Cubic Currency

Cubic Currency

A charming indie game with character. Hot take on capitalism


  • excellent worldbuilding

  • immersive experience: soundtrack, sound effects, and art are very well done

  • fun and nuanced gameplay that keeps you coming back

  • balances randomness and skill well

  • well planned achievements


  • seems a little too easy (i’ve won each of my first 3 runs without many difficulties) – let capitalism be more brutal! (or, have different difficulty settings–that’s probably a better way to do it)

  • as far as i can tell, there isn’t “save game” functionality? either that or it’s not intuitive how to use it. could be a nice thing to add

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

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Full Disclosure. I bought this game at 90% off. It was less than a dollar, so at that price i really can’t complain for myself.

Now if you buy it at full price, it might be a little short for that price tag as I finished it in just over 3 hours. The game has enough elements to make some days/levels a bit intense, especially with the last character. Which is good because without the juggling of customers and the negative dice types, the game would be waaay too easy. And if you want to achievement hunt the game to 100% then you’ll probably get maybe an extra hour or two of gameplay.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Cubic Currency on Steam

A Void Contract

A Void Contract

The hell, the void, or the freedom.

A Void Contract is a story-driven rogue-lite RPG about an unfortunate warlock who ends up in hell. Wash sins by fighting hordes of fiends while a Void at the bottom of the demonic city will slowly drain your soul. Meet the consequences of damned artifacts' thoughtless use. Explore 3 circles of the ancient demonic city each with its own architecture and dangers. Forge new contracts with the devils. Some of them might want to kill you, some of them might like you. Use them to your advantage and get out from the hell!

… Or embrace a new shape granted to you by a demon realm and start a new life.

Core features:

  • Dynamic battles

  • Legions of demons to fight

  • Enemy champions will hunt you

  • Damned artifacts shape your appearance

  • Skills choice freedom

  • Randomly generated locations

  • The immersive hand-drawn art style

  • 3 unique designed city parts

  • Protagonist gender choice

  • 4 romanceable characters to meet

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A Void Contract on Steam



like Celery Emblem’s other games, this one’s completely insane. sort of like how Primus made each album sound more like the negative feedback from the last one, many of the levels are based around something people tend not to like in platformers, such as upside down controls, ice physics, auto-scrollers, etc. occasionally the rogue level generation will spit some areas out that take a really long time to get through with no challenge.

but that all contributes to the magic of it. the art and the music and everything is so off the wall surreal and the level design almost feels like a parody of video games and it builds to this overwhelming, eerie atmosphere. ONLY Celery Emblem could have made this game and i think it’s really special.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

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Extremely difficult but great visuals and music, super punishing but surprisingly fair, expect to replay things a lot as you get better.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Mezmeratu on Steam



Been a fan of BankBank’s work from way back, some of the wildest games Ive ever played have pored out of this bountiful creative mind. Sally forth me if you wrong, but the Indie scene as we know it would basically not exist if not for BankBank…

As for the game itself, I find it to be a maddeningly enticing combination of the Minesweeper template with some of the greatest storytelling endeavors of the early computer RPG scene… Wizardry 4, Ultima 4, Ultima 7 and Wizardry 6, 7 and 8 have all left their indelible marks upon this curious little sojourn. Quests Galore in this game, a day without Cavesweeper is like a year without rain.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Cavesweeper is a weird combination logic puzzle / RPG battle game that hits this weird sweet spot in my brain. The logic puzzle is exactly the sort of Minesweeper-like constraint-solving mechanic that I can just sit and play with endlessly. But as the game progresses, the puzzle’s difficulty is ratcheted up such that it can’t be completely solved by logic alone, and you have to make tactical decisions about what risks you’re willing to take to gain information. I don’t get sucked into a lot of games, but once I start a Cavesweeper run I gotta see it through. I was pretty sad when Apple broke the iPhone version after an upgrade, so I was super excited to learn it had made its way to the PC.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Cavesweeper on Steam



This game has incredible movement with a super fun momentum based physics system and I absolutely love it. It has been incredibly satisfying to improve at this game and experiment with all the various items and techniques as well as game modes. The base game is not overly difficult so it’s fairly easy to get in to and there are quite a few compelling alternate game modes.

I give this game a huge recommend and I believe it deserves way more attention than what it has gotten. If you are into movement games, roguelites or platformers of any kind creatorcrate highly worth checking out.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

Tons of fun! Its a creative platforming game with a fairly open world to play in with a fun storyline so far!

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

CreatorCrate on Steam

Fall For You

Fall For You

If you’re reading this, then you probably just died and got thrown out of Heaven. Sorry about that. Good news, though; you get to be on a gameshow!

Conquer Hell With Love and Snuggles!

Fall For You is a rhythm-based roguelike. Move and attack with the beat to power up, win the hearts of every damned soul you meet, traverse perilous obstacle courses, win fabulous prizes that change the way you play, and cuddle with a scary demon mom to keep yourself going!

Dance Party!

