Object Ward.

Object Ward.

Meet Manson Moss, a schizophrenic man who sees everyone with an inanimate object for a head. Due to a certain ‘incident’, he is sentenced to mandatory rehabilitation in one of New York’s most ill-managed psych wards in the year of 1986. He plots his escape, but the eccentric occupants of the Ward can’t let him leave—so they get a little friendly with him instead. Help Manson navigate love, psychosis, and countless misadventures in this dark comedy visual novel, Object Ward.


  • 4 male and 2 female love interests

  • 21 endings with choices that matter

  • Horrible puns

  • Partial voice acting

  • 1800x1200 resolution

  • Over 30 CGs and a fully original soundtrack!


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Object Ward. on Steam

Doodle Date

Doodle Date

Full review at: https://thegamehoard.com/2019/02/12/a-look-at-the-latest-doodle-date-pc/

Doodle Date is a joke you and the game work together to tell. Using the simple design of a dating simulator, the game asks the player to fill in images meant to make that player laugh, the text reactions and situations the images are used for doing a good job of facilitating some funny moments. The plot is quite clearly constructed around the idea of amusing the player rather than giving too much meaning to the events or dating, but it does do some unexpected exploration of the concepts behind one creator drawing a character to life for the purposes of romance. Not really demanding any artistic skill, Doodle Date is an effective skeletal structure for setting up some silly moments, making it a game about having a laugh rather than having some deeply involved dating story or a well developed art platform.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

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Don’t take these doodles lightly! This VN is killer!

You’re the Creator! You create doodles that pull you into a world of blank pages and dreams that you imagine. Claire is your first drawing and she’s the one who pulls you into this mysterious and new world.

The game starts off as your standard visual novel. You have choices and various endings (3 to be exact). The only difference here is that you get to draw the key points of the game.

I used a tablet to draw and they STILL looked a hot mess. The dialogue is very tongue in cheek and took me by surprise. I have to say, the overall plot towards the end was a huge surprise to me.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Doodle Date on Steam

Personality Dating Sim

Personality Dating Sim

There’s something magical about only knowing someone by their words on a screen. This aspect of Personality Dating Sim delivers, but the second half of the game falls short.


If you want to be spoiled, go ahead and watch my video. The first half of Personality Dating Sim is about getting to know the five colors, and this part of the game shines, especially with the banter between the five personalities. It’s like being on one of the old dating TV shows with Bachelor #1, Bachelor #2, etc, except with the contestants smacktalking each other. I wish the game had expanded on this and included multiple sections, perhaps in a style similar to TV’s The Bachelor, where you come back to the group after going on a date.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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Very cool concept for a game that sometimes delivers.

What I didn’t like:

1. The Story (if you count dating each color a story). It can get repetitive very quickly. At first it’s cool to see all the different options but it just boils down to picking a few options to get the ending that you want. I wish that there was a bit more mechanics to it and dialogue options. It would’ve been cool to see more branches to each storyline.

2. The Speed of the Dialogue. It’s especially slow when you get to the life story. I really think the game could benefit from adding a button to speed up the dialogue.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Personality Dating Sim on Steam

Case 00: The Cannibal Boy

Case 00: The Cannibal Boy

ok for starters I love love LOVE the characters designs plot and graphics, I think that everything ties together really well I also really like how they added the theme of murder and urban legends and an queer relationship I think it gives it a little more individuality all in all I really love this game and would recommend this to others people but I’m also really sad that there isn’t another game out and there probably wont be but its amazing non the less :)

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Just watch a let’s play it’s a better use of your time and free! The game is bad the storytelling is atrocious. However, the sound design, and art are good. Don’t waste your few dollars on this unless you’re really into startlingly sweet main menu jump scares because that’s the only thing here that will thrill you.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Case 00: The Cannibal Boy on Steam

Chair F*cking Simulator

Chair F*cking Simulator

Erotic. Sublime. A wonderful experience with which to pass the time.

Chair Fcking Simulator, henceforth known as CFS offers a unique outlook into the lifestyle of sxually uninhibited, potato shaped being. Browsing through profiles on postcards, Potato-Like Man picks one perfect and sexy piece of furniture with which to do the deed.

Friends, let me tell you that I’d been quivering with anticipation up to this point but when the actual act began, ohhh, what art. Potato-man slams his vegetable groin into a variety of sultry seats. Thus far, my most beloved memory was Potato grinding his shapely buttocks (You can do that too in case you don’t feel especially thrusty) into a spitting image of Ol' Sparky complete with blue electric light.

Real player with 357.7 hrs in game

Absolutely my favorite experience that I have ever had with any f**king sim.


The graphics are pretty stellar for a game about chair… buffing. Your character really gives off the vibes that they are the last thing alive in the immersive world, but we’ll get to setting in a moment. Overall, 7/10 in graphics. Great, but I don’t necessarily feel like I’m buffing a chair.


The story is barebones, if there at all, but you can grasp the rough points:

*You are the last living thing that isn’t a chair

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Chair F*cking Simulator on Steam

A Void Contract

A Void Contract

The hell, the void, or the freedom.

A Void Contract is a story-driven rogue-lite RPG about an unfortunate warlock who ends up in hell. Wash sins by fighting hordes of fiends while a Void at the bottom of the demonic city will slowly drain your soul. Meet the consequences of damned artifacts' thoughtless use. Explore 3 circles of the ancient demonic city each with its own architecture and dangers. Forge new contracts with the devils. Some of them might want to kill you, some of them might like you. Use them to your advantage and get out from the hell!

