Suits: A Business RPG

Suits: A Business RPG


Instead of translating my French review, this will do: Suits is an amazing RPG. From the “lore”, to the battles, to the black-and-white universe, to the humor and the characters. I had a blast playing it, getting the achievements, and I’ll do another playthrough often.


  • voix off *

Un monde en noir et blanc. Où les humains ne sont que de vulgaires engrenages pour la grande machine qu’est le TRAVAIL. Où la justice se règle a coup de pot-de-vin. Où la seule nourriture existante est des sandwichs au goût douteux. (Il y a aussi des hamburgers et des pizzas, mais impossible d’en manger!) Où LE PDJ est le maître suprême. Où être VIRÉ équivaut à la mort.

! (Et devenir un sandwich!) The Guy, un employer dont le numéro est sans intérêt, parviendra-t-il à survivre garder son travail, tout en découvrant les bas secrets de ce monde? VOUS le découvrirez dans Suits : A Business RPG!

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

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This has been a little game I had under my radar for a while mainly because I like RPG Maker games and the business theme looks pretty interesting. Plus it had a similar art style to OFF and while OFF was okay, it’s art was pretty interesting. So is it good?


In a world where corporations run rampant, companies can bribe to get what they want. women are treated as mere plants that look pretty and the mere act of refusing a product is enough to land you in jail. In this world, you live as a simple drone until events happen that put you in an adventure that might change the world.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Suits: A Business RPG on Steam

Master of Magic Classic

Master of Magic Classic

The best game of my life came to Steam.

I’ve been playing Master of Magic since it first came out in ‘94. I was in middle school back then, I think my dad mail ordered the game for me and my brother as a gift. I played it over and over. I played it even after I got the Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, PS 2, 3, 4, signed up for WoW classic, BC, FT, got the Elder Scrolls series, and until last year, after I learned about the Caster of Magic mod.

I’ll just say that it fundamentally changed my life. I’ve developed a strong preference for fantasy themed games, novels and even board games and strategy games. I’ve read many fantasy novels and light novels, even wrote some, and went on to play fantasy-themed RPG’s and simulations like HOMM series and Baldur’s Gate series. But still, even after literally 25 years of challenge, Master of Magic is still the best game ever for me.

Real player with 425.1 hrs in game

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Unfortunately there have been severe changes to the base game. I will detail the changes I think are not in keeping with the spirit of the original game.

  1. Very little reward from claiming towers etc. Now all you get is mainly mana, money and some rubbish item.

  2. The AI can see everything and exploits that advantage whereas the player has to actually scout the terrain. The AI uses its unfair sight advantage to hunt down your units that it couldn’t possibly be able to see if it wasn’t cheating.

Real player with 330.0 hrs in game

Master of Magic Classic on Steam

Walthros: Renewal

Walthros: Renewal

Bob is a regular guy working a part-time job in excavation. He’s also a floating fish with an endless appetite for greasy food and helping people in need. Walthros: Renewal is a turn-based RPG about getting by, making friends, and maybe uncovering the history of the world.

Walthros: Renewal is a full remake/reimagining of the original Walthros and is intended for release in 2022, the 20th anniversary of the release of the original DOS game. This new title will take the characters and themes of the original game and give them a new twist, introducing a world that’s both familiar and new to players who enjoyed the original game.


  • Turn-based combat with over a dozen unique playable characters

  • No random battles; carefully approach or avoid monsters in the field

  • Three difficulty levels to accommodate a range of player abilities

  • Explore a world filled with friends and foes; hang out with buddies to strengthen your bonds

  • 15-20 hours of game play

  • Arcade minigames and watchable TV shows bring the world of Walthros to life

  • Detailed bios and bestiary to add flavor to the critters you meet

  • Logs for main and side quests; never get lost or forget what you need to do next

  • Soundtrack by Glock & Mr8bit

  • Powered by OHRRPGCE


Game by PC Harrington - Music by Glock & Mr8bit​​ - Trailer by Jeremy Bursey - Promotional art by Bemmpo​

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Walthros: Renewal on Steam

Dead Simple 21

Dead Simple 21

I didn’t go in expecting much but this is a real gem. Variation on 21 with special cards, play modes, timer, interactive elements. Awesome solitaire or for challenging your mates. Highly addictive.

