A really solid and well-made party game, it’s like a piece of art in my steam library.

  • Haven’t encountered a single bug/glitch

  • Fun, entertaining and trippy artwork

  • Clean user interface

  • Great sound design

  • The way the gentleman pops up and says “Awkward!”, is a really nice touch

  • Native controller support, which is something that can be overlooked in these sorts of games

  • The “super awkward” update essentially sorted out the only issue the game had, which was the wait for round 3

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

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So what is Awkward?

It’s a simple yet addictive opinion guessing game. It’s fun with a friend or partner but should be most fun in a group where you try to do better than the others. I found the comparison with the “rest of the world” to be less interesting than I had hoped, so I can’t really recommend playing solo.

Final verdict: Wait for a sale!

Strongest point: A game in your steam library you can play with any person. Plus: Geat artstyle.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Awkward on Steam

The Hustle

The Hustle

The Hustle is an open-world board game where you can go anywhere - anywhere - to build your fortune from the bottom up.

  • Go Left, Go Right, Do Whatever - winners don’t respect board game conventions. Winners cut through the middle of the board and tell Candyland to shove it.

  • Meddle with Forces Beyond Your Ken - Every round, players vote to change one rule about the game. Adjust your strategy to succeed, or get left in the dust!

  • Don’t call it “Bribery!" - That’s the invisible hand of the free market shoving $100 into your jeans.

  • Ruin Real-Life Friendships - Cut the dead weight from your social group in classic board-game style!

  • Build a Legacy - Will you be remembered a Miser? A Titan of Industry? A Peasant? Every smart move is another scene in your Oscar-winning biopic, and every dumb move is another shovelful of dirt in your stupid, stupid, anonymous grave.

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The Hustle on Steam

Death: The Ascension

Death: The Ascension

Certainly not for everyone, confusing at first, but has plenty of unique mechanics after you get past the learning curve

Real player with 285.1 hrs in game

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After a few ascensions, I have a better idea now how the mechanics and concepts fit into this creative new game developed by a very friendly and responsive indie-developer who has updated the game in quick response to suggestions on the discussion forum.

What is it?

I would describe Death: The Ascension as a card/puzzle life-choice simulator in which you aim to optimize your chances of a successful ascension by manipulating event probabilities. It has a deck-building type of mechanic in which you add cards to your deck, but the deck is not a draw-deck. Cards in your “deck” influence the chances of drawing cards into the player’s five card hand from an infinite pool. In other words, if you have only one card in your “deck”, you have a 100% chance of drawing five cards of that type. You are playing cards against Death as your opponent. Death has their own deck that has similar draw mechanics, but only draws one card per turn. Each turn one card from each deck is played with four possible events dictated by the player’s card with varying probabilities for each event known ahead of time.

Real player with 83.4 hrs in game

Death: The Ascension on Steam

Decks & Daggers

Decks & Daggers

(Review updated after completing the game.)

I felt neutral about the game until about half way through, but having finished it, it gets my unequivocal thumbs up.

I loved it.

It’s not a Slay the Spire clone, or anything like that - and yet I do feel it could offer the depth of strategy and builds of those games (and its spin-offs) while still remaining true to itself.

This game has had a lot of love and character thrown into it, which exceeds the StS brigade. It has a story and interesting characters. The art work is also beautiful and full of atmosphere and charm.

Real player with 28.3 hrs in game

It looks like a fun game but sadly the cards you are dealt for each hand are completely random, so you can end up with no chance at winning a round and this happens time and time again.

I played for 6 hours and most of that time was starting again as the cards I was dealt meant I died pretty much on the first hand of each round.

What should have been a great game is ruined by the RNG.

Edit - Following latest update

I revisited the game after the update and although the RNG is still an issue (for me), it’s much less than before and I completed the game.

Real player with 21.3 hrs in game

Decks & Daggers on Steam

Gobby McGobblenutz Presents - The Questionably Quirky Quiz Show

Gobby McGobblenutz Presents - The Questionably Quirky Quiz Show

Secret Word: Wonderful

Point number: 420

So, this was lots of fun! One of my favourite games of theirs so far. It made me smile, it made me exclaim in shock and I was enjoying every second of it. Actually gonna go right over to my best friend to recommend this game, because I really want to know her results and this is so much fun it ought to be shared!

Also, the Granny rocks!

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Points: 439

Secret Word: Wonderful

This one definitely had a different feel than the other games, and I found it harder to decide what type of answer I should give… What I would genuinely give, the get the most points, or what I suspect the lady whose points we need to match might have given. Was still a fun half hour.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Gobby McGobblenutz Presents - The Questionably Quirky Quiz Show on Steam

Gobby McGobblenutz Presents: The Art of the Dad Joke: Chapter 1

Gobby McGobblenutz Presents: The Art of the Dad Joke: Chapter 1

I love Dad Jokes and this did not disappoint!! This was a great distraction from what is going on in our world right now!! Thanks to the developers of this silly game!! Totally worth the small amount I paid. 3

BTw My secret word was WTF and I got 186 points!!