Move it when the kick drum kicks, and attack when the snare drum snares to become faster and more powerful!

Friends in Unexpected Places!

Shoot fellow damned souls with Cuddle Bullets to earn their admiration! Earn Khaos Roses from your adoring fans that cheer you on below.

The World Changes Around You!

Stay above the UnderFog, as the world’s grid rises and falls around you! Take on procedurally generated platforming challenges to stay in the game and win prizes!

Fabulous Prizes!

Save up your Khaos Rozes, and win prizes that change the way you play!

A Place to Rest Your Head

Cuddle with a scary demon mom to keep your health bar up! Survive the crazed whims of a self-proclaimed Goddesz of Chaos! Be nice to the twins!

Fall For You on Steam

Brutal Orchestra

Brutal Orchestra

Hieronymus Bosch’s Brutal Orchestra is a Turn-Based Roguelike Strategy Game with resource management and deck-building elements. Employ the help of damaged and daring fools, equip ancient and insidious items and make deals with the devil on your path to revenge.


You died. Someone killed you. You are now in Purgatory and you will never escape. Make a deal with the “demon” Bosch and set off into this brutal and bastardous world, finding ​all manner of demented and degenerate friends and foes on your quest to get petty revenge.


Purgatory bleeds pigment. It is a strange substance that Bosch has granted you the ability to control. Channeling pigment allows one to perform powerful and absurd abilities. Pigment comes in many colours, each derived from a different source, some even of your own flesh.


This may be a place of the dead but even here there are still poor fools eking out a pathetic existence. Some would make for valuable party members or at least entertaining conversation. Most, however, are dim wits or damaged beyond all reason.


Purgatory is not a gentle place, it is a writhing dump of all that has died in many worlds. Endless deserts of pale sand are stalked by parasitic fish. Storm-cloaked mountain tops hide ungodly things above and below. The Garden waits for you at the end of time.

Hieronymus Bosch’s Brutal Orchestra was developed by Maceo bob Mair and Nicolás Delgado. With Sound Design by Pato Flores and Chris Dang and Composed by Publio Delgado.

Brutal Orchestra on Steam



(I backed this game on Kickstarter, and helped out with alpha and beta testing…)

XO has a lovely mix of tactics and strategy within a relatively short three to five hour game run. But learning XO well enough to survive that final run will take you much longer. It’s a game to be played many times as you learn more about the ships, the factions, the enemies, weapons and circumstances. Each time you’ll learn how to survive longer, how to make better use of the ships, systems and resources you encountered, and how to better choose through the event paths in order to win faction allies as you go.

Real player with 89.9 hrs in game

I’ll split this review to what I enjoyed and what I did not.

What I enjoyed

  1. You really get the feeling of trying to build together a rag-tag fleet of military and civilian ships, fleeing away from a seemingly unstoppable enemy while building up your arsenal, firepower and the capacity to support your fleet. Awesome feeling. :)

  2. Lots of interesting concepts, boarding, resource harvesting, different kinds of weapons to counter different enemies. Really enjoyed different weapons, upgrades, ship types, keeping civilians in cargo holds (then performing a crew transfer to abandoned/disabled ships) and the ability build up my fleet. :D

Real player with 51.9 hrs in game

XO on Steam

Bloody Rally Show: Prologue

Bloody Rally Show: Prologue

Bloody Rally Show is my game of the year for 2020. It has everything I want in a racing game, from violence to an endless array of tracks to meaningful progression. It has become my favorite racing game of all time, so I implore you to try out this free version, and I hope you fall in love with it as I have.

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

One of the most satisfying drift mechanics I have ever experienced. Great variety of cars, each with an unique feel. Super fun daily randomly generated tracks. Super squashy pedestrians. Most stressful gaming experience ever if I lose a car and have to play as a pedestrian instead.

And all of this… For free. Man!

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Bloody Rally Show: Prologue on Steam

Death: The Ascension

Death: The Ascension

Certainly not for everyone, confusing at first, but has plenty of unique mechanics after you get past the learning curve

Real player with 285.1 hrs in game


After a few ascensions, I have a better idea now how the mechanics and concepts fit into this creative new game developed by a very friendly and responsive indie-developer who has updated the game in quick response to suggestions on the discussion forum.

What is it?

I would describe Death: The Ascension as a card/puzzle life-choice simulator in which you aim to optimize your chances of a successful ascension by manipulating event probabilities. It has a deck-building type of mechanic in which you add cards to your deck, but the deck is not a draw-deck. Cards in your “deck” influence the chances of drawing cards into the player’s five card hand from an infinite pool. In other words, if you have only one card in your “deck”, you have a 100% chance of drawing five cards of that type. You are playing cards against Death as your opponent. Death has their own deck that has similar draw mechanics, but only draws one card per turn. Each turn one card from each deck is played with four possible events dictated by the player’s card with varying probabilities for each event known ahead of time.

Real player with 83.4 hrs in game

Death: The Ascension on Steam