Clarence Goes to the F&#%ING Store

Clarence Goes to the F&#%ING Store

This game was amazing, the humor was fantastic and I really enjoyed the art style. If you’re looking for something quick I would recommend you try this out. 10/10

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

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I’ve only played through 2 endings so far, but I had to come here to say this is amazing. Well worth the tiny price. When’s the last time a game made you laugh out loud in an empty apartment? It’s simple, a visual novel, not “challenging” at all, but if you enjoy dark humor you’ll have a good time.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Clarence Goes to the F&#%ING Store on Steam

Negative Nancy

Negative Nancy

Negative Nancy is an social introvert’s wet dream.

Negative Nancy is a modern take on the classic CYOA genre with a modern twist that will humor, amuse, and entertain you.

Negative Nancy is the “No” simulator that you wished was your real life when you worked/work at your retail job that you hate.

Negative Nancy is everything and more.

Negative Nancy…

is the negativity in your life, processed and refined, polished and packaged with care-

so that your life can be

a little more


Real player with 24.8 hrs in game

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“Nancester, we’re doing a review on your game. Would you like to say a few words about it?”


“Come on, Nancester. Tell people why they should play Negative Nancy. Is it for my dashing good looks?”


“My charming wit?”


“My heroic deeds?”


“My spiffy hairdo?”


“Nancester, come on. Don’t be such a grump. Should they at least play it?”


“I’ll take that as not a no!”

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

Negative Nancy on Steam

Polter Pals

Polter Pals

Making friends in the afterlife is a little different.

You play as a lonely ghost with the power to possess the living. Surrounded by Oomans who cannot see you, you must use this power to steer them into comically fatal accidents and an early friendship, freeing the friendly ghosts within them. Each level is a puzzle diorama, styled after classic children’s stop-motion cartoons, where you have to figure out how to make all the friends using the available hazards.

Every Ooman you ghost will add you on LiveBurial, the afterlife’s hottest social media app. The posts of your newly deceased friends give you a unique look at the dysfunctional, hyper-consumerist world of the living through the lens of a social media-obsessed afterlife.

Key Features

  • Possess hapless Ooman friends-to-be and steer them into cartoonishly gruesome friend-making hazards.

  • Puzzle through 60+ levels across 4 thematically distinct areas, including 4 unique bosses that test your mastery over the power of possession.

  • Keep up with your phantom friends via the in-game Live Burial app! Each new friend you make shares their thoughts and feelings about their recent expiration via darkly humorous social media posts.

  • Learn about the world of Polter Pals through the in-game Encyclopeoplia app, a collection of questionably sourced articles on all Oomans, hazards, and bosses encountered in the game.

  • Make friends to a groovy soundtrack by the Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder.

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Polter Pals on Steam

Fatal Paws

Fatal Paws

Is your cat a murderhobo?

If you want to be spoiled, go ahead and watch my video. Fatal Paws puts you into the role of a jaded teacher who picks up a stray cat from another planet. Dive into Pokemon style cat-vs-human fights in-between an overly dramatic plot that makes about as much sense as a bad horror movie. As a tribute to Fickle Sickle’s cat, it’s touching. As a game to buy, I can’t recommend it. But if you decide to, there is a cat video waiting for you at the end.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

OMG this game is so fun and so cute. If you are a cat lover you will enjoy this game.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Fatal Paws on Steam

Hair of the Dog

Hair of the Dog

This game is right up my alley! From the very beginning it oozes charm and hilarity. The pace is swift and the characters intriguing. I’ve smiled constantly and laughed out loud many times. It delivers straight away and is delightfully observed too - for anyone into history, literature, cinema. I think I’ll have to watch Tall Story Games closely and see what they do next!

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

I played this game after enjoying the demo for Lucy Dreaming - so much so that I joined the kick starter for it! This is a lovely game, beautifully made and with a great, dark sense of humour. The fact that this was made in just 2 weeks makes it even more impressive! A few of the puzzles really had me scratching my head (pun intended!) but it was always just difficult enough to be engaging, rather than infuriating.

