The Procession to Calvary

The Procession to Calvary

(No spoilers.)

An absolutely fantastic game that’s just dripping with style. It’s borrowed style, but in this case that’s even better! Watch classic paintings come to life to tell an absolutely ridiculous story. Perfect for Easter (in a deeply-irreverent sort of way)!

Put more directly, the art is top-notch, the animation is hilarious, and the (also-borrowed) musical pairings are perfect.

The puzzles are all fair, ranging from several strictly-logical affairs to a handful of clever head scratchers. Nothing is so difficult or random that it should drive you to a walkthrough, and I suggest you avoid looking up the solutions to any puzzles lest you shorten your total gameplay. (If you ever get stuck, just revisit areas you haven’t been to recently and look at things fresh. That should generally do the trick.)

Real player with 41.8 hrs in game

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If you liked Four Last Things then you are a shoe in for this game. If you haven’t played Four Last Things then GO AND PLAY FOUR LAST THINGS!

Seriously. Play Four Last Things first and then if you like that come back to this after that.


  • amazing visuals. The entire game is renaissance art from start to finish and is amazingly mashed up together.

  • hyperbole….“You wasted amazing on a basket of chicken wings!?” This game is hilarious. Some of the dialogue is so funny I made a noise out loud. There are some strange references. The descriptions of the paintings in the gallery were fantastic. The game’s humour is on point for the kind of folks that have an interest in British humour or enjoy intelligent sarcasm.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

The Procession to Calvary on Steam



Very good,just very short.Cant wait for the rest.Love the random UFO and soccerball haha.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

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Very good point and click!

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Madievals on Steam

Four Last Things

Four Last Things


This is a gem ! I don’t how steam did it but it finally succeeded in recommending me a true unique niche game that actually had me interested straight away. If you have a soft spot for the renaissance period this game is an experience to witness! A wonderful little world based off of many real paintings (from Bosh, Bruegel to quote a few) mixed and mashed together in an incredible way ! It’s gorgeous and the music is also top notch suiting every scene. The game is a clever no nonsense point click with a great sense of humor and self awareness. It even remembers me the tone of the monty python’s Holy grail. It sadly is way too short but as an indy project which was made by 1 man only I think, I strongly recommend you support this game if it intrigues you in anyway. And hopefully another project of this kind will emerge.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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Who knew committing the seven deadly sins could be so fun!

Four Last Things is a comedic point’n’click adventure game entirely composed of renaissance paintings. In Four Last Things, you play as a man who must do all seven deadly sins over again so that he can confess and be forgiven by a specific parish. It’s an inter-church bureaucracy thing, you understand. The humour here is very similar to Monty Python, and I’d consider this a must have for Monty Python fans.


Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Four Last Things on Steam

Lancelot’s Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze

Lancelot’s Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze

This game is a barrel bursting with absolute nonsense. And this is why it’s terrific.

The art style is simplistic but serves the humour very well, the puzzles aren’t hard, until the last chapter where it’s more of a “How much do you remember of the game you’ve played and the locations you’ve visited” luckily the game cuts off branches you don’t need to revisit so it doesn’t become annoying.

It’s a laugh and a half and definitely worth a look.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

Do you have a sense for black humor? Then you have to play Lancelot’s Hangover. That seems familiar to me… anyway I would say even if you don’t have a sense for black humor you have to play it because it’s a great sexy adventure game. Everything is alright. I can’t complain. It reminded me a bit of my childhood when I was in the monastery and in the church. At that time there were unfortunately no naked women in the monastery. It also reminds me of Marilyn Manson when he says: I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me. Lancelot should sing that, the sexy knight with beer (I recommend the Bavarian beer).

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

Lancelot's Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze on Steam



Midwintär catches you at Khazar’s Pass.

You shelter in a cave as the days and nights grow long and cold,

as the snow seals you in and as the world darkens.

Midwintär is a narrative-driven stealth action game inspired by medieval horror folklore that combines careful tactical planning with fast-paced arcade execution and innovative gossip mechanics. Play and switch between three protagonists - a werewolf, a vampire, and a moon witch - to exact your revenge on a vicious religious cult.

Off-Kilter Sunny Horror On the outside, Midwintär takes place among sunny, medieval villages populated by friendly, hard-working, and devoted inhabitants. Stay overnight, though, and you might be horrified to reveal the true nature of their sacred rituals. The world of Midwintär is gruesome and dark but also funny.

Sun / Moon Gameplay Cycle Midwintär features a 3-minute day-night cycle that changes your abilities. You must use your daytime skills such as lock-picking or spreading rumours among villagers to best prepare the terrain for the night-time havoc when you transform into a bloodthirsty, overpowered monster.

