Fallout 76

Fallout 76

Bought this game on sale just over a month ago, i have around 420 hours played, it’s an enjoyable and infuriating game in equal parts, if you’ve played any fallout/elderscrolls games you know what to expect gameplay/bugs wise, it has enough random events to keeps things interesting although they do get repetitive eventually and some places have random things happening each time you go to them such as npcs chatting, random vendors, battles between different ai’s an so on which makes the game both enjoyable and a pain in the rear, especially if you are looking for a specific companion/power armor an such, leveling an skill tree can be abit confusing at first but once you get used to it the cards system isn’t too bad (legendary cards level ups are a joke)

Real player with 508.1 hrs in game

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Sucks at being a Fallout game.

Sucks at being a MMO.

They make it appear the game can be played without Fallout 1st but no. Not really. Not how to expect a fallout game to play. Imagine you had a workshop in your garage and you bought 10 2x4s to build something but even though you own that garage (the game) and paid money for it… you was told by the city you cannot store that wood in there, to throw out everything else in it just to store 10 pieces of wood. That would be your life playing FO76 if you tried to play without subscription, just 20x worse than i’m making it sound.

Real player with 423.6 hrs in game

Fallout 76 on Steam




Octavian is a procedural generated, platforming, twin-stick looter-shooter. Explore the galaxy with your crew of smugglers to solve mysteries, fight disgusting aliens, explore dungeons, and find exciting loot.


Choose from three classes (Commando, Assassin, or Engineer) and create your alien smuggler. Use procedurally generated guns, and other equipment to advance your skills as well.


Within the depths of the many dungeons, there are dozen’s of horrid monstrosities to discover. These include procedural mini-bosses. The weapons and equipment you use will need to be carefully selected for different enemy types.


Raise a cute little creature to defend you or obliterate your enemies with no mercy.


The Vectordic Union is a galactic government that presides over the majority of the Milky-Way galaxy. In the year 2386, following the genocide of the human race, the many other species became divided without any form of central governance. Douglas Simmons, a general in the Giraffe army, took charge of the galaxy by creating the Vectordic Union.

President Douglas Simmons, in his inagural address to the people of Milky-Way, famously said:

Eh yo man does anyone have some paper with which I could roll this plant matter into a cylindrical vessel?

Ever since this day, the galaxy’s primary social classes have become further and further apart, leading to an insanely profitable small set of corporate overlords. Current President Darnel Simmons has gone missing, and the balance of power is teetering for the first time in almost a hundred years. As part of a band of smugglers aboard a rickety nuclear-powered starship, an unbelievable mystery unfolds.

More lore can be found on our website as well.

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Octavian on Steam

Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails

Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails


Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails is yet another tale in the Metal as Phuk / Quiver Dick series! The crude comedy RPGs that started it all, sold in over 90+ countries around the world and praised as one of the funniest and most clever set of RPG’s of all time, Crankage Games brings you Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails; a Mature, Turn-Based, Crude Comedy that has one goal and one goal only: To Make You Laugh!

Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails goes above and beyond to bring you gut-busting metal mixed with feels-invoking melodies with a great soundtrack and many hours of vulgar comedy adventures!

Embark on a quest as Richard Longshlong, (Young Quiverdick), and his derpditty-derp-pants partner, Deputy Stoney, as they take down fairy-fail creatures that you most certainly do not recognize from your childhood due to copyright reasons! Winky-Face

Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails features:

  • 10+ Hours of Crude Comedy RPG Action!

  • A Great Soundtrack

  • Epicly Hilarious Story

  • Loads of References & Easter Eggs hidden throughout the world!

  • Awesome Boss Battles!

  • Turn-Based Combat System with Epic Loot and Leveling!

  • Four Kickass Party Members with Four Kickass Classes!

  • Quest Journal System!

  • Multiple Choice System that affects your game!

  • “Herbs”… !

  • Steam Achievements (When Valve Approves!)

