War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

This is my first Steam review, so i’ll try to make it a good one; it might be a bit longwinded (TL;DR is at the bottom), but i’d like to make it as thorough as possible becouse the game and it’s devs deserve as much.

First off, my PC specs so you’ll know what i play it on:

• Windows 7 64 bit

• Intel Core i5 4570 @3.20 GHz

• AMD Radeon R7 200 Series, 2GB RAM


My history with the genre

I’ve played Dungeon Keeper 1 + The deeper dungeons & Dungeon Keeper 2 on multiple occasions & systems over the years.

Real player with 221.5 hrs in game

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Update April 11, 2015:

THE memory leak has been fixed, but the game has such poor performance across the board that the game is unplayable. Still crashes. Still many many bugs and unfinished things. I am way too frustrated trying to play through the broken, unfinished stuff with awful performance.

Beating the final “boss” doesn’t even make sense in the campaign. Maybe there’s supposed to be some more cutscenes that explain it that aren’t finished/added yet? The overall story is very poorly written.

Real player with 112.3 hrs in game

War for the Overworld on Steam

BATTLESCAR: Punk Was Invented By Girls

BATTLESCAR: Punk Was Invented By Girls

Got it for 56 cents as a part of a bundle. Still got disappointed.

To be fair, it is well executed in terms of visual storytelling and cinematography. Some really creative sets there!

Unfortunately, these can’t do much if the narrative and the main characters are bland and uninteresting. The abrupt and undercooked ending made the already underwhelming story - a complete waste of time for me.

Also, it is an oculus exclusive, has a good amount of gender politics at its core, and if your chapter gets interrupted, like USB disconnection (thanks AMD) you need to suffer through the whole chapter without the option to skip forward.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

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As a VR artist, I really enjoyed this experience. It is quite daring in terms of the format of narrative and also mixing a kind of “book” feel into the VR aesthetic. I would recommend it for any VR artists as a source of inspiration.

The story is not the best however, a bit tacky and shallow but still enjoyable.

Disappointed that it took much longer to get on Steam than on Oculus Store and also that they only support Oculus headsets, especially since there are almost no interactions (any?), so it’s not like supporting controllers of other headsets would’ve been difficult.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

BATTLESCAR: Punk Was Invented By Girls on Steam



The game is worth about $0.25.

The controls weren’t tight - If you pressed a key, it was delayed when you released it, so you would very easily fall off of platforms during the parkour section.

The sneaking section was not a sneaking section, and also was RNG based, making it extremely difficult to make progress. Constructive criticism? Perhaps making a clicking timer so the player will know when it’s about to turn back on, even if the amount of time between the lights turning on was randomized.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

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The Trolley Company

The Trolley Company

Actions speak louder than words.

Welcome to The Trolley Company, founded on helping people travel safely across the nation.

Your job will start by looking after passenger safety, making sure there are as few casualties as possible while trying to keep the moral high ground.

Later, if you can make it past basic training, you will be faced with lives toughest questions, not knowing who to trust when you are put on the spot with difficult choices to make in only 60 seconds.

But don’t fret, throughout your moral dilemmas you will have me by your side, helping you stay on the path of the righteous.

An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.

In ‘The Trolley Company’ players are pitted against many philosophical questions, varying from some well known in pop culture to others usually only found in textbooks, packaged in a comical and thought-provoking journey.

Each ethical conundrum will give you the choice of two outcomes, not only will these test your moral fibre but you will also have the judgement and commentary of your conscience at all times helping you along. With 60 choices to make you better get started! Peoples lives depend on it!!!

The Trolley Company on Steam

Hell Invades Heaven

Hell Invades Heaven

Read carefully, as this story is too boring to read it again.

You, an absolutely newbie hellish commander, gain the possibility* to prove that all rumors about your person are at least 28% wrong, and you are in fact capable of commanding small forces in the greatest Hell vs Heaven war that ever happened**.

Put on your Unterleutnant uniform and do your job.

What you probably want to know:

  • 15*** almost beautiful, challenging levels on Hell, Earth and Heaven scenery.

  • 10 different minions, so you don’t need to do everything yourself.

  • A lot of challenging puzzles that may be impossible to solve for people under 5 y.o.

  • Interesting dialogues for full silent cinema experience.

  • You can decorate Devil with tattoos****.

  • Beware of holy water!


_* of course if you buy or torrent game, otherwise you will be seen as uncappable of this tasks for the rest of your life

** at least in this dimension; C137 and D2R2 are much more interesting in this case

*** circa about, I run out of fingers counting

**** butterfly on back is strictly forbidden!_

Hell Invades Heaven on Steam

Serial Killer Life

Serial Killer Life

As the player you will become the owner of strange and scary place. Do not be afraid and expand your business, attract your victims and reach your weird goals over the dead bodies. Become the evil Howard, criminal mastermind in every way possible, tries to get rich. Theft, fraud, murder, lie, setting traps for your hotel guests is your daily routine. You pretend to run the legitimate business but in fact your goal is to dig the secret tunnel to reach the bank’s vault . Don’t get caught.

Build your hotel using the money of the victim guests visiting you. It is important to always look for the richest victims. Only then you would be able to afford this sophisticated, expensive and time consuming construction.

But don’t think it’s going to be easy. Beware of the police, the tax office forensic control and the reporters. The tunnel that would lead you into the bank’s vault must be done solidly and in absolute silence. You have to be very cautious in your plans. Remember that any unforeseen noise can cause your mission to end prematurely and get your into a jail.

Serial Killer Life on Steam