Gossip Mechanics Each villager in Midwintär has their own suspicion-meter you can influence by gossiping and spreading rumors about other villagers, and there is also a panic-meter that changes the AI behaviour of all villagers on the map. You can use this against villagers - hide the firewood to lure the lumberjack into the night, kill him near the chapel to incriminate the priest, and later spread rumours on seeing him covered in blood. He’ll be hanged in no time!

Three Playable Characters You will be able to choose, play and switch between three playable characters - a werewolf, a vampire, and a moon witch - each of whom possesses a distinctive skillset and boasts a different playstyle.

Non-linear Skilltree You will be able to customize the skillset and playstyle of each character by opting to complete alternate missions in levels, which will reward you with a special bonus skill of your choice. Will your werewolf hone his terrifying howl, or will he become one with the wolf-packs of the forest?

Co-Op Multiplayer Midwintär will feature a split-screen and a local multiplayer for up to three players, enabling all three characters to fight together.

The corrupt and self-righteous religious institution Oblique Order is attempting to destroy the peaceful cohabitation of people and magical creatures in the pagan world of Midwintär, and enforce their order by uniting people against the powers of the wild. You must stop them before they exterminate your kind…

Midwintär starts off as a revenge story that slowly shifts into an exploration about our relationship to the unknown, and about the limits of what we can hope to control or understand.


The main protagonist is the werewolf, a former disciple of the Oblique Order, disillusioned and out for vengeance. During the game, he is guided by the voice of Midwintär, an ancient force of nature. His skills revolve around spreading panic and using brute force.


The vampire, once a powerful force of the night, his might now reduced by the spells of men. He cannot cross running water nor enter houses uninvited, but his power is in his allure - he can enthrall people to do his bidding, or forge blood links to ensure undying loyalty.


Then, there is the moon witch. Saved just before she was burned at the stake, she had felt on her skin the terror of order, and wishes to rid the world of their influence. Her skills revolve around misdirecting suspicion at others and using concoctions to alter their behaviour.

“Attending the Masked Meeting, you overhear their plans - they have already set all things in motion.”

Midwintar on Steam

Death: The Ascension

Death: The Ascension

Certainly not for everyone, confusing at first, but has plenty of unique mechanics after you get past the learning curve

Real player with 285.1 hrs in game


After a few ascensions, I have a better idea now how the mechanics and concepts fit into this creative new game developed by a very friendly and responsive indie-developer who has updated the game in quick response to suggestions on the discussion forum.

What is it?

I would describe Death: The Ascension as a card/puzzle life-choice simulator in which you aim to optimize your chances of a successful ascension by manipulating event probabilities. It has a deck-building type of mechanic in which you add cards to your deck, but the deck is not a draw-deck. Cards in your “deck” influence the chances of drawing cards into the player’s five card hand from an infinite pool. In other words, if you have only one card in your “deck”, you have a 100% chance of drawing five cards of that type. You are playing cards against Death as your opponent. Death has their own deck that has similar draw mechanics, but only draws one card per turn. Each turn one card from each deck is played with four possible events dictated by the player’s card with varying probabilities for each event known ahead of time.

Real player with 83.4 hrs in game

Death: The Ascension on Steam

Fit For a King

Fit For a King

Fit For a King is a relatively short game but is definitely an enjoyable experience. The whole game is centred around the summit that you will be throwing and your main goal is to outspend your rival.

Like the trailer says, you can pretty much do anything, from executing a foreign ambassador to marrying a literal piece of sh- ahem refuse.

At times it can seem a bit aimless and it can be hard to find the clues to get things you need but otherwise is quite fun and definitely worth a play.

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

The game has a weak and slow start, don’t let this dissuade you. The controls are dated and supposed to feel like a mid to late 80’s crpg, but are way more straight forward and easy to understand then those ever were back then without 200 page manuals. Once you can get a good grasp of the controls the game opens up and the gameplay starts. For the most part it’s a puzzle game with some loot hunting in it. The humor is pretty good and the mix of both serious and silly just strikes that perfect balance. It’s only really down fall and biggest selling point is that it’s short and sweet and complete. It left me wanting more, which is rare for most game these days. It made me want to give ultima another shot or some other Crpgs. I guess some minor things that made me sad was that while there was a ton of lines for the NPCs I wish there was more , and by extension more tasks or quests. (Spoiler) Another minor thing was that it’s never explained in game that some walls can be walked through as a sort of secret entrance.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Fit For a King on Steam

Reigns: Game of Thrones

Reigns: Game of Thrones

The only reason I don’t recommend this game is that it doesn’t seem like anyone really knows what’s going on. This is a spin-off of another series of games with the exact same mechanics, so it naturally does yourself no favors for this to be your first time playing this sort of game, as the case is with me. Like other reviewers have mentioned, it’s never clear how your actions will be taken (whether you will increase or decrease certain bars). Not only that, but when you leave for the Wall, you are unable to see how your actions are affecting others. Luck, rather than skill, is what determines how far you get even if you manage to memorize what the cards do. Certain key events sometimes don’t happen until far too late. You are almost always praying that something will show up that will raise or low a bar that is in critical danger of triggering a death state.

