Master of Magic Classic

Master of Magic Classic

The best game of my life came to Steam.

I’ve been playing Master of Magic since it first came out in ‘94. I was in middle school back then, I think my dad mail ordered the game for me and my brother as a gift. I played it over and over. I played it even after I got the Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, PS 2, 3, 4, signed up for WoW classic, BC, FT, got the Elder Scrolls series, and until last year, after I learned about the Caster of Magic mod.

I’ll just say that it fundamentally changed my life. I’ve developed a strong preference for fantasy themed games, novels and even board games and strategy games. I’ve read many fantasy novels and light novels, even wrote some, and went on to play fantasy-themed RPG’s and simulations like HOMM series and Baldur’s Gate series. But still, even after literally 25 years of challenge, Master of Magic is still the best game ever for me.

Real player with 425.1 hrs in game

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Unfortunately there have been severe changes to the base game. I will detail the changes I think are not in keeping with the spirit of the original game.

  1. Very little reward from claiming towers etc. Now all you get is mainly mana, money and some rubbish item.

  2. The AI can see everything and exploits that advantage whereas the player has to actually scout the terrain. The AI uses its unfair sight advantage to hunt down your units that it couldn’t possibly be able to see if it wasn’t cheating.

Real player with 330.0 hrs in game

Master of Magic Classic on Steam

Basement Dweller

Basement Dweller

Basement Dweller is a game in which you control a man whose life is full of ironic misfortunes and strange coincidences. After losing your job, you take every opportunity to earn money. While completing assignments you find yourself on the trail of a deadly drink produced by a mysterious man from the east.


  • Work as toilet cleaner, construction worker, oilfield technician and more!

  • Use fully functional personal computer to get a job or buy stuff on the internet.

  • Get tools and renovate damaged collectibles.

  • Pimp your basement.

Working and burning hard earned money might have high impact on your mental health

Personal Phone:

  • Invest in crypto! Buy the dip and hold as long as you can.

  • Find your dream partner on Stalker app!

  • Make contact with your employer and friends.

  • Take a Selfie!

Nightmare! Evil Forces are trying to put you out of a job. Something big is coming. You must use everything you have to fight for your survival. Be merciless, stomp the enemy or HE will stomp you!

Don’t forget to wishlist:

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Basement Dweller on Steam

Purrfect Apawcalypse: Love at Furst Bite

Purrfect Apawcalypse: Love at Furst Bite

Purrfect Apawcalypse Love at Furst Bite (palfb) is a short visual novel which focuses mostly on the interactions between the characters.

The game isn’t very long but worth the five bucks or the equivalent amount of other currency.

While the writing isn’t the strongest its fairly decent and kept me entertained during my playthrough.

The interactions between the characters are both cute and sometimes horrifying and at times made me cringe because of what was happening on the screen.

The cute artstyle is one of the games strongest points and while it may not be to everyones tastes it fits the game well, making the games deathscenes (and there’s a lot of them) more shocking.

Real player with 1361.5 hrs in game

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Going to go right out of the gate and say that this is definitely not your standard kind of game, and if you can’t handle gore - even if it’s cartoonish - then you shouldn’t play the game out of respect for your eyes. However, if you can handle that…

Welcome to Purrfect Apawcalypse! We have:

  • clifford the nonbinary dog

  • suicidal maniac who’s also funny as shit


  • bitch who died on a fucking toilet seat (very important, not ironic)

  • witch who will probably step on you (and not apologize (trust me it’s cool ok))

Real player with 19.7 hrs in game

Purrfect Apawcalypse: Love at Furst Bite on Steam

Hell Invades Heaven

Hell Invades Heaven

Read carefully, as this story is too boring to read it again.

You, an absolutely newbie hellish commander, gain the possibility* to prove that all rumors about your person are at least 28% wrong, and you are in fact capable of commanding small forces in the greatest Hell vs Heaven war that ever happened**.

Put on your Unterleutnant uniform and do your job.

What you probably want to know:

  • 15*** almost beautiful, challenging levels on Hell, Earth and Heaven scenery.

  • 10 different minions, so you don’t need to do everything yourself.

  • A lot of challenging puzzles that may be impossible to solve for people under 5 y.o.

  • Interesting dialogues for full silent cinema experience.

  • You can decorate Devil with tattoos****.

