Midwintär catches you at Khazar’s Pass.

You shelter in a cave as the days and nights grow long and cold,

as the snow seals you in and as the world darkens.

Midwintär is a narrative-driven stealth action game inspired by medieval horror folklore that combines careful tactical planning with fast-paced arcade execution and innovative gossip mechanics. Play and switch between three protagonists - a werewolf, a vampire, and a moon witch - to exact your revenge on a vicious religious cult.

Off-Kilter Sunny Horror On the outside, Midwintär takes place among sunny, medieval villages populated by friendly, hard-working, and devoted inhabitants. Stay overnight, though, and you might be horrified to reveal the true nature of their sacred rituals. The world of Midwintär is gruesome and dark but also funny.

Sun / Moon Gameplay Cycle Midwintär features a 3-minute day-night cycle that changes your abilities. You must use your daytime skills such as lock-picking or spreading rumours among villagers to best prepare the terrain for the night-time havoc when you transform into a bloodthirsty, overpowered monster.

Gossip Mechanics Each villager in Midwintär has their own suspicion-meter you can influence by gossiping and spreading rumors about other villagers, and there is also a panic-meter that changes the AI behaviour of all villagers on the map. You can use this against villagers - hide the firewood to lure the lumberjack into the night, kill him near the chapel to incriminate the priest, and later spread rumours on seeing him covered in blood. He’ll be hanged in no time!

Three Playable Characters You will be able to choose, play and switch between three playable characters - a werewolf, a vampire, and a moon witch - each of whom possesses a distinctive skillset and boasts a different playstyle.

Non-linear Skilltree You will be able to customize the skillset and playstyle of each character by opting to complete alternate missions in levels, which will reward you with a special bonus skill of your choice. Will your werewolf hone his terrifying howl, or will he become one with the wolf-packs of the forest?

Co-Op Multiplayer Midwintär will feature a split-screen and a local multiplayer for up to three players, enabling all three characters to fight together.

The corrupt and self-righteous religious institution Oblique Order is attempting to destroy the peaceful cohabitation of people and magical creatures in the pagan world of Midwintär, and enforce their order by uniting people against the powers of the wild. You must stop them before they exterminate your kind…

Midwintär starts off as a revenge story that slowly shifts into an exploration about our relationship to the unknown, and about the limits of what we can hope to control or understand.


The main protagonist is the werewolf, a former disciple of the Oblique Order, disillusioned and out for vengeance. During the game, he is guided by the voice of Midwintär, an ancient force of nature. His skills revolve around spreading panic and using brute force.


The vampire, once a powerful force of the night, his might now reduced by the spells of men. He cannot cross running water nor enter houses uninvited, but his power is in his allure - he can enthrall people to do his bidding, or forge blood links to ensure undying loyalty.


Then, there is the moon witch. Saved just before she was burned at the stake, she had felt on her skin the terror of order, and wishes to rid the world of their influence. Her skills revolve around misdirecting suspicion at others and using concoctions to alter their behaviour.

“Attending the Masked Meeting, you overhear their plans - they have already set all things in motion.”

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Midwintar on Steam

Howdy, Jacob!

Howdy, Jacob!

This was a visual trip, it’s kinda like Where’s Waldo but with psychedelics. It has a very interesting approach to storytelling which I like and the music is fun and upbeat. It gave me some nostalgic vibes. I was reminded of the video overlays in one of the Police Quest games for the storytelling and the levels have a sort of wondrous mystique to them that you don’t experience much in games these days. There’s a totally dark vibe to the story without being too scary.

If I had to list one criticism it would be that I struggled to find the exit button during a level, but it all worked out of course. Overall it was worth the $10 for sure.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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Disclosure: I was on the video capture and performance team for the game, but did not have anything to do with gameplay, art, or design.

Howdy, Jacob! shines brightest in its rich world and great writing. The characters are interesting and diverse, and curious players are always rewarded with a little bit of content wherever they look. It is a world that feels much, much bigger than the game, and fascinating!

The other high point is the art! The images are very vivid and unique, and the style sticks with you!

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Howdy, Jacob! on Steam

Necore Tower - Redux Edition

Necore Tower - Redux Edition

What an awesome experience! Very cool retro game. Very well designed and very well written. The sounds are awesome.

Very, very well executed!