Real player with 56.2 hrs in game

edit : 28.01.19 / The main story does work but 2x achievements are broken and you cant unlock the whole story/cards.Its been a while now……


  • Me after 2-4 hours Reigns:GOT (while quitting multiple times) - F* it. Everything scripted and random. Cant even survive 20 damn moons. Very weak mechanics.

  • Me after 4-8 hours Reigns:GOT - Okay.ok. I get it. Mechanics are not THAT dumb, and there might be a bigger storyline behind unlocking characters and the good old 3-eyed raven. Lets give it a go.

Real player with 22.4 hrs in game

Reigns: Game of Thrones on Steam

Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns: Her Majesty

❤ Audience ❤

☑ Beginner

☑ Casual Gamer

☑ Normal Gamer

☐ Expert

☼ Graphics ☼

☐ Bad

☐ Alright

☑ Good

☑ Beautiful

☐ Fantastic

♬ Music ♬

☐ Bad

☐ Alright

☑ Good

☐ Beautiful

☐ Fantastic

☠ Difficulty ☠

☐ Easy

☐ Average

☑ Easy to learn / Hard to master

☐ Hard

☐ Unfair

§ Bugs §

☐ Bugs destroy the game

☐ Lots of bugs

☐ Few Bugs

☐ Some with mods

☐ You can use them for speedrun

☑ Nothing encountered

☯ Story ☯

☐ There is none

☐ Bad

☑ Alright

☐ Good

☐ Fantastic

⚔ Gameplay ⚔

☐ Frustrating

☐ Sleepy

☐ Boring

Real player with 147.7 hrs in game

This game is pretty unassuming, but I think the simplicity of the gameplay works in favor for the overall game. With smart humour and surprisingly meta writing, Reigns: Her Majesty exceeded all expectations I had of this game I bought on a whim. I expected something cute and short, but I got a satirical game with a surprisingly deep political system.

The game operates much like a typical Tinder app (swipe left or right for positive or negative reactions). It expands upon this by adding a political edge to it, such that your answers have consequences on the four pillars of your kingdom (Church, People, Military, and Wealth). Surprisingly, this simple system was able to weave politics into its scenarios well, especially since as a ruler and leader, your decisions will have consequences. Eventually, if those consequences rack up, then you go out just like if you were in Game of Thrones - usually, that means death. It’s actually pretty hard to stay alive in this game until much later, and my first few runs as queen ended quite unfortunately under the boots of my citizens due to their love for me, or because I drowned in a lake since my carriage of pure gold broke. Fun times in queendom!

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Reigns: Her Majesty on Steam



Let us consult the stars.

Astrologaster was one of those games that I almost passed up on. I don’t remember exactly when I first came across Astrologaster, but it didn’t click with me at first. I was just sleepily browsing the upcoming games section around midnight, as you do, and it popped up. Finding the name interesting, I clicked, looked at the screenshots, and thought “hmm, I don’t know”. I saw it a couple more times, but when it got closer to the release date I finally watched the trailer. Why I didn’t watch it before, I can only blame it on being way too tired that night. With the combination of finding the trailer and the real life element behind Astrologaster intriguing, as well as peeking at a gameplay video, I thought “Hey, why not take the chance?”. Spoiler alert, I’m glad that I did.

Real player with 13.3 hrs in game

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this Letter of Recommendation for the General Public, as such that it is publicly displayed for All to fashion and be notified of the most excellent Occurence that has blessed our Water Vapour Storefront.

I feel obligated with great Duty to inform the good People of this Community that the very Heavens have brought down a veritable Angel of scientific Inquiry and medical Expertise. Why, I am, of course, referring to Doctor Simon Forman, an extraordinary Gentleman of grand Intellect and greater Empathy for the common Man. Through the Science of the Stars, Doctor Foreman instills a Sense of Security and Safety towards his Querents, many of which are notable Members of the higher Echelon, for good Reason! It is clear Doctor Forman’s medical Practice is of such immaculate Degree that God himself speaks directly to him via the starry Sky above!

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

Astrologaster on Steam