Stranded 2

Stranded 2

The absolute worst game I have ever played. Complete horse sh*t.

I grew up on text based games so real excited about this but wouldn’t recommend to my enemies.

For $3 I’ll keep just in case it is ever actually playable.

Real player with 6.1 hrs in game

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Not just a text adventure. There’s art, sound and also has an advanced parser as you can see from the trailer. The puzzles are fun and challenging. Plus, as a bonus, you also get Zenobi Software’s Stranded 1 along with it (playable in the accompanied Spectrum emulator).

I do recommend reading the manual, even if you have played many text adventures before this one. It has tips and new features which you really don’t want to miss out on.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Stranded 2 on Steam

Florida Man: Hurricane Hijinks

Florida Man: Hurricane Hijinks

Six hours until the hurricane hits. Six hours alone on a Florida island with no one to stop you. Six hours of free booze and stale burgers. Six hours to reach fame!

Slip into Florida Man’s favorite incarnation - Dale - for one hour game play sessions full of laughs and eyerolls, ending with sharable headlines summarizing your exploits! Roam the island to find books, keys, weapons, and many many hidden items! Hunt a little, explore the swamp, or see what the inhabitants of the Vampire Hotel were up to! Oh, and always try beating your friend’s score (you do have a friend, right?) by coming up with crazier hijinks!


Discover this scenic Florida island. Roam the beautiful hills, smell the flowers. Pet a pretty duckling and somewhere along the way, don’t forget to break into the diner to fill your empty stomach. That place had it coming!


It was a chore in your second year arts class with Ms. Guttentag that old hag, but things have changed! Who could turn down a pirate hat made of leather and two rolls of duct tape? Or an apron to finally cover up after that unfortunate bathroom incident…


Don’t fall to your death. Don’t overdose. And for god’s sake, don’t get caught breaking into the Vampire Hotel! You remember the stories about that place. Ever since that shipwreck, strange things have been happening there!

What Will Your Headline Be?

Florida Man Goes Home Early With Illegal Drugs!

Florida Man Can Not Stand The Heat! White House Set To Issue Statement Monday At 11am. Tacos May Be At Fault!

Naked Florida Man Wields Speed Limit!

After eating pork rinds and grits, Florida Man went crazy. Sources say, Sheriff may have known. Nobody hurt.

Reporters out of Business! Florida Man on Vacation!

Faced with lack of news, Tribune continues to report on pancakes! Florida Man’s grandmother concerned, police remain optimistic.

Tired Florida Man brings home Chicken Hat!

Reading 13 books was not enough for naked Florida Man. Breaks into Cafe and steals Nixon’s prized personal photo. Police still searching for witnesses.

How To Make Scrambled Eggs

Add some butter to pan on medium-low heat. While it melts, combine eggs with some milk, add salt and pepper. Add into the pan once hot. Stir occasionally until the eggs have firmed up to your taste. For cheesier eggs, add cheese. For bacon flavor, add bacon. Do not add pets or spouses.

Fine Print

No developers were harmed during the writing of this description. We treated them well, fed them Dr Pepper and chocolate. We promise. Don’t listen to the badgers. They weren’t even there. They have no witnesses. Dale said it was alright!

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Florida Man: Hurricane Hijinks on Steam

The Zodiac Trial

The Zodiac Trial

If you like murder mystery or death game visual novels, this is absolutely worth your time. I would go as far as to say it is deceptively good, I tried the demo and had mixed feelings but figured “hey, I love death games, I want to see this one through”. And you know what? Basically as soon as I left the demo content and got to the real game, the game made me very glad I did purchase it.

Quite a few characters during the intro feel… annoying. Kidnapped and in a terrifying situation, nearly half of the group seem to be way too optimistic in various ways. Having an optimistic character is one thing, but half the cast felt like idiots, basically. Then leaving the demo and getting to the routes, you see how these characters act when the stakes are there, and as you start learning more about these characters past their initial impressions, and realize the intro is pretty seriously flanderizing them, probably partly so you instantly get each character’s gimmicks. Eventually you get to the point where you start realizing that some of these optimists are really already scheming through how they present themselves to the others at the start, and most characters come off as far more interesting and unique once you get to see more depth to them.

Real player with 43.8 hrs in game

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10/10. Lane Hawkins, the writer/director/producer of this game (saw it in the end credits), is all kinds of clever and passionate, and has blessed us with this gem of a game. The rest of his team have done great work as well, obviously, as aspects of this game aside from the writing also elevate it to a level of greatness it otherwise would not achieve. I do not personally deem many games to be a 10/10 lightly, either, being a pretty darn snooty elitist of a gamer who only holds games in such high regard that delight me virtually the entire time I’m playing them and leave me brimming with joy for hours afterward. It just makes me sad that Steam only allows for “Recommended” and “Not Recommended” ratings, because merely giving The Zodiac Trial a thumbs up is a travesty.

Real player with 28.5 hrs in game

The Zodiac Trial on Steam

The Phantom Fellows

The Phantom Fellows

Oliver Cobblestone can communicate with a dead- not the dead, but rather one Englebert Picklebender. Together they investigate the paranormal to bring peace to occupant spirits and haunted hosts alike.

Share laughs with the living and deceased in this point-and-click comedy adventure while attending to specters who haunt your clientele. Use Oliver’s incredible ability to, um, be alive, and Englebert’s capacity for the incorporeal to fulfill agreements with the respiratorily challenged. Oh! but the breather paying you will need physical proof you’ve done anything at all, and how will you get something out of nothing? Call your closest pal, take your deepest breath, and stumble headlong into the unknown on a personal journey of social entanglement and brotherhood beyond the veil.