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Okay, this was amazing LMAO

I’m a big fan of stupid humor and there were a few jokes I’ve heard before, but even one or two new ones is well worth the low pricetag. I’ve already sent a few of these jokes to my sister and best friend and they were dying. lol

And there’s like, hundreds of jokes here. Really can’t complain at all, thoroughly satisfied with this one! :)

Woops forgot to put my word in my review, haha.

The word it gave me was Ridiculous.

I love it!

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Gobby McGobblenutz Presents: The Art of the Dad Joke: Chapter 1 on Steam

Naked News

Naked News

One of the funniest games ive played in ages. I havent been laughing this much since … i dont even know anymore. Its a wonderful game and definitely worth its price. Oh and since the credits encouraged me to give the creators of the game some feedback: ITS AWESOME, YOU DID A SPLENDID JOB GUYS AND I HOPE THERE WILL BE MORE OF THAT. No but seriously, im willing to spend all my hard earned money on games like this. As uve stated in the credits jokes are getting a worse image day by day and so i love to see guys like you who dont hesitate do be a little bit more daring than most of the other devs out there. Seriously, the price is fair and square for what we get, its a great game and im looking forward to see more of you :)!

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Having played Randumb Studios, this one on it’s surface seemed much different as most of the others are horror themed. Fun little game - it’s brief but definitely worth the price and you will get some laughs out of it if you aren’t too dead inside.

I also suspect the game itself is a piece of a larger puzzle that I have yet to figure out but has me intrigued to no end. Recommend this and the other Randumb Studios games!

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Naked News on Steam

Roast Party

Roast Party

If you love hanging around with your friends and poking fun this is the best game! Even those who were nervous or considered themselves sweethearts got hooked on this idea and ran with it even harder than the rest of us. Somehow instead of destroying friendships we actually created some solid bonds! Can we deem this Roast Therapy ?

Real player with 59.2 hrs in game

I never laughed so much at a game like this one, it’s quite amazing to see some prompts & pictures work really well each other along with some of the answers written down by the players, hope to see more games from these developers!

Real player with 47.9 hrs in game

Roast Party on Steam

Haulin' Oats

Haulin' Oats

This is a game about truck driving, the US highways, and oatmeal. During your time as a truck driver for the Starkham Oatmeal company, you will be tasked with delivering crates of delicious oats to the local grocery store. The roads are fraught with dangers, as well as delights, so be sure to take along a trusty co-pilot and / or pet.

Arranged as a digital board game, you will encounter a wide variety of characters and obstacles ranging from drug cartels, bike gangs, random maniacs, pop stars, police, serial killers, and the few folk that aren’t completely crazy. Make your way around the board and collect your wages every time you complete a delivery then return to the warehouse. Use it to buy spare parts for your truck, the favor of lot lizards, or sometimes bribe your way out of trouble.

When you start a game, each player will get to choose one of eight different drivers; with three locked by default. Each has two strengths and weaknesses, like bonuses to truck ramming checks or penalties to dealing with the law. Mix and match the different drivers with co-pilots and pets to get the upper hand against your opponents.

Just like the drivers, each co-pilot and pet has one different benefit and disadvantage. If you get a bad Incident card draw, you might just accidentally leave ‘em at a truck stop somewhere for an opponent to scoop up. If none suit your play style, you can choose to play without one if you want.

Special guest characters (drivers, co-pilots, and pets) can be unlocked through different quests or by doing certain things a bunch.

Old friends from our previous games make surprise appearances. One cannot go through Starkham without seeing familiar faces like Bill Finnigan or Aloysius. They are sometimes found in Encounter or Incident decks. Depending on who you find, they may have a mission for you or an item to barter.

There are a lot of other characters as well. Scattered throughout the Incident, Encounter, and Resource decks various characters await you, either to rob you blind or give you mini-quests to complete. Heck, some might just need something as simple as a ride down the highway a bit or a wee bit of your money.

A quick and dirty list of features, for those of you who like bullet-lists:

  • Music by Azucar, Yoshua Shafer, and El Castor

  • All hand-drawn art

  • 36 squares all filled with adventure

  • 8 different drivers, 8 different co-pilots, and, of course, 8 different pets (including special guests)

  • 50 different cards per Encounter, Incident, and Resources deck

  • Play with others in online or LAN multiplayer

  • The usual breakdown of statistics and leaderboards to measure yourself against

  • Achievements that actually unlock stuff

Whether your driving record is spotless or you’ve played one of our games before, get some quicker in-game unlocks with the Mileage Club! For each of our previous games that you’ve owned or played (demo, family share, or free weekend), you will unlock guest characters or table accoutrements.

Haven’t done so or don’t got ‘em? Don’t worry, you can get all the same characters and bonuses by just playing the game. And with a little elbow grease.

Haulin' Oats on Steam