Well done.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

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This is a very cool game by a very passionate and talented developer.

Great art and atmosphere with a deep story.

The way Necore is setup and designed, climbing up through the towers levels, keeps you playing more and more to see what’s next and revel the story as your progress.

I highly recommend you play it!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Necore Tower - Redux Edition on Steam

Campfire Tales

Campfire Tales

*Note that this is a review for version 1.0.2

Playing status: 3x playthroughs, bad endings


Campfire Tales is a GB Studio game about three people that tell their stories on a camping trip. Three stories will be told by each person to make your camping trip worthwhile.


  • Different endings on each story


  • Clues for getting a good ending are too hard to find

  • Game over by choosing certain options in dialogues

  • Your save will be wiped right before you finished the game

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Campfire Tales on Steam



RESTLESS SOUL! is a single-player comedy adventure game

Okay, then. Let’s start over…

RESTLESS SOUL is an epic journey where you play as a soul who has just arrived in the great beyond and is trying to return to life. However, that journey has caught the attention of the EVIL DR. KRULL and his EVIL ARMY…

In order to escape their pursuit, you’ll need to use your ghostly reflexes to survive bullet-hell battles and rely on whatever help your fellow souls will offer along the way.

Only after visiting all 8 TOWERS to collect their keys, defeating all 8 BOSSES and their NUMEROUS MINIONS, walking across 14 AREAS and TOWNS, and chatting it up OVER 100 OTHER SOULS will you be able to find the portal and escape the afterlife.

Nope, not at all! But we do promise it will be a lot of FUN!

I mean, just look at all these cool features:

  • Enjoy a soulful story full of pretentious and sometimes comedic quotes about life and death.

  • Explore the mysterious AFTERLIFE and unlock hidden secrets as you find your way back to the land of the living.

  • Meet a large cast of “colorful” 2D souls in a 3D world.

  • Master bullet-hell combat with ARPG elements. Use your skills to dodge and shoot at the right time.

  • Battle dozens of henchmen and leaders of an evil army with deadly motives.

  • Solve clever puzzles that might have you scratching your head, but will leave you feeling super smart.

  • Use your phone to keep track of your game’s progress, or take a bomb selfie.

  • Listen to an original soundtrack of boppin’ tunes to rock out to in each new area.

  • Rescue hidden souls, trapped in secret rooms.

  • Special cameo appearance by the one-and-only, Grim Reaper.

  • Pet a talking dog!

Sure did, Woof! Players can expect to see a lot more of you throughout the adventure.

We appreciate you taking the time to check out our Steam page. Thank you!!



A Chamber of Stars

A Chamber of Stars

Each person has a universe inside of them.

A personal universe with characters influenced by the observable reality around them. Your friends, the fans, the local shop clerk, each person you pass without giving pause is another universe. You make up a story about them, they form a story about you. The universes expand.

I always wonder how similar our universes can be. You and I. Will I ever be able to pierce through and present myself, my real self, or will the information be lost in translation? The thing rattling around in our heads can’t be all that different. We both still get choked up over the same melodies, it’s only human to do so, right?

Maybe, if you would like it, I could play something for you. Lord knows your songs are still rattling around in my head.

The singularly named Starr, an enigmatic performer, guitarist and songwriter, has somehow survived the constant shifting tide of the musical landscape. Decade after decade, this artist has remained relevant in culture’s eye. After multiple personas, genre manipulations and controversies, the public is still buzzing. “What will Starr do next?” The rumors say their upcoming album will be the fated magnum opus…

A Chamber of Stars is the sequel to 2018’s The Endless Empty. Through six unique worlds the life of the rock n’ roll hero, Starr, will be pieced together. Exploration, choices and performances will change the course of a life and will alter the songs that are produced. A Chamber of Stars will feature a mix of classic adventure games, puzzle solving and unique rhythm game performances all within a fully realized surrealist universe.

Nothing heavenly or divine; just filthy mortal music here.

A Chamber of Stars on Steam

Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty

Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty

Only played the game for a while and stopped when I finished the early access content. As a playable demo essentially, Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty is surprisingly a lot of fun.

The core concept- without going into too many details, is enjoyable. You play as a vulgar-Polish-vampire-priest that kills Shatanists with baseball bats, gun fists, and gravity gloves. You can even slow time by chugging beer.