… Or embrace a new shape granted to you by a demon realm and start a new life.

Core features:

  • Dynamic battles

  • Legions of demons to fight

  • Enemy champions will hunt you

  • Damned artifacts shape your appearance

  • Skills choice freedom

  • Randomly generated locations

  • The immersive hand-drawn art style

  • 3 unique designed city parts

  • Protagonist gender choice

  • 4 romanceable characters to meet

A Void Contract on Steam

Lakeview Valley

Lakeview Valley

The Elevator Pitch:

It’s like “8-bit Horror Groundhog Day: The Game.”

Only, it’s really more like “Groundhog Week”, and you’ve traded the meteorology for murder.

The Meat & Potatoes (& Amy’s Cookies):

I absolutely LOVED Lakeview Cabin Collection, so when I found out that the sole developer of LVC, Roope Tamminen, had just recently released his latest game, I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

It quickly and effortlessly surpassed my already-rather-lofty expectations…

-There is a staggering amount of content in this game.

Real player with 58.5 hrs in game

Lakeview Valley is a refreshing take on the genre of Small Town RPG games that I have thorougly been enjoying. After playing more than 45 hours of it I haven’t even brushed the surface of what this game offers and am still getting a handle on what I’m doing.

You play some guy who moved to a new town where nothing is as it seems and you can choose to be whatever you want. I think this game is amazing and I can’t believe I didn’t pick it up from day one.

Want to be a normal guy living a normal life and get to know people and be helpful in your community while remodeling your home? Do it!

Real player with 51.8 hrs in game

Lakeview Valley on Steam

Foul Play - Yuri Visual Novel

Foul Play - Yuri Visual Novel

Great characterisation, good art, and very fitting music. It’s easily as well written as (if quite different from) others I enjoyed like RazzArt’s Starlight Vega, Studio Elan’s Highway Blossoms, and Hanako Game’s Black Closet. This is on top of its reasonable replayability (ignoring bad endings and minor variations, there’s at least two completely distinct endings following each romance). Just overall a very well put together story.

Real player with 19.8 hrs in game

I have laughed plenty, I have sobbed myself to sleep, and perhaps a couple of other unspeakable activities. Good, relatable, real wlw content. Plenty of moments where I saw myself in my own experiences, especially when navigating the community and the coming-out process. Makes me feel better about who I am and what I’ve gone through. ggwp, thank you for your work 3

Real player with 17.8 hrs in game

Foul Play - Yuri Visual Novel on Steam



Romancelvania is a both a loving parody of Metroidvanias and fresh take on dating in games. It’s an RPG that features in-depth weapon and magic based combat, exploration based platforming, and a cast of gorgeous monsters that you won’t be able to resist.

You play as the legendary playboy vampire himself, Drac, as he battles and romances his way across Transylvania. After being reluctantly recruited by the Grim Reaper to star in a “reality dating show,” he’s on a mission to find the world’s most eligible monsters, get them to move into his party mansion, and restore his former glory by killing everything in his path along the way.

Introducing the Thirsty Metroidvania - Romance your way across Transylvania, encounter absurd monsters, craft weapons, learn magic, and more.

Build your castle - Grow the party mansion as you convince more cast members to move in, and decide where monsters live to get stat and skill bonuses.

Enjoy the Showmance - Take the cast members on outlandish dates, massage your sweetheart to unlock more conversation options, and spend time getting to know these supernatural hotties.

Romancelvania on Steam



Just finished the first run, and got a well-deserved bromance ending. The production value of this FMV game is a lot higher than previous Wales Interactive games. We have certainly came a long way from their earlier works like Late Shift.

This game is exactly what I wanted from a battle royale movie - bloody, campy, morally grey characters, and full of plot twists. They must have a bigger budget this time because the camera work feel really professional, and the scenes are beautifully shot.

My first run took about 90 minutes to complete, and the final ending screen shows I saw about 60 scenes out of 250, so I am guessing there’s probably another two or three routes I can play through.

Real player with 12.8 hrs in game

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The game of survival in some lost island-wooded area begins, and you are still its living protagonist. If we look for the closest comparisons, then not even the film “The Running Man” comes to mind, but the film “The Hunt” (2020), the mood of these two projects is quite similar. Although «Bloodshore» is less subtle in handling irony, preferring to use black humor in a more straightforward manner, overall it conveys very faithfully the analysis of social problems centered on a small piece of territory. FMV genre allows you to fully immerse the player in the atmosphere of survival, giving him the opportunity to fully choose his own path. And in terms of choosing a path, the game takes a big step forward compared to some of the latest projects of the publisher, here you actually feel the ramification of many plot routes, and the endings feel very different. Yes, it seemed to me that some of the script opportunities were not fully used (this concerns the breaking storylines of Otts and Gavin; the much larger use of a potential collision with “death row prisoners”; the greater influence of “cowardly” behavior on various events). The characters very vividly recreate the atmosphere of the B-movie, where deliberate grotesqueness is intertwined with swanky fun. The main character is generally very charming, playing for him is very exciting; the actor coped with his task cool. The plot twists are varied, several times I caught myself thinking that I am really surprised at some moments. As for the special effects and gunshots… Let’s just say, write off their nondescriptness to the fact that in this the game is trying to be similar to B-movies. I was glad that this time there is no need to wait for any patches to skip previously viewed scenes, the TAB key helps to significantly speed up replay.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

Bloodshore on Steam