  • Trading Cards (When Valve Approves!)

  • … And a Phuk-Ton More!

This ain’t your Grandma’s RPG…

Unless your Grandma is Metal as Phuk…

In which case…

Go grab her credit card, and buy this game already!

Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails!

It’s gonna be one epic ride!**

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Quiver Dick's Epic Book of Fairy Fails on Steam

Infernal Radiation (Demo)

Infernal Radiation (Demo)

On Halloween Island, engineers test the innovative way of generating heat. The roots of the power plant reach deep into the earth, all the way to the heart of Hell, where the reactors obtain energy from burning souls. When an accident happens, the infernal radiation contaminates the earth. Inhabitants living in defiled areas struggle with numerous possessions. An exorcist is needed.

Demo version contains:

  • Very simple gameplay, very difficult opponents.

  • Dynamic clashes.

  • 6 demons with unique abilities and battle patterns.

  • A dark history of the island hidden in the reports of the possessed.

  • The choice of the order of exorcisms.

Do you want more games from the Asmodev universe? Add Priest Simulator to your wishlist.


Infernal Radiation (Demo) on Steam

Red Embrace: Paradisus

Red Embrace: Paradisus

1999—Las Vegas, NV.

When you wake up on an unfamiliar couch, your skin cold and your heart silent in your chest, everything feels like a dream.

It’s all a blur. You remember an invitation, a strange figure, the sharp teeth sinking into your throat…and a blinding flash of light. Blood splattering against the walls.

What happened? Who turned you? What strange powers did they awaken inside your body?

Dive into the underworld of Sin City as a newly reborn vampire—and reveal a sinister truth beneath the glittering neon lights.

Red Embrace: Paradisus is an immersive vampire sim/narrative RPG. Inspired by Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Disco Elysium, and the Shadowrun series, RE:P seeks to create a dark, fully story-driven (no combat) vampire experience with branching narrative and multiple endings.

We also aim to present a world with diverse characters and identities, as well as implementing inclusive options to make RE:P enjoyable for as many players as possible.

  • Design your character

    Customize your name, pronouns, appearance, and vampire house

  • Choose your personality traits and skills

    Become a shy hacker, a ripped pacifist, a seductive empath, or anything in between

  • Explore Las Vegas

    Prowl the lurid depths of Sin City, including casinos, clubs, skyscrapers, and your very own rat-occupied motel room

  • Uncover terrible secrets

    Rescue vampires from a horrifying psychoplague or submit to higher machinations

  • Dark romance

    Find (optional, potentially doomed) love beyond death

  • Earn a reputation

    Learn the stories of your fellow nightstalkers, make friends and enemies, and ally with a faction (or go at it alone)

  • The classic CRPG experience

    Gather experience, money, and pick up everything that isn’t nailed down

Planned Accessibility Features: Closed Captions, OpenDyslexic font option, screen reader, font resizing

Writing, Design, GUI: Adrian L. (Dovah)

Programming, Management: Nikita H. (Gamma)

Portrait and CG Art: sh0d03

Red Embrace: Paradisus on Steam

Savior of Light

Savior of Light

I definitely am hooked! The Story is beautiful. I love turn-based RPG games, so it fits quite the criteria. Savior of Light reminds me much of the old Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda games. The music used for the game is also top tier!

Real player with 24.6 hrs in game

It’s very reminiscent of the first Final Fantasy game to me, which is pretty nostalgic.

Considering this is a free demo experience serving as a prologue to the entire story there is quite a bit of content to enjoy.

Savior of Light has that classic FF style of gameplay and combat mechanics.

Balanced throughout the story line to pose a challenge without requiring too much grinding.

Story, characters and the world are fun to explore. And the music might be actually my favourite part. I can’t wait for this to continue. ^^

Real player with 15.9 hrs in game

Savior of Light on Steam

Suits: A Business RPG

Suits: A Business RPG


Instead of translating my French review, this will do: Suits is an amazing RPG. From the “lore”, to the battles, to the black-and-white universe, to the humor and the characters. I had a blast playing it, getting the achievements, and I’ll do another playthrough often.


