This is not the Outrun you’re looking for.

1. The stage themes are nice, bright, and colorful. However, there’s 36 stages and only about 5 themes so it gets old fast.

2. You can buy different cars. However, they are all the same when upgraded so there’s no reason except that you like the way one looks.

3. There’s 18 different songs. However, they are all forgettable and there’s no option to play them randomly.

4. If you stick with one car and just upgrade it, the game is really easy until the end when the opponents are just flat out faster than your fully maxed out car.

Real player with 18.0 hrs in game

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This game is a new contender among tributes to the 80’s and early 90’s arcade style racing games. The game plays like a mix of Outrun and the Lotus series. Buying and upgrading new cars works in a bit of a Road Rash fashion, meaning that you have to grind races to earn money which in turn allows you to keep buying more stuff. There isn’t much to differentiate between the available cars, which all seem to drive pretty much the same. A bit of a missed opportunity there.

80’s Overdrive’s entire look is decidely retro in the graphics department which works out nicely, colors pop on screen and the entire 2D style reminds me of something that wouldn’t have felt out of place on Sega’s Saturn system back in the day. At the start of the game you pick a driver and a car. The driver is just a character portrait, there is no story and there are no interactions at all between you and your opponents before or after races like there is in Road Rash for example. This kind of sucks, because you would expect something like this to be there after seeing all the different characters. There’s work that obviously went into creating these, but nothing is done with it. Again we’re coming across a fair bit of missed potential here.

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

80's OVERDRIVE on Steam

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing

Well, what can I say. The game is unique. First and foremost for the racing game lover I should mention a very unusual set of cars which Electro Ride offers you to drive: every car is real, and includes many less-known soviet prototypes you’ve probably never heard of. But check this out: the very first car that is given to you in a tutorial is FSO Syrena Sport - and that’s just the beginning. The cast of cars is rich, diverse and very rare - I doubt you will see anything like that in any other game anytime soon.

Real player with 25.4 hrs in game

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I honestly can’t recommend this game as it is completely unrealistic.

I have owned two of the cars that are in the game and I can tell you that they do not go above 120kph even in freefall.

Handling on the other hand is spot on.

You turn your steering wheel and the cars go straight. Sometimes oversteer sometimes understeer … you just never know.

I wouldn’t recommend the cars either, unless you live in a garage. Nostalgia is powerful poison.

Anyway back to the game. I’m half way into the career.

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing on Steam

Sprint Racer

Sprint Racer

The Game Was Pretty Good.

Classic Racer Game That Evrybody Has Play it.

Can’t Wait For Next Update For More Fun.

This is my First Gameplay About This Game https://youtu.be/Ii25_9CnlyU

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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Sprint Racer on Steam

Synth Retro Vapor Wave

Synth Retro Vapor Wave

its a great game, surpised my GTX 970 works, but the card is pushing at 98% game runs smooth, tried with AI cars, co pilot, all maps seem to work, game settings work with the card i have, this game is alot like what i have on my phone except you can choose to have an open road or traffic, an idea for you is you can have the tracks react with the music, that seems to be fun, i love the idea where this is heading, a map idea you can add i like to see is as you drive you can have lights light up around the track, they ccan change colors, shapes etc. that be cool to see smthing like that react to the music you listening to with awesome trippy effects,

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

One of the most relaxing games I have played. The gameplay is simple, you drive on a highway and overtake other cars. Or you can play it as an idle game by removing the traffic and just enjoy the scenery while listening to the awesome soundtrack.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Synth Retro Vapor Wave on Steam



Wake up at midnight, tune the radio to your favourite station and drive. As a small time courier, you’ll meet an cast of unusual characters, carry their packages across the region and learn their stories. Deliver packages through the night until the long shadows of dawn calls you back to your bed.

Your goal is to pick up packages from locations and deliver them on time. It’s 1986, so there’s no satnav— you’ll rely on your map and street signs to learn the best routes. Late deliveries mean less money.

At the end of each night, you return to your garage. Completing deliveries and earning cash unlocks new garages and cars, allowing you to travel further, complete bigger deliveries and build a delivery empire.

  • Explore an open world of open highways and sparkling skylines

  • Deliver packages for a cast of characters in story missions, or in unlimited procedurally generated missions

  • Upgrade your car from fixer-upper to lean muscle machine

  • Unlock new garages to take longer jobs and explore more of the world

  • Hire and manage drivers to build a business empire

  • Stream radio, MP3s, and podcasts on your car stereo

  • Photograph your journey with a range of lenses, filters and effects

  • Turn off missions and time limits with Endless Night mode

Transmission on Steam



I got it for the aesthetic but stayed for the music and lore.

At an asking price of $3.99, it’s worth every penny.

