like Celery Emblem’s other games, this one’s completely insane. sort of like how Primus made each album sound more like the negative feedback from the last one, many of the levels are based around something people tend not to like in platformers, such as upside down controls, ice physics, auto-scrollers, etc. occasionally the rogue level generation will spit some areas out that take a really long time to get through with no challenge.

but that all contributes to the magic of it. the art and the music and everything is so off the wall surreal and the level design almost feels like a parody of video games and it builds to this overwhelming, eerie atmosphere. ONLY Celery Emblem could have made this game and i think it’s really special.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

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Extremely difficult but great visuals and music, super punishing but surprisingly fair, expect to replay things a lot as you get better.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Mezmeratu on Steam



This game has incredible movement with a super fun momentum based physics system and I absolutely love it. It has been incredibly satisfying to improve at this game and experiment with all the various items and techniques as well as game modes. The base game is not overly difficult so it’s fairly easy to get in to and there are quite a few compelling alternate game modes.

I give this game a huge recommend and I believe it deserves way more attention than what it has gotten. If you are into movement games, roguelites or platformers of any kind creatorcrate highly worth checking out.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

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Tons of fun! Its a creative platforming game with a fairly open world to play in with a fun storyline so far!

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

CreatorCrate on Steam