Cataplexy is a short visual novel that combines incompatible genres of comedy and horror. It all depends on the chosen interpretation of events and the mood of the reader. To believe in the mystical nature of what is happening or to make out logical explanations. To be horrified by the state of hopelessness or to laugh at the comicality of the situation. This is for you to decide. Although the hero of our story in any case will have a hard time.


  • Possibility to choose the mood of the story: ironic or serious.

  • Visits by various otherworldly entities.

  • Backgrounds that combine hallucinations with reality.

  • A non-standard view of a truly existing phenomenon called Cataplexy.

  • A lot of story fragments were based on personal experience.

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Midwintär catches you at Khazar’s Pass.

You shelter in a cave as the days and nights grow long and cold,

as the snow seals you in and as the world darkens.

Midwintär is a narrative-driven stealth action game inspired by medieval horror folklore that combines careful tactical planning with fast-paced arcade execution and innovative gossip mechanics. Play and switch between three protagonists - a werewolf, a vampire, and a moon witch - to exact your revenge on a vicious religious cult.

Off-Kilter Sunny Horror On the outside, Midwintär takes place among sunny, medieval villages populated by friendly, hard-working, and devoted inhabitants. Stay overnight, though, and you might be horrified to reveal the true nature of their sacred rituals. The world of Midwintär is gruesome and dark but also funny.

Sun / Moon Gameplay Cycle Midwintär features a 3-minute day-night cycle that changes your abilities. You must use your daytime skills such as lock-picking or spreading rumours among villagers to best prepare the terrain for the night-time havoc when you transform into a bloodthirsty, overpowered monster.

Gossip Mechanics Each villager in Midwintär has their own suspicion-meter you can influence by gossiping and spreading rumors about other villagers, and there is also a panic-meter that changes the AI behaviour of all villagers on the map. You can use this against villagers - hide the firewood to lure the lumberjack into the night, kill him near the chapel to incriminate the priest, and later spread rumours on seeing him covered in blood. He’ll be hanged in no time!

Three Playable Characters You will be able to choose, play and switch between three playable characters - a werewolf, a vampire, and a moon witch - each of whom possesses a distinctive skillset and boasts a different playstyle.

Non-linear Skilltree You will be able to customize the skillset and playstyle of each character by opting to complete alternate missions in levels, which will reward you with a special bonus skill of your choice. Will your werewolf hone his terrifying howl, or will he become one with the wolf-packs of the forest?

Co-Op Multiplayer Midwintär will feature a split-screen and a local multiplayer for up to three players, enabling all three characters to fight together.

The corrupt and self-righteous religious institution Oblique Order is attempting to destroy the peaceful cohabitation of people and magical creatures in the pagan world of Midwintär, and enforce their order by uniting people against the powers of the wild. You must stop them before they exterminate your kind…

Midwintär starts off as a revenge story that slowly shifts into an exploration about our relationship to the unknown, and about the limits of what we can hope to control or understand.


The main protagonist is the werewolf, a former disciple of the Oblique Order, disillusioned and out for vengeance. During the game, he is guided by the voice of Midwintär, an ancient force of nature. His skills revolve around spreading panic and using brute force.


The vampire, once a powerful force of the night, his might now reduced by the spells of men. He cannot cross running water nor enter houses uninvited, but his power is in his allure - he can enthrall people to do his bidding, or forge blood links to ensure undying loyalty.


Then, there is the moon witch. Saved just before she was burned at the stake, she had felt on her skin the terror of order, and wishes to rid the world of their influence. Her skills revolve around misdirecting suspicion at others and using concoctions to alter their behaviour.

“Attending the Masked Meeting, you overhear their plans - they have already set all things in motion.”

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Father´s Island

Father´s Island

This could have been a very nice game, except that in its current version it is plagued by far too many bugs, making it impossible to enjoy it. It still feels like a beta, not quite ready for prime-time yet.

Here are some of the problems I came across:

  • Loading the game takes a long time, even on my PC (Skylake, GTX980Ti, SSDs, etc.) This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if it only happened when you start up the game. But if you want to reload a save, or if you accidentally die and you have to reload a save, it reloads the whole damn thing all over again, and you just have to wait, and wait… every time.

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game

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Things you can do with $5. You can enjoy a Big Mac and still have enough money left for a small soda. You can rent a couple of movies from Redbox. You can go to the dollar store and buy 5 items. You can go to Goodwill and buy some underwear and socks, or you can light $5 on fire. All of which will be more fun than playing Father’s Island.

Without a doubt, Father’s Island is one of the worse games of all time. I’d rather play Atari 2600’s E.T. I’ve played some bad games in my time but this one takes the cake.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Father´s Island on Steam



In A Nutshell

🔵 Pros

  • Decent free-roaming, survival horror gameplay.

  • No hand holding: players need to figure out everything on their own.

  • Quests also being “mini-puzzles” based on how to use found items in solving problems.

  • Sufficient variety of equipment and enemies.

🔴 Cons

  • A few but significant bugs that can lead to major gameplay disruption / force a reload.

  • Autosave-only saving system at each area transition, no manual saves whatsoever, not even at fixed points.

  • Sometimes certain quests can glitch, preventing progression.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

This is a 2D top down horror themed survival/twin stick brawler hybrid game with a rich story and handmade artwork. Explore an alternative universe Finland and fight off creepy monsters, keep yourself alive long enough with the tools in your inventory and you may unravel the choices-matter interactive story.