After spending even more time with this game, I can add 4 more points to this review:

  1. This game is great for a casual gamer but it also has depth for folks that want more out of their investment.

  2. If you enjoy achievements, this game has a bit of interesting depth that can require adjusting playing styles. This can keep the game interesting, prolonging playability.

  3. For the actual driving game play, the game feels good. Its not quite as fluid as some other throwback driving simulator like “80’s Overdrive” - PalmRide is a bit snappier, simulating an 8-bit driver, without being as painful as an actual 8-bit driver.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

This is the 1980s scrolling driving game that the scrolling driving games in the 1980s couldn’t be, at least in my house with my childhood ATARI 2600. I guess the Dream Machine had slightly flashier ones, but nothing like this. Really great soundtrack, interesting power-ups (you can even make your car fly), different play modes, and you can shoot other cars that get in the way of your speeding.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

PalmRide on Steam

Neon Drive

Neon Drive

An 80’s Love Letter That Just Falls Short

Don’t let my “Not Recommended” rating dissuade you - Neon Drive is the most intense, addicting, visually arresting rhythm game that I sadly cannot recommend outright to everyone. It’s at times like these that I wish I had a different option other than a simple “Yes/No” answer. This game is good - very good in fact - but it has problems that prevent it from being great. If you love rhythm games, challenging difficulties, or the 80’s aesthetic then you’ll probably love this game as much as I do. However, if not then don’t let this game be your introduction.

Real player with 21.8 hrs in game

I had fun with this game but can’t recommend it due to issues that make the hard/insane difficulties far more difficult than they really need to be.

The plane level has a loop that basically doesn’t interact with the music at all, forcing you to just figure it out via trial and error.

The falling traffic section has cool music that doesn’t help you in any way. It’s just falling enough times to memorize a safe path through.

The Robot level has a series of hurdles that require the first jump made be well timed. There is no useful music for the first jump, in fact there’s a misleading series of notes that will get you killed if you use them. The following hurdles all have super useful notes to help, but this doesn’t matter if your first jumps timing is off, you’ll die on the later hurdles if it is. ((I guess it’s possible to ajdust your timing between hurdles, but that’s like, tasbot levels of reaction time. Not what rhythm games are about)) This problem exists on other levels, but it’s not as pronounced as it is in the robot level, due to its unique mechanics.

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

Neon Drive on Steam

Miami Cruise

Miami Cruise

A simple and fun game with good visuals, awesome soundtrack. Arcade style game all about topping your high score. A few cases of poorly translated English are mildly annoying.

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

If you click out of the game on the crash screen, and then click back in, you won’t be able to hit restart or menu, you have to exit out the game. But I love the game so far, I wish there were options to permanently enable certain bonuses and maluses, specifically pixelate.

Update: Also about half of my deaths come from stupid drivers or what I would consider unfair deaths. When a yellow car spawns right in front of me out of nowhere, not only is it hard to react that fast to it, but it’s also almost impossible even if you do react just based on the “slipperyness” of the car (which I do love that mechanic). The other is a little more questionable, the cars dont follow the road, if they come to a turn they don’t turn at all, so you have to be reminding yourself that when you are trying to make a sharper turn with AI around. Now I’m not sure whether the cars not following the road is intentional, or is just yet to be added, but if it is to be considered intentional, it doesn’t make sense why even on some straightaways, very rarely a car will be veering in one direction, often causing death of the player.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Miami Cruise on Steam

Neon Ride

Neon Ride

Neon Ride is a retro-inspired 3D platformer all about going fast while avoiding obstacles on roads set in retro-futuristic worlds.

It features 36 levels across 9 distinct environments, an immersive, original synthwave soundtrack, and Steam Trading Cards, Achievements, and Leaderboards integration.

It also features a robust level editor with complete Steam Workshop integration, so you can easily challenge your friends (and the world!) to the brutal levels you create.

Enjoy a game inspired by old-school runners like Skyroads, but with modern features and endless replayability through the Steam Workshop!

Neon Ride on Steam



A Vaporwave Game have Awesome Synthwave Songs

80’s retrowave style, neon lights and colors. Whenever I see this theme, it seems like it reminds me of something I’ve lost. It is as if I lived in those times, I am so familiar with everything. The glowing illuminated streets of the big city, synthwave music and darkness. The game is exactly like a piece from this world. The music and the visuals take you to other places. The game itself, like it’s soundtrack, is not intended for everyone.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game


Riding the Retrowave in this 80s styled neon-rider.

The background is kind of distrubing yet enjoyable. You are an unkown greaser riding along the infinite synthpop highways to keep your date alive. Your date lives from momentum - you must neither go to fast nor to slow or she will die.

The Key-Mechanics:

Well you only need to do three things:[olist]* Accelerate* Break* Keep on track


Sounds easy enough? Well it is and that is what makes this game what it is. You feel challenged all the time while failing is actually a challenge. However even if this may sound as a downside just keep on reading and you will get the deal…

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

OutDrive on Steam