As you pass a week with the Phantom Fellows, you’ll encounter many spirits. Some yearn to be reunited with a possession, others wish to commence their eternal repose, and of course a few simply enjoy a good haunting. Between spooks you’ll also meet many warm-bodied breathers (for better or worse), and all the while a shadowy, malicious spirit will lurk near Oliver for a dearly personal reason.

  • Hand-drawn pixel art and animations

  • Completely interactive- take control of the characters!

  • Switch between Oliver and Englebert! Sometimes being dead has its perks. Maybe.

  • Play through eight days, explore each new location, negotiate with ghosts, sweet talk the living, and perform slapdash acts of tomfoolery!

  • Revisit locations from previous days any time after Day 3 and discover more answers! or questions?

  • Some puzzles have alternate solutions as the ending has an alternate of its own

Please Note The demo does not feature a soundtrack. We decided to best serve the game itself, a score will be written for it in its entirety. So instead of putting placeholder music in the demo we decided to just kindly suggest you put on some of your favorite tunes, get comfortable and enjoy The Phantom Fellows demo!

The Phantom Fellows on Steam

Foul Play - Yuri Visual Novel

Foul Play - Yuri Visual Novel

Great characterisation, good art, and very fitting music. It’s easily as well written as (if quite different from) others I enjoyed like RazzArt’s Starlight Vega, Studio Elan’s Highway Blossoms, and Hanako Game’s Black Closet. This is on top of its reasonable replayability (ignoring bad endings and minor variations, there’s at least two completely distinct endings following each romance). Just overall a very well put together story.

Real player with 19.8 hrs in game

I have laughed plenty, I have sobbed myself to sleep, and perhaps a couple of other unspeakable activities. Good, relatable, real wlw content. Plenty of moments where I saw myself in my own experiences, especially when navigating the community and the coming-out process. Makes me feel better about who I am and what I’ve gone through. ggwp, thank you for your work 3

Real player with 17.8 hrs in game

Foul Play - Yuri Visual Novel on Steam



you just wanted to hang with your crush!

so how’d you end up stuck between them and your friends in your tiny dorm room watching a campy horror film?

And what happens when the movie comes to life?

This is not what you signed up for.

COME ALIVE! is a first person 2.5d mystery visual novel about a group of friends, where you play from several of their perspectives. Can you get to the bottom of why this movie has come alive? Or should you just roll with it and have fun?

  • A regular cast of normal characters

  • Definitely nobody dies ahaha

  • ~1 hour playtime

  • Original, dream-like art and music

  • Gamepad + keyboard/mouse support

  • For MacOS / Windows / Linux

COME ALIVE! on Steam

Super Walrus Entertainment System

Super Walrus Entertainment System

a small free collection of games, you can easily while away some time and enjoy yourself.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

I like the horse game

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Super Walrus Entertainment System on Steam

Alien Function

Alien Function

Fun game with great story line and good puzzles ranging from easy to very challenging. Very very linear but the story line was engaging enough to want to keep on the ride. Really brought me back to the experiences i had playing Kings Quest, Police Quest, etc series way back in the day (showing my age now).

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

no hints, this game is bad.

i really wanted to see the end of this, but it’s just a ‘‘click everything until something works’’

also, the only alien you will see is on the title screen.

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

Alien Function on Steam

Karaski: What Goes Up…

Karaski: What Goes Up…

It’s October 1923, my name is Jan Kowalski and I am honored to be one of the first passengers onboard the airship A. A. Karaski. When I joined this miracle of technology, I was excited with curiosity, how it works and what I’ll experience during the flight. I actually thought that I would spend the entire journey in a bar on the upper deck sipping fancy whiskey with casual conversation. After boarding, I picked up a boarding pass, introduced myself to a guide of the airship and headed to my cabin. Well, was just going to, because just around the corner I somehow fainted and my plan was screwed a little. A lot.

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

Take to the skies in this whodunit mystery. You will take on the role of a passenger on this one of a kind airship, but something has gone wrong. The airship has been sabotage, but who has done it. Was it you? Will you be able to uncover who did it? Will you be caught snooping around and have everyone expect you of doing this heinous act?

In Karaski: What Goes Up… this is exactly what you’ll be doing. You will be playing through the game with your main mission being to get to the bottom of the mystery of the sabotage, but there are other quests that you can take on to perhaps pry information from other passengers. In this game you will have the chance to bribe guards to look the other way, entice passengers with the promise of alcohol, and of course gain tools that will allow you access to different areas of the ship.

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Karaski: What Goes Up... on Steam

Alexey’s Winter: Night adventure

Alexey’s Winter: Night adventure

I enjoyed playing this short point and click game. The hand drawn scenes have a great sense of place and the snow gives shivery cold feeling so I really felt sorry for the main character locked out of his apartment. The music was a good match for the game. The dialogue was very funny and endearing.

I had a small technical problem with my computer before I could play this game but the devs were really helpful and responsive so that the game works as it should now.

I hope the developers add some more episodes as I would definitely play them.

Real player with 20.5 hrs in game

Alexey’s Winter: Night adventure is a very short point & click adventure set in the 1989’s USSR. The game was initially launched in 2017 on the mobile platform and gained positive feedback from the players. At a later date, it received a second episode (and as of Sep 26 2021 a third one) and underwent several design changes. This version was now ported to Steam as a paid item, while the mobile one remains free but was reverted back to one episode only.

The story follows Alexey’s troubles during one cold winter night, trying to get back his lost apartment keys. After a series of intricate puzzles he manages to regain access to his home, only to find out that in the meantime his TV was stolen. This sets the plot for the second and third episodes, which are slightly longer than the first one.

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

Alexey's Winter: Night adventure on Steam