  • voix off *

Un monde en noir et blanc. Où les humains ne sont que de vulgaires engrenages pour la grande machine qu’est le TRAVAIL. Où la justice se règle a coup de pot-de-vin. Où la seule nourriture existante est des sandwichs au goût douteux. (Il y a aussi des hamburgers et des pizzas, mais impossible d’en manger!) Où LE PDJ est le maître suprême. Où être VIRÉ équivaut à la mort.

! (Et devenir un sandwich!) The Guy, un employer dont le numéro est sans intérêt, parviendra-t-il à survivre garder son travail, tout en découvrant les bas secrets de ce monde? VOUS le découvrirez dans Suits : A Business RPG!

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

This has been a little game I had under my radar for a while mainly because I like RPG Maker games and the business theme looks pretty interesting. Plus it had a similar art style to OFF and while OFF was okay, it’s art was pretty interesting. So is it good?


In a world where corporations run rampant, companies can bribe to get what they want. women are treated as mere plants that look pretty and the mere act of refusing a product is enough to land you in jail. In this world, you live as a simple drone until events happen that put you in an adventure that might change the world.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Suits: A Business RPG on Steam

The Adventures of Crackhead Jack: Overdose Edition

The Adventures of Crackhead Jack: Overdose Edition

Smoke weed

Get High

Play Crackhead Jack

Good Game

Real player with 66.1 hrs in game

Make Crackhead Jack #1 on Steam


Real player with 24.6 hrs in game

The Adventures of Crackhead Jack: Overdose Edition on Steam

A Void Contract

A Void Contract

The hell, the void, or the freedom.

A Void Contract is a story-driven rogue-lite RPG about an unfortunate warlock who ends up in hell. Wash sins by fighting hordes of fiends while a Void at the bottom of the demonic city will slowly drain your soul. Meet the consequences of damned artifacts' thoughtless use. Explore 3 circles of the ancient demonic city each with its own architecture and dangers. Forge new contracts with the devils. Some of them might want to kill you, some of them might like you. Use them to your advantage and get out from the hell!

… Or embrace a new shape granted to you by a demon realm and start a new life.

Core features:

  • Dynamic battles

  • Legions of demons to fight

  • Enemy champions will hunt you

  • Damned artifacts shape your appearance

  • Skills choice freedom

  • Randomly generated locations

  • The immersive hand-drawn art style

  • 3 unique designed city parts

  • Protagonist gender choice

  • 4 romanceable characters to meet

A Void Contract on Steam

Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.1: Ovnifagos Don´t Eat Flamingos

Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.1: Ovnifagos Don´t Eat Flamingos

For a more in depth review, tune into the video below:


Otherwise, here’s a summarized pros and cons list on why I don’t recommend the game at full price. But first, a primer to the game.


Baobab’s Mausoleum EP 1 is a retro styled point and click made into the JRPG format (meaning instead of clicking per se, you’ll be using the WASD keys to move and the spacebar to interact with items). Before you begin any gameplay section, the game frontloads you with 2 pieces of information. Firstly that this mysterious town of Flamingo’s Creek is a horrific place, termed a place that only appears in nightmares, and secondly that a murderer is on the loose in the town.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

I enjoyed this game, even if it isn’t really a stellar example of its genre. The aesthetic is lovely, spooky yet charming, and the soundtrack works really well with the graphics.

However, it definitely looks like the person who wrote the dialogue is not a native English speaker. There’s nothing wrong with not having perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your general typing, but when producing a game it’s a great idea to have a professional editor or at least a native English speaking friend to look over your dialogue before release. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the dialogue meant and fixing the errors in my head, which really spoiled my immersion.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.1: Ovnifagos Don´t Eat Flamingos on Steam