots to do that, that is.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Taxi Chaos on Steam

The Build And Race Hotrod Game

The Build And Race Hotrod Game


Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

The Build And Race Hotrod Game on Steam

The Drift Challenge

The Drift Challenge

The controls and physics can be a bit questionable at the very beginning - regulate those!

But it’s still mindless fun for anyone that likes crashing cars ahem - drifting.

After grinding a bit for some XP and money, you’ll soon find yourself trying to mess with maps boundaries and flying out of them, as it’s a typical in early stage development Unity game™

Also take in mind that:

Current price = one liter of Kefir

! (Kvass is far more expensive than that)

Real player with 20.3 hrs in game

Very cool concept, cant wait for the Free roam!

-Car input feels a little delayed

-should be more than a buck

-graphics should be improved with time

-could be a big game

-doing a normal 180 is impossible (only -180’s)

-no instructions (I dont mind) just a thought

-found a game breaking xp bug

-fun to play when you have jack shite to do during Quarantine

-im now max level… with almost 15 hours

Real player with 16.2 hrs in game

The Drift Challenge on Steam

Tractor Cargo Driving Simulator

Tractor Cargo Driving Simulator

if i had to choose two words to describe this goddamn masterpiece, i would say

passionate and beuatifula

it has powerboxus that you have to send to the end of the level. very challenging gamep[lay to boot. Recommend .

Real player with 34.1 hrs in game

Wow. That’s all i can say. This game is thrilling, you drive a nearly broken tractor with poor steering and brakes through steep narrow hill roads. But this is what makes this game great. It’s a challenge, and it’s so optimised that it could run on a PC from 2006. It is also dirt cheap. I recommended it to a friend.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Tractor Cargo Driving Simulator on Steam