Kraken Academy!!

Kraken Academy!!

I’m still playing through the game so I will try to return to this review and update it upon completion!

So far, the game has been really fun! I love the soundtrack and the art style. The characters are all very quirky and unique, and I think the lil profiles you get in game are a nice addition. The mechanics of the game are interesting; I love the time travel and mystery solving aspect. I played on stream, so it was nice having other people help me because there are definitely lots of different details that you may miss on first pass.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

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The first day at the new academy turns for a shy guy not into a noisy party, but a quick collision with reality. And the academy is strange, and some bum is yelling at you, a huge talking Kraken is floating in the lake. Most importantly, now it is not your parents, but only you who manage your time. Literally. Making the time loop the main gameplay element is a very risky undertaking, but it worked out just fine. Returning to the past does not get boring, does not become some kind of foreign element for the grind of currency, but allows you to deeply feel the game concept, build complex secondary tasks, competently divide the game into chapters, while not formalizing it with banal inscriptions “Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. “. Because of this, the presentation of the plot feels so smooth, so crisp that there is simply no time to get bored, you are constantly in the center of events.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

Kraken Academy!! on Steam

What Lies in the Multiverse

What Lies in the Multiverse

What Lies in the Multiverse is a story-driven 2D adventure that one could call a dramatic comedy. Filled to the brim with hilarious, cartoonish hijinks, the narrative also presents the player with mature and deep themes like death, envy, and obsession.

Things inevitably go batshit crazy very fast in the Multiverse when you discover the ability to travel between parallel worlds. These worlds are alternate versions of each level and differ in aesthetic, theme, and physicality. Switching between them allows you to solve logical and spatial challenges and to progress the story.

Seamless Transformations

Would you like to change the game world on the fly? Now you can! Can’t reach a ledge? Bam! Switch worlds mid-air. Afraid of sliding around in an icy environment? Alternate to another universe for firmer ground! Just be careful when messing with gravity…

Diverse World

Embark on a journey across a variety of gorgeous pixel-art worlds, each offering something unique. Explore temples, towns, harbors, the wilderness and more as you race to unlock the secrets of the Multiverse.

Colorful Cast of Characters

Meet a bunch of quirky but compelling characters such as Everett, your eventual genius companion. Picture a sarcastic, eccentric Albert Einstein. Then there’s EZ, a mysterious figure everyone fondly remembers but can’t describe. Or ZENITH, a group of enigmatic and shadowy figures always breathing down your neck.

A Deeper Story

While staying true to its light-hearted nature, the story’s poignancy builds as you progress. A rollercoaster of laughter, joy, and sorrow awaits.

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What Lies in the Multiverse on Steam

Dinner with an Owl

Dinner with an Owl

Saw it was an odd game, decided to stream it with some friends for a laugh.

Originally beat the game in nine in-game days and about 20 mins. Decided to fuck around after that point and see what happens… and see what happens we did, the game has quite a few scares an odd behaviors when you start breaking it and doing things at strange times. Quite some spooks and some laughs… and some glitches like the magic phantom knife… game loves calling you out on your bullshit when you start fucking around.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

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I absolutely LOVED this game! It’s a short and sweet point and click game with a wonderful little creepy story. Took me half an hour and 11 in-game days to complete! Not sure if you can do it in any less but it was super fun and I really did like it. The artwork was so lovely and it gave me some Rusty Lake vibes (without the puzzles!)

10/10 enjoyed, highly recommend to anybody that wants a nice little interactive story with some lovely music too!

Big props to the devs & co! Would love to see any more games you come out with!

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Dinner with an Owl on Steam

After School Murder Club!!

After School Murder Club!!

it may look a bit different but let me tell you: this was the most exciting and fun visual novel game I’ve played in a while and it’s 100% worth trying!

and yes, with 9 hours I’ve only got one ending so far (still gotta get the other one’s!) so.. if you take your time with reading the dialogues, you get a lot for a free (!!) game.

ps. Pain(t)-kun still haunts me in my dreams (and I ain’t complaining)

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

I wasn’t sure about this title at first, but I ended up enjoying it in the end.

Apparently this started out as a practice/joke visual novel, and it definitely shows, but it knows what it is: a satirical jab at anime tropes with an overall silly plotline. There are references to popculture and memes throughout. Heck, one of the first things the main character says is “Gotta go fast!”

The artstyle isn’t really anything to write home about. The characters seem to have been made with some kind of anime dress up doll programs, which causes a bit of whiplash when the actually drawn scenes show up thanks to how different they look.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

After School Murder Club!! on Steam

Kung Fu Jesus

Kung Fu Jesus

I haven’t finished the game yet but this is my impression so far.


The gameplay consists mostly of a “2.5D” world I guess where you move side to side and you can move a little bit up and down the environment as well with mostly simple fighting mechanics in my limited experience of fighting games. There are fun combos that you can learn from doing different things and there are abilities that you can discover as you progress, all the while gradually leveling up your total health and energy levels.

Real player with 65.4 hrs in game

It’s painful to play this game long enough to be allowed to review it.

It’s obvious that someone put a lot of time into this game, and the whacked out story had me interested in progressing, but… the gameplay is so bad I can’t force myself to continue. Unfortunately, the game sat in my library for almost a month before I played it, so I was outside the time window for a refund. Please learn from my loss.

A short list of features:

-No indication of how to leave the first room. Maybe you’ll stumble into it. Maybe you won’t.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Kung Fu Jesus on Steam