Even among a lot of releases in Steam, pure text adventures are very rare. The game is more like a treasure hunt than survival horror. It’s not difficult to find one or two ways to survive. However if trying to see remaining endings (12 in all) and death situations, you need to get into undescribed riddles, which are a sort of situation puzzles that can be finished by just 5 actions at least. Short, but funny. While the game lacks typing history and save function (well, maybe unnecessary), I love the unique minimal art, the new style killer cleansuit-guy, the atmosphere of slovenly lonesome man’s life, and so much cynical humor. Yes, in old days game storytellers were self-deprecatingly like this for some reason.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

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Dude, look, I’m busy today. Can we reschedule the day you come and try to kill me? Maybe when I have a bunch of finals?

I’m sure that all of us at least has thought about what we would do if someone broke into our home. If someone dared to try and murder you one day in the one place you thought was safe. Concocting plans and placing helpful objects hidden around the house so no matter where you are, they won’t take you by surprise. Though will you ever be ready? Thinking of the situation beforehand is way different than actually being in it. Such as practicing for a presentation will not definitely cause you to not be nervous the day of, actually being in the situation of a killer after you will most likely not be a calm experience.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Cleansuit on Steam

Doodle Date

Doodle Date

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Doodle Date is a joke you and the game work together to tell. Using the simple design of a dating simulator, the game asks the player to fill in images meant to make that player laugh, the text reactions and situations the images are used for doing a good job of facilitating some funny moments. The plot is quite clearly constructed around the idea of amusing the player rather than giving too much meaning to the events or dating, but it does do some unexpected exploration of the concepts behind one creator drawing a character to life for the purposes of romance. Not really demanding any artistic skill, Doodle Date is an effective skeletal structure for setting up some silly moments, making it a game about having a laugh rather than having some deeply involved dating story or a well developed art platform.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

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Don’t take these doodles lightly! This VN is killer!

You’re the Creator! You create doodles that pull you into a world of blank pages and dreams that you imagine. Claire is your first drawing and she’s the one who pulls you into this mysterious and new world.

The game starts off as your standard visual novel. You have choices and various endings (3 to be exact). The only difference here is that you get to draw the key points of the game.

I used a tablet to draw and they STILL looked a hot mess. The dialogue is very tongue in cheek and took me by surprise. I have to say, the overall plot towards the end was a huge surprise to me.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Doodle Date on Steam

Stranded 2

Stranded 2

The absolute worst game I have ever played. Complete horse sh*t.

I grew up on text based games so real excited about this but wouldn’t recommend to my enemies.

For $3 I’ll keep just in case it is ever actually playable.

Real player with 6.1 hrs in game

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Not just a text adventure. There’s art, sound and also has an advanced parser as you can see from the trailer. The puzzles are fun and challenging. Plus, as a bonus, you also get Zenobi Software’s Stranded 1 along with it (playable in the accompanied Spectrum emulator).

I do recommend reading the manual, even if you have played many text adventures before this one. It has tips and new features which you really don’t want to miss out on.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Stranded 2 on Steam



Cataplexy is a short visual novel that combines incompatible genres of comedy and horror. It all depends on the chosen interpretation of events and the mood of the reader. To believe in the mystical nature of what is happening or to make out logical explanations. To be horrified by the state of hopelessness or to laugh at the comicality of the situation. This is for you to decide. Although the hero of our story in any case will have a hard time.


  • Possibility to choose the mood of the story: ironic or serious.

  • Visits by various otherworldly entities.

  • Backgrounds that combine hallucinations with reality.

  • A non-standard view of a truly existing phenomenon called Cataplexy.

  • A lot of story fragments were based on personal experience.

Cataplexy on Steam

Kyle is Famous: Complete Edition

Kyle is Famous: Complete Edition

I played through every single one of the endings of this game. And although I would love to say ti was worth it, I cannot.

The humor is funny at first, but then you realize that the writer of this game has an obsession with vore/cannibalism/vomit and it’s pretty easy to predict the direction of every single ending. Also, there were many times when perfectly decent endings were drawn out to the point where it’s completely ridiculous and unfunny, like it’s necessary for Kyle to completely change society every time he dies.

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

The trailer for this game gave me major Stanley Parable vibes so I was excited to play it. Unfortunately the trailer is pretty misleading. The narrator reads out your choices and the results in a normal voice. There’s no emotion (confusion, anger, exasperation, etc), and there’s no additional comments. The only similarities with Stanley Parable are that playthroughs can unlock additional options for the next playthrough. As far as humour goes, it had the odd funny moment but most of it was just stupid, and not in a funny way IMO. Humour is very subjective though so I can understand some people liking it.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Kyle is Famous: Complete Edition on Steam

The Remission of Sins

The Remission of Sins

I gave this one a try here recently, and it only took about 15 minutes to get all the way through. I understand that there are voice actors involved, but for 12 dollars, it should be a bit lengthier. The voice acting was nice, and the story is intriguing, but it is really short, even compared to other visual novels that are lower on price.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

The game is as simple as the description says, so I don’t need to explain much of what happens since the endings are reachable in a short time. There wasn’t much dialogues and the people’s ‘stories’ are somewhat interesting. Audios are definitely disturbing in some cases, however, the horror esthetic is only for show not really all that horrifying. Though if you ask me if it’s worth purchasing, well buy it at your own interest.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

The Remission of Sins on Steam

The Dark Room

The Dark Room

As excellent as the live show, with new content, new paths, and unexpected changes. Off to a marvelous start. Fantastic, bleak, absurdist humor, and a steal at this price. Well-rendered and well-produced, with solid graphics and excellent sound design and audio. Very polished for an Early Access Game and well worth a look.