If you liked this, then I highly recommend Lucy Dreaming.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Hair of the Dog on Steam

Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails

Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails


Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails is yet another tale in the Metal as Phuk / Quiver Dick series! The crude comedy RPGs that started it all, sold in over 90+ countries around the world and praised as one of the funniest and most clever set of RPG’s of all time, Crankage Games brings you Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails; a Mature, Turn-Based, Crude Comedy that has one goal and one goal only: To Make You Laugh!

Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails goes above and beyond to bring you gut-busting metal mixed with feels-invoking melodies with a great soundtrack and many hours of vulgar comedy adventures!

Embark on a quest as Richard Longshlong, (Young Quiverdick), and his derpditty-derp-pants partner, Deputy Stoney, as they take down fairy-fail creatures that you most certainly do not recognize from your childhood due to copyright reasons! Winky-Face

Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails features:

  • 10+ Hours of Crude Comedy RPG Action!

  • A Great Soundtrack

  • Epicly Hilarious Story

  • Loads of References & Easter Eggs hidden throughout the world!

  • Awesome Boss Battles!

  • Turn-Based Combat System with Epic Loot and Leveling!

  • Four Kickass Party Members with Four Kickass Classes!

  • Quest Journal System!

  • Multiple Choice System that affects your game!

  • “Herbs”… !

  • Steam Achievements (When Valve Approves!)

  • Trading Cards (When Valve Approves!)

  • … And a Phuk-Ton More!

This ain’t your Grandma’s RPG…

Unless your Grandma is Metal as Phuk…

In which case…

Go grab her credit card, and buy this game already!

Quiver Dick’s Epic Book of Fairy Fails!

It’s gonna be one epic ride!**

Quiver Dick's Epic Book of Fairy Fails on Steam

The American Dream

The American Dream

A 1950’s Fallout type of America where guns rule and you take a Gun theme park ride through a series of life’s moments (mini-games) as you grow up to show how you cannot do without the blue steel of an American gun.

It’s a hard one, the artwork, voice acting and story are all top-notch, the work has gone into this game and it has a fair price tag. The main problem is the mini-games are just a series of boring been there done that games and VR is well past most of these now. The novelty is not there anymore and honestly, it’s just one boring mini shooting game after another.

Real player with 28.2 hrs in game

The American Dream is an australian fps shooting gallery VR game set in the 1950ies in the height of McCarthyism. What really sets this game apart from most fps games i atleast have played or heard of is that this game is strongly satirical and critical of the americans infatuation and love for the right to carry arms so the game will surely be devisive as the subject certainly is a hot potato. Propably not a game for NRA members but if you as many americans cares for the right to carry weapons and still has some sense of humour left in regard of the subject i wouldnt necessarily recommend against the aquisition of it either. The game is outright preposterous like when you have to feed your baby with a gun by sticking a gun down the babys food while afterwards feeding it with the weapon stuck right into the toddlers face. On the other side the game has many quotes by renowned filosophers in regard of society and govermental power and such so the mix of the ridiculous and the insightfull makes this a truely unique experience while shooting your way through different scenarios with a talking dog by your side though the game.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

The American Dream on Steam

The Call Centre

The Call Centre

This game is half an hour long. There’s no sound effects or music, just some barely animated stock library anime sprites supposed to represent your co-workers. Horribly written dialogue with poor grammar and multiple spelling mistakes every sentence, very few branching paths or dialogue possibilities. Did I mention it’s half an hour long?

