Fallout 76

Fallout 76

Bought this game on sale just over a month ago, i have around 420 hours played, it’s an enjoyable and infuriating game in equal parts, if you’ve played any fallout/elderscrolls games you know what to expect gameplay/bugs wise, it has enough random events to keeps things interesting although they do get repetitive eventually and some places have random things happening each time you go to them such as npcs chatting, random vendors, battles between different ai’s an so on which makes the game both enjoyable and a pain in the rear, especially if you are looking for a specific companion/power armor an such, leveling an skill tree can be abit confusing at first but once you get used to it the cards system isn’t too bad (legendary cards level ups are a joke)

Real player with 508.1 hrs in game

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Sucks at being a Fallout game.

Sucks at being a MMO.

They make it appear the game can be played without Fallout 1st but no. Not really. Not how to expect a fallout game to play. Imagine you had a workshop in your garage and you bought 10 2x4s to build something but even though you own that garage (the game) and paid money for it… you was told by the city you cannot store that wood in there, to throw out everything else in it just to store 10 pieces of wood. That would be your life playing FO76 if you tried to play without subscription, just 20x worse than i’m making it sound.

Real player with 423.6 hrs in game

Fallout 76 on Steam

Roast Party

Roast Party

If you love hanging around with your friends and poking fun this is the best game! Even those who were nervous or considered themselves sweethearts got hooked on this idea and ran with it even harder than the rest of us. Somehow instead of destroying friendships we actually created some solid bonds! Can we deem this Roast Therapy ?

Real player with 59.2 hrs in game

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I never laughed so much at a game like this one, it’s quite amazing to see some prompts & pictures work really well each other along with some of the answers written down by the players, hope to see more games from these developers!

Real player with 47.9 hrs in game

Roast Party on Steam

Countryballs: Modern Ballfare

Countryballs: Modern Ballfare

I thought that Minecraft and roblox were amazing, I GUESS I WAS WRONG…


TYSM for making this game and Never ever remove Taiwan from this game

Real player with 18.7 hrs in game

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bought it because i am countryballs person, best game of the year


it exists

it exists

and it exists



update 2 months after the release nobody plays this game anymore so if you actually expect multiplayer don’t anymore, still fun with bots

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

Countryballs: Modern Ballfare on Steam

Dead In The Tropics

Dead In The Tropics

Outlive your friends in this social multiplayer elimination game. Once a day, a player must be sacrificed so the others can live. What lengths will you go to to be the last remaining?

The group must decide who is the next to be eliminated. How could you make that impossible choice? You only see one option. At night you vote.

Work together during the day, turn against each other at night. Will you be defeated by the starvation, the trials of the island, or the complicated island politics?

Key features:

  • Deep, strategic, turn-based gameplay. Simple & easy-to-learn mechanics that cause nuanced, social consequences.

  • Online multiplayer. Betray real-world friends or strangers on the internet.

  • A game with voting at it’s core. Do you lie & scheme, or fly under-the-radar? How you play is up to you.

  • Balance your individual goals with the survival of the group. Eating more will give you a survival advantage, but it will not make your popular.

  • Randomly generated events and tools, along with the unique turn-order system, make every playthrough different. The decisions you make early will determine how the week plays out.

  • The AI of the island will decide your circumstances. Those met with good luck may find themselves targeted by others, while the unfortunate may be ignored as unthreatening. Adapt your strategy to the hand you’ve been dealt.

  • Those eliminated will still have a role to play on the final day if you choose to stick around. Short sessions mean it won’t be long until you’re back in the action!

To learn more about Dead In The Tropics, please visit:


Dead In The Tropics on Steam



Liquidation is a tactical Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game set in a universe that mixes elements of both fantasy and science fiction, with support for both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Welcome to world of Veá

Our story unfold on the dying player of Veá, where a sudden, cataclysmic event, known as the Splintering, wiped out entire species and destroyed thriving civilzations.

In its wake, a strange, powerful substance, called quenrium rose from the depths of the world, triggering a conflict between the Twilight Crusade and the Scourge alliance over its possesion

Thus began the Quenrium War, lasting for more than 38 years.

Learn more about the fate of vea and its ihabitants in our short prelude.

Download here .


Community & Multiplayer

Different Perspectives

Play the campaign from various perspectives which also lead to different story outcomes.


Hire powerful mercenaries which also have their own background story.

Command powerful commanders

Choose from an arsenal of commanders and deploy these heroic units on the battlefield as they influence your armies and troops.

Build and fortify your base

Gather resources, Conquer favour resource points and mercenary camps, build your base and place fortifications to protect your unit production and research.