If you love your card games or need a fun way to kill idle time (on planes, trains, in bed, etc.), check out Dead Simple 21. It’s addictive. I’m challenging anyone that walks past to have a go at beating my high score. And I learned a new card game!

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Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Dead Simple 21 is a blackjack inspired game where you draw cards from a deck and place them into one of four columns trying to hit 21. This game is a fun casual game to play. It features a fantastic art style and theme. This was fun to play, and I recommend giving it a try.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Dead Simple 21 on Steam

Attack of the Earthlings

Attack of the Earthlings

In Attack Of The Earthlings you embrace the opportunity of playing the oppressed alien natives simply protecting your home planet from the ruthlessly ignorant human invaders, as you claw, stab, pulp, and pulverise your way up the corporate ladder of the Galactoil company and put a halt to their invasion.

Integral to this game is it’s sense of humour, akin to Borderlands and Portal in the video game world, and Office Space and Mars Attacks in the film world, with Galactoil (the corporate representation of space-faring humanity) as a pseudo-functioning corporate hegemony operating with a casual disregard for employees coupled with an ironic motivational propaganda machine in a modern office-space environment. There are so many little touches incorporated into the level design alone that really imbue this humour and help world and character-build in what could otherwise be seen as a very short and superficial game. This humour is also more obviously threaded through the hapless characters and their dialogue and interactions with each other and the AI/robots throughout, which as you play gradually reveals more of the antagonist’s motives and frustrations as you pick them apart and upset their plans (or just overhear comedic character monologues and watch as robots respond benignly to your presence).

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

So what can i say about Attack of the Earthlings really? Well let me start off by saying this game has a ton of personality and it will make you laugh at times. If you’re a Sci fi fan like me, you’ve probably tried one of those classic sci fi horror/action games where you’re playing as an astronaut on a space station trying to avoid getting eaten by some alien scum. Well in this fun and exciting strategy game it’s pretty much the exact same type of scenario but you’re playing as the aliens. There’s not really much of a story to this game. Basically a massive company and it’s rich owner has decided to mine your planet for resources cause why the fuck not? And you, the leader of the alien race doesn’t exactly allow outsiders inside your territory. So you do the most rational thing and start assassinating the average joe workers of this massive company, then use their biomass to produce an army of lower lifeforms under your command to assassinate even more humans! :D You can create 4 different unit types and they’re all totally unique creations with special abilities that fit different playstyles. In the beginning i thought i had to use all 3 different evolutions (Out of the 4 creatures you can spawn 1 of them is the default non-evolved alien drone) but it turned out that you should really only stick to the xenos that suit your personal playstyle. I didn’t hear about this game from some big youtuber, or anything. I just happended to get it recommended by Steam one day and thought ‘‘hey that’s a neat concept and it’s on sale!’’ There’s also a small progression system in the game that allows you to upgrade your units and give them new and improved abilities. The game takes about 11-12 hours to finish if you’re just doing a casual playthrough and you fail a few missions (Like i did) Each mission is really fun cause no mission has the same objective. There’s no difficulty options in the game, and there’s unfortunately no new game+… This is the bad part of the game, you see you can’t replay levels unless you have an old save file right before the level you want to play. If you don’t then you need to replay the level until you get to the level you want to replay. However there is only about 7-8 levels in total so it’s not like getting to a specific level is hard. Each level feels new and unique due to each level having it’s own objectives that are all totally different from one another. Overall i’d give Attack of the Earthlings a solid 7/10. Would recommend, even at full price if you’re into strategy games and don’t mind the low difficulty. Now go out there and nom some humans :3

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

Attack of the Earthlings on Steam

Doors of Insanity

Doors of Insanity

First thing I’ll admit is that I’m a simp & beta tester for the devs, but that’s just because I genuinely think they’re cool guys who are worth supporting. This also means I’ve gotten the game for free, have a bias, etc. You get the idea. Plus, I also think this game is genuinely fun, it actually made me like Deck Battlers in the first place.

