Death Game+

Death Game+

Death Game+ has a simplistic artstyle that’s incredibly easy to pickup and play around in.

However, the game provides very little challenge, dying is incredibly easy and the campaign is relatively short and beat very quickly. The character acceleration is also insane and makes yourself hard to control so exploring a level is actually more difficult than dying in one.

if you’ve got money to burn and want do play something silly this is definetly the game for you.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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Really bad

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Death Game+ on Steam

Nightmare Puppeteer

Nightmare Puppeteer

If you haven’t forgot what art, creativity and more importantly having an imagination meant when you were a child then you’ll understand the value and importance of Nightmare Puppeteer. It’s the genius brainchild of the genius M dot Strange, an artist well ahead of his time that hasn’t forgot what it truly means to be an artist.

Real player with 1520.0 hrs in game

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…Honestly I just am an entitled fucker who got a free key XD, but either way, I would recommend this if you wanna make some weird stuff on the fly, it’s very good for that, and Imagination Rabbit is an odd but good dude…whoever they are o.o.

Real player with 35.7 hrs in game

Nightmare Puppeteer on Steam



Lucifer Awaits, Chump!


Highly addictive and I found myself lost in time a bit the 2nd time I was playing it.

The Notes can be super hilarious (If you have a dark sense of humor)

Mod support to add your own characters (added few Horror Villains)

Sprite animations are excellent


Wish it had more color

While the background music sounds a bit creepy it can be a bit dull in long play sessions

Repetitive sins (mod support option sorta fixed that for me however)


The game soft locked 2 times when i exited in full screen mode.

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

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A great little game that allows you to hand out judgement on souls! once you work out what you are supposed to be doing but that’s part of the fun.

The game runs well and has a very dark sense of humour, with some LOL comments in the victims bio’s, a lot of thought has obviously gone into this game.

The game uses very little PC resources and I found myself jumping in and out to judge the damned….. I mean souls during coffee breaks, much better than minesweeper!

Overall, at such a low price it is worth having a look at, be careful though, you may get slightly addicted!

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

P.U.R.G.A.T.O.R.Y on Steam

Cube Conflict

Cube Conflict

Cube Conflict is a free and open-source FPS where smileys are at war without mercy.

  • 20 weapons from the most rotten to the most cheated!

  • 15 stupid classes to play, from the kamikaze to the junkie or the ninja!

  • 6 themed maps, from the moon with reduced gravity to the volcano and its molten lava

  • Dozens of possibilities to customize your avatar with capes, graves, smileys, etc.

  • 100% free, all skins can be unlocked while playing!

Weapons you said?

Little guns are for kiddies. Nothing like a portable GAU-8, a little bit of atomic bomb, and a rocket minigun!

Class system

Doctor, Soldier? For newbies. No doubt you would rather be a Kamikaze to blow yourself up and kill all the enemies around you or even a wizard to cast magic spells!

Useful(?) items

Ok, you can die fast, but you should be able to escape death with one power armor and multiple drugs!

Maps (for real!)

Incredible there are maps on this game! So, everyone knows rocket jump right? Well, try it on the moon.

A lot of skins

You can look like a badass… or an idiot. But mostly an idiot. Since you’re gonna die (a lot) we added different graves! Like a nice poop for the noobs and gold ingots for the richest players.

Cube Conflict on Steam



Postal 2 gives you the freedom to carry out seemingly simple tasks however you see fit. I recently had a task where I had to cash a check into the bank. Simple, right? Well the line for the bank teller was a bit too long and I wasn’t in the waiting mood, so I decided to take a shortcut by dumping cans of napalm all over the bank lobby and robbing the bank as it burned down.

Real player with 55.6 hrs in game

There are a lot of side things you can do for a game about getting Gary Coleman’s autograph. Personally, my favorite thing was standing in line for Gary’s signature.

Real player with 51.0 hrs in game

POSTAL 2 on Steam

Project Absentia

Project Absentia

Who Wants Some Wing?

From the creator of Daytime Drama and Scoot Hard DX comes the most violent yet cartoony shooter you’ll ever play.

You play as Abby - an angel with an attitude and a mysterious past.

After you and your friends are taken away to the dreadful Orkan Corporation that has taken over Heaven, you decide to do the only thing you’d rightfully do - kick ass!

Abby must go through the Orkan Corporation and kick ass and take names to get her friends back!

However, not is all as it seems, as Abby soon will uncover a conspiracy that goes deeper than Heaven itself. She then will have to travel through all the dimensions of the universe to get answers.

Buckle Up For One Hell Of An Adventure!

#### Neat Features

  • High Verticality! Jump and glide around to get at your enemies.

  • Full voice acting for the characters!

  • High-res vector artwork for the enemies for that 2000s Newgrounds asthetic!

  • You’ll find plenty of Low-Poly 3D models on your quest, which can range from helpful pickups to interactive objects.

  • Build engine comes to GZDoom with levels based on real locations, attention to detail. Props, posters and huge set pieces!

  • Wield rocket launchers of all sorts. Use the Hailer to freeze your enemies. Shock enemies and suck enemies together with the Plasma Rifle. Atomize your foes with the Rainbowitzer, and shred your enemies with the Tornadozer. And these are just the weapons in the first episode! There’s more weapons as time goes on!

  • Blow stuff up! Shatter toilets! Use vending machines! Destroy vases, flags and parts of the level itself!

  • Destroy your enemies with blood and guts flying around like confetti. Blow off their heads with well placed machine gun fire. Destroy their corpses!

  • Three Episodes in the final version! Dozens of levels ranging from dark factories, large cityscapes, hellish carnivals, dark factories and castles, and a chaotic realm with such sights to show you. Heaven, Hell, and The Elder Realms are your backdrop as you blow everything to pieces.

  • A neat story with really cool characters, all of different walks of life… but all friggin' insane.

  • Powered by ZScript for some neat effects not possible in DECORATE+ACS alone. This ain’t your kid sister’s GZDoom based game.

  • An original soundtrack by Metal Neon, that blends various 90s styles into a cohesive experience.

  • Turn off in-game or cutscene subtitles. Turn off Abby’s one-liners. Scale the UI up or down. Turn down the gore puddles… or turn them up. Fine tune the game to your liking with a plethora of in-game options.

Project Absentia on Steam

Idol Manager

Idol Manager

I put 88 hours into this game. The most standout part of it was the writing really had no business being as good as it was in this game, that is pretty clearly low budget and lacks some polish. I think if they would have kept fixing some of the bugs and polishing it for a month or two more before releasing, it could have easily been so much better and they could have charged twice as much. Also, having the 18+ version as DLC. I used the decensor patch (which turns it into more of an ecchi game, nothing hardcore), and while it didn’t make the game any better at the core, it did add a certain level of spice to elevate the experience.

Real player with 95.3 hrs in game

This is the kinda game that I stayed up til 5am playing multiple times and when I finally reached the story mode ending early this morning I immediately asked my roommate “hey what do I do with my life now.” (Obviously the answer is to get the remaining endings and achievements but like. first playthrough is done there’s no going back to it.)

The story was a lot more interesting than I was expecting, but even without it the business sim part holds up imo. It’s really easy to get attached to the idols, and it’s fun and satisfying to help them earn fame and awards and such. Definitely don’t do what I did and buy this the week before two big projects are due though. For the sake of my grades I have to leave it alone for a while lmfao.

Real player with 51.0 hrs in game

Idol Manager on Steam