Fallout 76

Fallout 76

Bought this game on sale just over a month ago, i have around 420 hours played, it’s an enjoyable and infuriating game in equal parts, if you’ve played any fallout/elderscrolls games you know what to expect gameplay/bugs wise, it has enough random events to keeps things interesting although they do get repetitive eventually and some places have random things happening each time you go to them such as npcs chatting, random vendors, battles between different ai’s an so on which makes the game both enjoyable and a pain in the rear, especially if you are looking for a specific companion/power armor an such, leveling an skill tree can be abit confusing at first but once you get used to it the cards system isn’t too bad (legendary cards level ups are a joke)

Real player with 508.1 hrs in game

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Sucks at being a Fallout game.

Sucks at being a MMO.

They make it appear the game can be played without Fallout 1st but no. Not really. Not how to expect a fallout game to play. Imagine you had a workshop in your garage and you bought 10 2x4s to build something but even though you own that garage (the game) and paid money for it… you was told by the city you cannot store that wood in there, to throw out everything else in it just to store 10 pieces of wood. That would be your life playing FO76 if you tried to play without subscription, just 20x worse than i’m making it sound.

Real player with 423.6 hrs in game

Fallout 76 on Steam

Random Raiders

Random Raiders

Random Raiders is a Guild Manager Simulator that puts you in charge of a newly-started raiding guild in the fictional MMORPG ‘World of Guild Quest’. Recruit the best players you can find - balance their classes, volatile personalities and overcome the inevitable drama in order to become the best guild on the server.

Create a Guild

Design a bitchin' banner by choosing a shape, icon, and colors in our banner editor. Name your guild Backstreet Boys. Change the name to something sensible. Hit the random button by mistake while letting out an audible puff of air in frustration. These are all features we provide.

Recruit your Members

Sift through the applications to find what you need to take your guild to the next level. Need a patient priest that can dispel, played by some guy named Alejandro who lives in Burgos in Spain? We got you covered. Maybe recruit that loot-hungry tank, played by some girl named Frida from Svendborg in Denmark? Whatever floats your boat.

Go Raid!

Send your team on raids to improve their skills and gear. Watch in horror as your team brutally fails against an obviously inferior boss because the main tanks' potato PC gave out in a critical moment.

Compete against the NPC Guilds

Improve your standing on the leaderboards by killing more raid bosses. Kill enough bosses and you may even find yourself at the top, beating legendary guilds like Agitation Later, Aragon and Swahilum.


Random Raiders created by Max Kvelland and Benny Samuelsson, Solid Core.

Icons made by Lorc, http://lorcblog.blogspot.com . Available on https://game-icons.net

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Random Raiders on Steam