Doors is a game similar to Neoverse, Slay the Spire… Deck building, turn based RPG combat. If you’ve played those kinds of games before, you know what you’re getting into.

Real player with 40.1 hrs in game

Im a huge fan of Slay the Spire in which I was told by the publishers that this was inspired by it (obviously). I’m not the best at making reviews but heres my opinion & reasoning.


  • Great art style

  • Character creator even though its not much

  • PVP (havent tried yet but hey you can play with people at least)

  • Unique to the cardbased rougelite/rougelike genre

  • Leveling system which makes you wanna replay to get stronger


  • Only one character so theres no true style or unique start, every run starts nearly the same.

Real player with 38.0 hrs in game

Doors of Insanity on Steam

Space Tyrant

Space Tyrant

I really like this game and it totally deserves to be as popular as games like Slay the Spire. I got both this and Slay the Spire during the summer sale and ended up refunding Spire because this one enthralled me so much. You might be wondering how the two games are comparable at all, but you must keep in mind that Space Tyrant is as much a roguelite as it is a 4x, and it very much conforms to the idea of losing horribly and repeatedly but having fun in the process as you gradually build up your deck and learn the game. In many ways it scratches the same itch as games like Spire, but something about the colorful aesthetic, humorous themes, and creative genre-mashing put the drab Spire to shame, at least for me.

Real player with 119.5 hrs in game

TL/DR: 6/10. Great idea, beautiful game, but harsh game design. Expect hardcore RNG roguelike play that detracts from wonderful 3x/4x design and a fun narrative. Also, the devs seem to be onto bigger and better things.

For a game about being a tyrant, you sure are stuck with specific game rules and no options to revolt against the oppressive developer-made campaigns. I really enjoy the idea of this game, and it did many things right…however, some design choices left a sour taste in my mouth. It’s like eating chocolate only to find that someone laced it with lemon juice. I’ve played tons of 4x games (love the genre!), and as much as this game is thought of as a “light” beer and pretzels version, it’s actually way more punishing, and your strategy, no matter how good, might not be enough due to insane RNG and hardcore random campaign rules. I get plenty of that in real life. I want to enjoy the games I play.

Real player with 83.7 hrs in game

Space Tyrant on Steam

60 Parsecs!

60 Parsecs!

Way too short and empty for the price.

It takes about 30 to 60 minutes to slog through one adventure, everything after that is replaying the same concept with random slight alterations to try and get random different endings. Maybe I should have done more research before buying, but I was expecting more than a very simple point and click reading adventure, because that’s really all this is.

You spend 60 seconds (1 minute) running around collecting whatever random objects/people happen to be available, toss them in an escape shuttle but that’s pretty much where the game stops being much of a game. After that you read an update each day, make one or two decisions and then, end your day. The entire rest of the game is reading the results of yesterdays decision and making another choice.

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

Within my short period of playing the game, I like a lot of it. Here are my thoughts of 60 Parsecs!

Visuals - 10/10

The game’s design makes it difficult to put a lot of small visual stuff into it. Overall, the visuals match the theme, characters personalities, and so much more. Everything from the big dark abyss of a planet to the way a character stands is well designed and planned. Overall the only thing I would change is Baby’s beard… that thing is patchy…

Gameplay - 4/10

Surprised? I was too. I loved the game, but idk if it’s a lack of experience in the 60 Seconds! game style, but it seems rather difficult. I’ve barely made it past 20 days on my runs, and I find that materials are more important than the game makes it come out to be. If you miss the baskets of materials you lose so much later on. If you grab them, you get less objects such as the vest or communicator, that take so much reasources to craft it’s so difficult to get them late game when everyone is going communist… (LOVE THAT FEATURE BTW HILAROUS TO SEE BABY GO ROGUE) Overall I’d say the game relies on smarts over any other category. But Baby, Deedee, and Emmet seem vital to a good run of the game.

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

60 Parsecs! on Steam