Unhappy Ever After

Unhappy Ever After

This is an update of my review after finishing 40 hours of the game. I have just killed a big boss and concluded the main game. I am about to start on 2 different DLCs of this game.

Now after 40 hours of this game, I have seen a number of shortcomings and bugs, and will try to write about them in this update, so that I present an accurate picture of the game.

Shortcoming of this game.

1. This game is an ABANDONWARE, like what many other previous reviews have said. It was originally a Kickstarter game, where backers paid money directly to the developer to create this game and some DLCs. The developer got the money, created the game and 2 DLCs and left in February 2017. What this means is that currently there is no tech support of any kind, and there are many small bugs and irritating features which are not fixed. However, the game itself is still good enough to be played, and I have completed the main game. For the price of $6.99, I think it is definitely worth it for me.

Real player with 46.9 hrs in game

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This is an edit of my earlier review. Initially, the way the monsters leveled with you, along with the lack of gear, made the battles very long and tedious. However, within days of posting my review, the developer has made several changes to the game that eliminate many of my negative comments. First, there is now a difficulty setting. Those who want the much more difficult battles, can have them, and those who want a bit less of a grind feel and a more casual experience can select the very easy or easy settings. I’ve tried them out, and it’s like a completely new game. Even in very easy mode, the battles still require a bit of strategy and take a little time, but they are nowhere near the length they used to be. Monsters will be a lower level than you and do far less damage, which means the constant need for health items is also greatly diminished.

Real player with 37.2 hrs in game

Unhappy Ever After on Steam

The Adventures of Crackhead Jack: Overdose Edition

The Adventures of Crackhead Jack: Overdose Edition

Smoke weed

Get High

Play Crackhead Jack

Good Game

Real player with 66.1 hrs in game

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Make Crackhead Jack #1 on Steam


Real player with 24.6 hrs in game

The Adventures of Crackhead Jack: Overdose Edition on Steam

Case 00: The Cannibal Boy

Case 00: The Cannibal Boy

ok for starters I love love LOVE the characters designs plot and graphics, I think that everything ties together really well I also really like how they added the theme of murder and urban legends and an queer relationship I think it gives it a little more individuality all in all I really love this game and would recommend this to others people but I’m also really sad that there isn’t another game out and there probably wont be but its amazing non the less :)

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

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Just watch a let’s play it’s a better use of your time and free! The game is bad the storytelling is atrocious. However, the sound design, and art are good. Don’t waste your few dollars on this unless you’re really into startlingly sweet main menu jump scares because that’s the only thing here that will thrill you.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Case 00: The Cannibal Boy on Steam

The Tower of Wowers

The Tower of Wowers

Oh boy where do I start? Yes, there is plenty of crude humor to laugh at all throughout the tower. But that says nothing about the actual gameplay. And it plays like proper good RPG. There’s secrets hidden in not-so-obvious places and those are always a treat to come across. If you want gear, you’re going to have to fight for it. There are loot chests, but don’t expect to find weapons in them. Admittedly, I am not the best person to ask about turn-based games in general, but in the words of Todd Howard, “It just works.” Other than the odd bug I came across, which is fixed, the fights are balanced and the controls are easy. And if you like the feel of a buttons and joysticks, controllers should work just fine. I would say the soundtrack is a major selling point (The desert type theme is my favorite, funny how it is in many games), it’s just the whole thing is awesome. The enemies are the most creative and diverse selection I’ve ever seen, probably because they have little to do with each other. And that also brings up a point, there isn’t a huge amount of lore and storytelling. That’s not a bad thing, just something you should know. So, I definitely would recommend this game.

Real player with 35.4 hrs in game

I fully expected to go into this game and rip it to shreds, but its such a shitpost meme game that it quickly grabbed my heart. The crayon drawn enemies are amazing, several variants are around with more xp and currency, and its extremely well done. For the companies first game, the price tag is perfect and it fully deserves to be played by as many as possible. I interviewed Barry during my gameplay review and play through on my twitch channel, and the game is just a work of love for the absurd. 10/10 Buy it and have a great time for a stupid low price!

Real player with 23.3 hrs in game

The Tower of Wowers on Steam

Impostor Factory

Impostor Factory

So, again the Steam review issue, that it’s binary yes/no.

This is not a bad game. Or, well, experience.

But it is a boring one. And almost not a game.

This comes from a fan of the series, a seriously artsy fartsy guy who cried his fair share through the emotional tricks and triggers - so it’s not a case of some action Jackson just wanting more flash & bang.

But what I would like, is more game.

If at times, the earlier installments might have suffered from too much retro-gaming nostalgia, inserting unnecessary gaming elements that got in the way of the story, this installment goes the opposite way, foregoing almost all gaming to tell a linear on-the-rails slice-of-life story.

Real player with 14.2 hrs in game

Imposter Factory is possibly(?) the final entry for the “To The Moon” series. IF (Imposter factory) clarified what the whole series is all about.

I’m gonna say it outright, I think this entry was the weakest of all the games but that doesn’t mean it is bad. This game is still good for its price and unique experience as a standalone, but compared to previous entries it’s weak. I’m gonna list why below:

  1. All previous entries has added new, unique and quirky gameplay elements as an ice breaker or a moment of relief from the feels, be it a puzzle or a parody of old JRPGs. This game has NONE OF THAT

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

Impostor Factory on Steam