So far. my favorite weapon in-game is the gravity glove. In function, it’s pretty much the Gravity Gun from Half-Life, but as a glove. Like the Gravity Gun, you can pick up select items from the environment and fling them at high speeds. Items flung do considerable damage to npcs, and when struck, makes them ragdoll with the blow. Another bonus is that when an npc is dead, you can pick up and throw their bodies around with the glove. Unlimited ammunition!

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

I liked the polish postal like humor, the absurdity of some mechanics and themes, the original presentation in the form of “documentary” with characters being interviewed. It is surprisingly fun to play. Even though it is called Priest simulator I wouldn’t really put it into the simulator bucket - instead its more like its own weird game with a story and sandbox-ish mechanics to play around without restricting you like most games do nowadays.

I think that priest sim can be a great game if some minor concerns get addressed and tweaks happen. It is sometimes unclear when my melee attack will hit and whats the range, during exorcism it is hard to navigate the house - especially drunk, some doors get stuck so you need to improvise - destroying all doors there seems like the best solution because opening them is a problem. I want to play around and see a lot cool weapons and other ways to obliterate enemies as well as more complicated enemies and bosses as content.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty on Steam

Enemy Remains

Enemy Remains

Yelp Rating: 4/5

Graphics: When starting off in the first level, you are greeted with a wonderful, yet gore-filled map with calm, yet unsettling tones. When making your way through the maps, you will be greeted with much more colors that really bring the eerie feeling of the game. As you adventure throughout the map, you will come across other gore scenes, such as animal intestines and mobs.

Gameplay: The concept behind the game is simple. Shooter game, figuring what the hell happened, defeating hostile mobs, along with bosses, which vary if difficulty as you progress. You come across crates filled with loot, traps, explosives, and much more! There are a variety of weapons to use, especially figuring out the best combo for bosses and mob gang-ups.

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

Enemy remains is your classic top down shooter with various power-ups and weapons found through the game to use at your disposal. It has various traps and enemies which can have extremely variations of attack. The bosses are challenging but not super difficult where it makes you want to quit the game. The mechanical machine you ride in could use some type of attack or two but man can it run stuff over! If you like making monsters suffer this is your game! I have yet to try the multiplayer aspect so this review will be edited.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

Enemy Remains on Steam



Lightmatter took me 9 hours to complete both endings and while I wasn’t really satisfied with either ending, the journey to get there was a lot of fun. Lightmatter isn’t shy when it shows its love for Portal but it is really heavy on the mechanics from The Talos Principle. Instead of jammers, you’ve got spotlights and instead of connectors you’ve got photon connectors.



  • great antagonist. Virgil is no Cave Johnson or GlaDos but he is suitably condescending and megalomaniacal. I hated him but in a good way.

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

Lightmatter is a first person ‘escape the facility’ exercise that uses light to create pathways through dark places. You play from a 1st person perspective as a journalist who is visiting the company headquarters for a publicity event. Evidently, a system failure has occurred and the building has been evacuated, leaving you behind. The CEO provides guidance and instruction (via an announcement system) to help you exit through 38 chapters. The music and voice overs are engaging and the landscape is your basic industrial complex with lots of moving parts, buttons, levers, etc.

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

Lightmatter on Steam

Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning

Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning

A choices matter Visual novel full of offensive humor, staring two degenerate morons and how they deal with surviving a zombie apocalypse.

+graphics are pretty good cartoon style.

+Story line is funny(THE FIRST TIME)

+Soundtrack is relaxing, but not necessarily good.

-Saves. This saves after every chapter. There’s no other save option. Should save after every chapter, so you can go back in case you mess up. This is super punishing for mistakes.

-Lack of options. You can literally only change them at the beginning of game. And there’s literally nothing for sound or graphics. Just to show the text in the talk bubbles. If you choose to not show text, it still shows the stupid bubble over everyone’s head anyway. Oh and language settings, which only has about 8 options.

Real player with 33.5 hrs in game

Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning is a freaking hilarious adventure game, that was created for people, who are seriously in love with funny characters, dark humor and witty dialogue lines.


  • Good engaging story

  • Great nonstop humor for the whole game

  • Choices really matter here with many different outcomes

Real player with 22.5 hrs in game

Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning on Steam