There’s a few good points here, the atmosphere is good and the game launches under Windows 10, which puts the game above so many other indie titles. As far as handmade art goes, it’s perfectly acceptable and fits well with the theme. Unfortunately there’s some deficiencies, too. Resolution and controls are both fixed and can’t be changed, which makes the game fall below minimum standards for PC. Also, the game lacks polish and suffers from many gamebreaking bugs and crashes. Finally, twin stick top-down genre died a long time ago shortly after 3D accelerators became available back in 1995 with the S3 Virge.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Kalaban on Steam

The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds

I didnt really enjoy it, its very confusing, the game seems to open other applications in the background, sometimes the game just exits etc. I see others had fun with this, i don’t get it. Worst VN i have played so far..Sorry but i tried

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

this game is very good we can see that the developer has work very hard detailly……the story is ok but the way of portraying the whole story is very much interesting….the best part was error….i truly felt like someone could watch my every step by the way he was talking in game to me …..its short game and very very good and the ending was best…………….

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

The Lovebirds on Steam

The Quivering

The Quivering

My game crashed on start up and now I magically have 40 hours on it. Never touched this game once.

Real player with 40.4 hrs in game

Franken-Elvis at a Netherworld Funpark: Brilliant Game a true Oldschool Masterpiece. Love the Dark Humour and the UK voice acting. The save system involving Imps that are also needed object puzzles gives the first chapter a survival horror feel that does not exist in most point and click adventure games. Very much reminiscent of the original Discworld, Discworld: Noir and Zack McKracken, and yet a style unto itself. This game is wholey underated on Steam and steal for $4. As one of the most challenging and enjoyable games Ive played recently, I heartily recomend this game to any serious fans of the genre.

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

The Quivering on Steam

The Remission of Sins

The Remission of Sins

I gave this one a try here recently, and it only took about 15 minutes to get all the way through. I understand that there are voice actors involved, but for 12 dollars, it should be a bit lengthier. The voice acting was nice, and the story is intriguing, but it is really short, even compared to other visual novels that are lower on price.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

The game is as simple as the description says, so I don’t need to explain much of what happens since the endings are reachable in a short time. There wasn’t much dialogues and the people’s ‘stories’ are somewhat interesting. Audios are definitely disturbing in some cases, however, the horror esthetic is only for show not really all that horrifying. Though if you ask me if it’s worth purchasing, well buy it at your own interest.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

The Remission of Sins on Steam

Case 00: The Cannibal Boy

Case 00: The Cannibal Boy

ok for starters I love love LOVE the characters designs plot and graphics, I think that everything ties together really well I also really like how they added the theme of murder and urban legends and an queer relationship I think it gives it a little more individuality all in all I really love this game and would recommend this to others people but I’m also really sad that there isn’t another game out and there probably wont be but its amazing non the less :)

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Just watch a let’s play it’s a better use of your time and free! The game is bad the storytelling is atrocious. However, the sound design, and art are good. Don’t waste your few dollars on this unless you’re really into startlingly sweet main menu jump scares because that’s the only thing here that will thrill you.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Case 00: The Cannibal Boy on Steam

Fallout 76

Fallout 76

Bought this game on sale just over a month ago, i have around 420 hours played, it’s an enjoyable and infuriating game in equal parts, if you’ve played any fallout/elderscrolls games you know what to expect gameplay/bugs wise, it has enough random events to keeps things interesting although they do get repetitive eventually and some places have random things happening each time you go to them such as npcs chatting, random vendors, battles between different ai’s an so on which makes the game both enjoyable and a pain in the rear, especially if you are looking for a specific companion/power armor an such, leveling an skill tree can be abit confusing at first but once you get used to it the cards system isn’t too bad (legendary cards level ups are a joke)

Real player with 508.1 hrs in game

Sucks at being a Fallout game.

Sucks at being a MMO.

They make it appear the game can be played without Fallout 1st but no. Not really. Not how to expect a fallout game to play. Imagine you had a workshop in your garage and you bought 10 2x4s to build something but even though you own that garage (the game) and paid money for it… you was told by the city you cannot store that wood in there, to throw out everything else in it just to store 10 pieces of wood. That would be your life playing FO76 if you tried to play without subscription, just 20x worse than i’m making it sound.

Real player with 423.6 hrs in game

Fallout 76 on Steam

Scarlet Hollow — Episode 1

Scarlet Hollow — Episode 1

I have not finished playing it yet, but so far, I would say, I am falling in love with this story and the way it was presented, and the various interaction(Action command eg. petting a cat, explore forbidden areas, and replying to in-game characters' questions) options(5 + 2 player’s character’s/attributes options for all scenes in the game).

It’s fun to read and interact with this storybook and the characters in the book. Different possibilities and good music and sound effects. (‘u’) You want to read more about it.

Real player with 17.5 hrs in game

Nice setup for the mystery, but I will hold on until the full game is released because this episode is very short (~20 min for a single playthrough) and if each day is about the same length, the total game of seven episodes would be only about 4 hours at best.

The graphics are very neat and music design is very-very good even without voice acting (special mention of how sound changes in one situation if character has Mystical trait - well done), but here are a few things I wish developers did in addition:

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Scarlet Hollow — Episode 1 on Steam