I played it because I liked the premise having worked in a call centre before and love visual novels, but with so little “game” here I don’t think it’s worth even a fraction of what the dev is charging. Frankly I’ve played free visual novels which have better production values and effort put in than this.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

At face value, The Call Centre does not work at all as a game: It is slow, soul crushing and completely shallow at its core. However, as a meta-joke about customer service work, The Call Centre is painfully real in presenting the world of phone work as accurately as it ever would need to. It is a world where the general public continue to disappoint you, a world where toxic work environments bring out the worst in those who thrive on it and prey on those with the best intentions. I think Junaid, perhaps naively, went into this with those exact intentions and a commendable effort he even tried to really. Not many games thrive on the same concepts of a drab, day-to-day, office environment, with Paper’s Please and Stanley Parable being the only ones that spring to mind. The anime, visual novel, inspired look is something I can appreciate too. That said, there needs to be a bit more to The Call Centre than that, so players stay gripped on the idea. At the very least though, the heart is in the right place

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

The Call Centre on Steam

The Procession to Calvary

The Procession to Calvary

(No spoilers.)

An absolutely fantastic game that’s just dripping with style. It’s borrowed style, but in this case that’s even better! Watch classic paintings come to life to tell an absolutely ridiculous story. Perfect for Easter (in a deeply-irreverent sort of way)!

Put more directly, the art is top-notch, the animation is hilarious, and the (also-borrowed) musical pairings are perfect.

The puzzles are all fair, ranging from several strictly-logical affairs to a handful of clever head scratchers. Nothing is so difficult or random that it should drive you to a walkthrough, and I suggest you avoid looking up the solutions to any puzzles lest you shorten your total gameplay. (If you ever get stuck, just revisit areas you haven’t been to recently and look at things fresh. That should generally do the trick.)

Real player with 41.8 hrs in game

If you liked Four Last Things then you are a shoe in for this game. If you haven’t played Four Last Things then GO AND PLAY FOUR LAST THINGS!

Seriously. Play Four Last Things first and then if you like that come back to this after that.


  • amazing visuals. The entire game is renaissance art from start to finish and is amazingly mashed up together.

  • hyperbole….“You wasted amazing on a basket of chicken wings!?” This game is hilarious. Some of the dialogue is so funny I made a noise out loud. There are some strange references. The descriptions of the paintings in the gallery were fantastic. The game’s humour is on point for the kind of folks that have an interest in British humour or enjoy intelligent sarcasm.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

The Procession to Calvary on Steam

Helheim Hassle

Helheim Hassle

Hello, new hyperfixation! You are just what I needed to get through everything else, my ray of light in this time of darkness!

That might sound overdramatic, but in all seriousness this game is excellent. To be honest I was a bit worried that the world of Manual Samuel might have been ditched, so finding out that this takes place in the same universe was a relief! I’d been pretty attached to MS’s characters back when I was into it, and it would seem that Helheim Hassle is continuing Perfectly Paranormal’s trend of introducing characters you can really feel for!

Real player with 338.5 hrs in game

Honestly, I too would want to escape Valhalla if I was forced to be on an Esports team.

The creators of Manuel Samuel is back with another game! And just with how Manuel Samuel was a unique adventure will humor surrounding Samuel’s unfortunate situation, so is Helheim Hassle. And fun fact, Helheim Hassle and Manuel Samuel takes place in the same universe and even on the same day.

Helheim Hassle brings us to a young teenage Viking named Bjorn Hammerparty who isn’t like his Viking brethren. Unlike everyone else, he is a pacifist. He doesn’t want to go out fighting so he makes sure he doesn’t get into a situation where he has to and he sure doesn’t want to go to Valhalla. However, during a battle that is sure to wipe out his whole village, Bjorn gets into a fatal accident while he was running to his hideout. The sketchy bridge he was crossing may have made him fall straight onto a bear. Once Bjorn comes to, he’s a ghost and his body is limbless. Before moving on, Bjorn attaches his limbs back on his body and talks to Modgunn to be granted passage into Helheim. However, his cowardly fall to his death was counted as him heroically killing a bear without a weapon and is brought into Valhalla by the Allfather.

Real player with 36.2 hrs in game

Helheim Hassle on Steam