Cube Conflict

Cube Conflict

Cube Conflict is a free and open-source FPS where smileys are at war without mercy.

  • 20 weapons from the most rotten to the most cheated!

  • 15 stupid classes to play, from the kamikaze to the junkie or the ninja!

  • 6 themed maps, from the moon with reduced gravity to the volcano and its molten lava

  • Dozens of possibilities to customize your avatar with capes, graves, smileys, etc.

  • 100% free, all skins can be unlocked while playing!

Weapons you said?

Little guns are for kiddies. Nothing like a portable GAU-8, a little bit of atomic bomb, and a rocket minigun!

Class system

Doctor, Soldier? For newbies. No doubt you would rather be a Kamikaze to blow yourself up and kill all the enemies around you or even a wizard to cast magic spells!

Useful(?) items

Ok, you can die fast, but you should be able to escape death with one power armor and multiple drugs!

Maps (for real!)

Incredible there are maps on this game! So, everyone knows rocket jump right? Well, try it on the moon.

A lot of skins

You can look like a badass… or an idiot. But mostly an idiot. Since you’re gonna die (a lot) we added different graves! Like a nice poop for the noobs and gold ingots for the richest players.

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Cube Conflict on Steam

Finders Reapers

Finders Reapers

Total surprise hit out of nowhere

Yesterday morning i’d never even heard of this game. Today, i’m addicted and considering seeking professional help

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

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You know what? This is actually pretty awesome.

Thought I’d take a gamble on it since it’s cheap and it hasn’t disappointed.

I’ve never played anything like it.

You collect for items to get cash while spending cash as ammo! Crazy!

Not a finished game by any means, but it’s early access so fair enough.

Rough and ready (as they state) but I’d highly recommend it.

Hyped for the updates - interested to see where this goes.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Finders Reapers on Steam