For those familiar with the Dark Room live show - this is just what you’d expect; if you liked it live, you’ll like the game.

For those unfamilar with the Dark Room - this is a game based on the widely known stage show of the same name (a live action text based adventure game), a cult favourite across the globe, created and performed by John Robertson. Everything’s gone full circle now, and the simulacra has spawned a simulation.

Real player with 29.1 hrs in game

you awake to find yourself in a review of the dark room…

recomended for masochists, stubborn people, and anyone called darren (everyone)

game itself is still in early acess at the time of writing this, yes, ive encountered some bugs, some with the game, and one very very nasty bug in the game that seems to be a boss fight ( in joke, play the game to understand)

however, the community devoloping with this game is lovely, tight knit, also sadistic, sometimes helpfull, and full of darrens…

the developer remains in character on the discussion boards, which makes looking for help even more infuriating, ad fun…

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

The Dark Room on Steam

The Zodiac Trial

The Zodiac Trial

If you like murder mystery or death game visual novels, this is absolutely worth your time. I would go as far as to say it is deceptively good, I tried the demo and had mixed feelings but figured “hey, I love death games, I want to see this one through”. And you know what? Basically as soon as I left the demo content and got to the real game, the game made me very glad I did purchase it.

Quite a few characters during the intro feel… annoying. Kidnapped and in a terrifying situation, nearly half of the group seem to be way too optimistic in various ways. Having an optimistic character is one thing, but half the cast felt like idiots, basically. Then leaving the demo and getting to the routes, you see how these characters act when the stakes are there, and as you start learning more about these characters past their initial impressions, and realize the intro is pretty seriously flanderizing them, probably partly so you instantly get each character’s gimmicks. Eventually you get to the point where you start realizing that some of these optimists are really already scheming through how they present themselves to the others at the start, and most characters come off as far more interesting and unique once you get to see more depth to them.

Real player with 43.8 hrs in game

10/10. Lane Hawkins, the writer/director/producer of this game (saw it in the end credits), is all kinds of clever and passionate, and has blessed us with this gem of a game. The rest of his team have done great work as well, obviously, as aspects of this game aside from the writing also elevate it to a level of greatness it otherwise would not achieve. I do not personally deem many games to be a 10/10 lightly, either, being a pretty darn snooty elitist of a gamer who only holds games in such high regard that delight me virtually the entire time I’m playing them and leave me brimming with joy for hours afterward. It just makes me sad that Steam only allows for “Recommended” and “Not Recommended” ratings, because merely giving The Zodiac Trial a thumbs up is a travesty.

Real player with 28.5 hrs in game

The Zodiac Trial on Steam

1f y0u’re a gh0st ca11 me here! 幽铃热线

1f y0u’re a gh0st ca11 me here! 幽铃热线

I think this game’s charming in its way. It has quite a unique gameplay that I think it’s worth a try.

Gameplay is somewhat demanding. It’s kinda like playing papers please, but have to check about 2-4 different documents all at once and it is up to the players to make a split judgement where to send where.

The game is quite difficult, but I think anyone can get used to the game over time.

Story is short? I think? I haven’t seen all the endings (cuz the game’s hard..), but in terms of building an overall environment and the characters were interesting enough for what this game is worth.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

i really wanted to like the game but the story sucks there is only one song that is kinda annoying the gameplay is innovating but at the end it breaks and looses meaning

at first i was like i need to get all A but in the end i said fuck it i don’t care

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

1f y0u're a gh0st ca11 me here! 幽铃热线 on Steam

The Trolley Company

The Trolley Company

Actions speak louder than words.

Welcome to The Trolley Company, founded on helping people travel safely across the nation.

Your job will start by looking after passenger safety, making sure there are as few casualties as possible while trying to keep the moral high ground.

Later, if you can make it past basic training, you will be faced with lives toughest questions, not knowing who to trust when you are put on the spot with difficult choices to make in only 60 seconds.

But don’t fret, throughout your moral dilemmas you will have me by your side, helping you stay on the path of the righteous.

An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.

In ‘The Trolley Company’ players are pitted against many philosophical questions, varying from some well known in pop culture to others usually only found in textbooks, packaged in a comical and thought-provoking journey.

Each ethical conundrum will give you the choice of two outcomes, not only will these test your moral fibre but you will also have the judgement and commentary of your conscience at all times helping you along. With 60 choices to make you better get started! Peoples lives depend on it!!!

The Trolley Company on Steam