The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

A charming, hilarious and fun adventure with the perfect balance of puzzle difficulty. This point and click has my favourite puzzle design because they are not too hard to figure out, but also not too easy. The characters are unique, interesting and lively, and the graphics are gorgeous without putting too much strain on a computer (as a laptop gamer, I especially appreciate this as there is nothing sadder to me than a game I really want to play with specs that my computer can just about manage with lags). As in the first game, Wilbur is an absolute treasure, Ivo is as great a female character as ever and Critter is quirky, sweet and loyal. Nate has grown more likable in this game as well as gained a fair amount of depth and development.

Real player with 92.3 hrs in game

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If you played ‘The Book of Unwritten Tales (1)" you will probably enjoy this sequel. It brings back all the main characters from the first game and introduces a few new ones.

The textures and rigging are a little better than the first and the mechanics and walk paths are a little smoother but I still found that some of the walk paths (especially when you are switching between characters) are a little weird. You don’t have to do any pixel hunting because you can highlight all items that you can interact with so it’s hard to miss something. Some of the puzzles are not very logical to solve but most of them are reasonable.

Real player with 61.5 hrs in game

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Furry Shakespeare: Dreamin’ of One Lazy Dead Midsummer

Furry Shakespeare: Dreamin' of One Lazy Dead Midsummer

Come celebrate Camp Chuckerwood’s 100th year!

It’s Midsummer Night’s Dream meets Friday the 13th, as you work as a camp counselor for the the bloodthirsty, training them to become the next generation of horror icons! The world needs these creatures of the night in order to keep the magic and imagination of the world alive, which is odd, considering these are all slashers and other types of movie monsters.

As Bray the Manticore, you enter Camp Chuckerwood, located on the edges of Lake Quiet Waters, wide eyed and ready to change the lives of your campers. What you get is two Fae Lords in the middle of a break-up, a Sasquatch intent on revenge, a giant wasp doing community service, and a werewolf head counselor at the end of her rope. Also, there’s another, different werewolf at the end of her rope as well, but we don’t want to spoil the entire game for you.

Interact with eight fellow summer counselors and up to four budding legends of horror! Survive the summer play, the summer sportsball game, the typical summer camp horror/slasher experience, and summer rivalries!

Fun is mandatory. Survival is not.

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Furry Shakespeare: Dreamin' of One Lazy Dead Midsummer on Steam