Liquidation on Steam

Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron - Flyboyz Edition

Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron - Flyboyz Edition

“Just fly straight at ’em as fast as ya can, give ’em sum dakka, and don’t ferget to yell “WAAAGH!” dead loud like. Nuffin’ to it!"

— Flyboss Skarzag, Badtoof Skwadron


“Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron - Flyboyz Edition” is an arcade shooter I first became aware of in a preview of the mobile version in a “White Dwarf” magazine from 2017. I am only now getting to reading my older issues, yet before I got to even look the mobile game up on the Google Play Store, this was announced for PC. Being a long time player of the greenskins I knew I was destined to join their ranks once more. I am a long time PC gamer who enjoys mobile ports, in fact I often prefer them for a casual aside to more serious games. Mobile platforms are quite often the testing ground for potential PC releases and this is becoming more and more the case.

Real player with 26.0 hrs in game

I have mixed feelings about this game, but I will approve of it for 40k fans who are fond of the Orks.

There is barely any background information about the 40k setting in the game itself, and there is an unspoken assumption that the person who is playing this game is already familiar with the lore, so people who are not 40k fans will probably not care about what is going on.

Graphic settings are practically a joke: There is a single low/medium/high graphics option and the ability to turn VSync on or off, and that’s it. The framerate is capped at 60 FPS in-game, and while it easily keeps to that cap, this might bother some people with higher end gaming PCs with a +120Hz monitor.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron - Flyboyz Edition on Steam



After waiting for this game to come out since the moment it was announced, I’d say that my opinions about POSTAL Redux are a bit mixed. I like this game, but I wanted to love it. Here are the pros and cons.


*Better gameplay than the original, it plays like an actual 3/4 isometric shooter, no-more tank controls.

*Rampage mode is awesome, especially that alternate ending!

*The new remastered OST is amazing, I just wish that all of them were remastered and not just most. Also amazing are the tracks for Rampage mode

Real player with 29.0 hrs in game


A remake of Postal in UE4, supposedly remade from scratch that may be a little too faithful to the original. Along with the good comes some of the same issues the classic had.

Redux comes with multiplayer deathmatch/co-op, the classic campaign along with their expansion levels, and the new single player mode, Rampage, where an actual scoring system comes to play.

The controls in Redux are far more superior to the classic tank controls, but the game’s nice enough to add tank controls anyway if you so wish to play it that way. You can now run and shoot with better precision and it plays more like an actual twin stick shooter with full controller compatibility. The game is much lower in difficulty compared to the classic thanks to the ability to properly run & gun.

Real player with 28.9 hrs in game

POSTAL Redux on Steam

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

Extremely Fun, with friends it’s better. It’s like the first one but with more jokes more reference and more drama 3 3

Real player with 50.1 hrs in game

milo gives me gender envy

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp on Steam



A really solid and well-made party game, it’s like a piece of art in my steam library.

  • Haven’t encountered a single bug/glitch

  • Fun, entertaining and trippy artwork

  • Clean user interface

  • Great sound design

  • The way the gentleman pops up and says “Awkward!”, is a really nice touch

  • Native controller support, which is something that can be overlooked in these sorts of games

  • The “super awkward” update essentially sorted out the only issue the game had, which was the wait for round 3

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

So what is Awkward?

It’s a simple yet addictive opinion guessing game. It’s fun with a friend or partner but should be most fun in a group where you try to do better than the others. I found the comparison with the “rest of the world” to be less interesting than I had hoped, so I can’t really recommend playing solo.

Final verdict: Wait for a sale!

Strongest point: A game in your steam library you can play with any person. Plus: Geat artstyle.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Awkward on Steam

War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

This is my first Steam review, so i’ll try to make it a good one; it might be a bit longwinded (TL;DR is at the bottom), but i’d like to make it as thorough as possible becouse the game and it’s devs deserve as much.

First off, my PC specs so you’ll know what i play it on:

• Windows 7 64 bit

• Intel Core i5 4570 @3.20 GHz

• AMD Radeon R7 200 Series, 2GB RAM


My history with the genre

I’ve played Dungeon Keeper 1 + The deeper dungeons & Dungeon Keeper 2 on multiple occasions & systems over the years.

Real player with 221.5 hrs in game

Update April 11, 2015:

THE memory leak has been fixed, but the game has such poor performance across the board that the game is unplayable. Still crashes. Still many many bugs and unfinished things. I am way too frustrated trying to play through the broken, unfinished stuff with awful performance.

Beating the final “boss” doesn’t even make sense in the campaign. Maybe there’s supposed to be some more cutscenes that explain it that aren’t finished/added yet? The overall story is very poorly written.

Real player with 112.3 hrs in game

War for the Overworld on Steam