  • Beware of holy water!


_* of course if you buy or torrent game, otherwise you will be seen as uncappable of this tasks for the rest of your life

** at least in this dimension; C137 and D2R2 are much more interesting in this case

*** circa about, I run out of fingers counting

**** butterfly on back is strictly forbidden!_

Hell Invades Heaven on Steam

The Sink Gods

The Sink Gods

What is the Sink Gods?

The Sink Gods is a modern point-n-click adventure where you play a poor villager who lives in the Sink Valley. After you are evicted from your home, you must travel to the temples of The Sink Gods and complete their challenges to regain what you have lost…


  • Hand drawn graphics

  • Simple navigation with arrows

  • Fun puzzles

  • Unique and funny story

  • Immersive music

  • 30-90 minutes of gameplay

Coming Soon…

  • Brand new level that picks up where the main story left off…

  • Achievements!

The Sink Gods on Steam

Hell Architect

Hell Architect

Hells Architect is my first ever review, and one of the reasons why I decided to leave a review for this game is because I am surprised by the mixed reviews the game is currently at (day 2 of release). In my opinion, the producer and developer of Hells Architect launched this game correctly; they ran a successful campaign by keeping the customer in the loop during development, they released a playable demo, they sought feedback from testers, are continuing to listen to feedback, and perhaps most importantly – they delayed launch by several months until they had a viable product ready to go that they were proud of!

Real player with 116.4 hrs in game

I feel awful posting this review, but I’m hoping that the dev team will fix the issues that I have with the game over time. It’s not that I don’t recommend the game, I just don’t recommend it right now and at the price I paid for it (more than $20 in case someone is reading this later after a price change). I’ve completed every stage with the exception of the final mission as of this writing (and I intend to complete that stage), as well as played some of the sandbox mode. My actual playtime is a bit lower than what the review will have listed, since I had to leave the game open while I wasn’t actively playing it (more on that below).

Real player with 28.7 hrs in game

Hell Architect on Steam



Liquidation is a tactical Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game set in a universe that mixes elements of both fantasy and science fiction, with support for both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Welcome to world of Veá

Our story unfold on the dying player of Veá, where a sudden, cataclysmic event, known as the Splintering, wiped out entire species and destroyed thriving civilzations.

In its wake, a strange, powerful substance, called quenrium rose from the depths of the world, triggering a conflict between the Twilight Crusade and the Scourge alliance over its possesion

Thus began the Quenrium War, lasting for more than 38 years.

Learn more about the fate of vea and its ihabitants in our short prelude.

Download here .


Community & Multiplayer

Different Perspectives

Play the campaign from various perspectives which also lead to different story outcomes.


Hire powerful mercenaries which also have their own background story.

Command powerful commanders

Choose from an arsenal of commanders and deploy these heroic units on the battlefield as they influence your armies and troops.

Build and fortify your base

Gather resources, Conquer favour resource points and mercenary camps, build your base and place fortifications to protect your unit production and research.

Liquidation on Steam

Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty

Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty

Only played the game for a while and stopped when I finished the early access content. As a playable demo essentially, Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty is surprisingly a lot of fun.

The core concept- without going into too many details, is enjoyable. You play as a vulgar-Polish-vampire-priest that kills Shatanists with baseball bats, gun fists, and gravity gloves. You can even slow time by chugging beer.

So far. my favorite weapon in-game is the gravity glove. In function, it’s pretty much the Gravity Gun from Half-Life, but as a glove. Like the Gravity Gun, you can pick up select items from the environment and fling them at high speeds. Items flung do considerable damage to npcs, and when struck, makes them ragdoll with the blow. Another bonus is that when an npc is dead, you can pick up and throw their bodies around with the glove. Unlimited ammunition!

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

I liked the polish postal like humor, the absurdity of some mechanics and themes, the original presentation in the form of “documentary” with characters being interviewed. It is surprisingly fun to play. Even though it is called Priest simulator I wouldn’t really put it into the simulator bucket - instead its more like its own weird game with a story and sandbox-ish mechanics to play around without restricting you like most games do nowadays.

I think that priest sim can be a great game if some minor concerns get addressed and tweaks happen. It is sometimes unclear when my melee attack will hit and whats the range, during exorcism it is hard to navigate the house - especially drunk, some doors get stuck so you need to improvise - destroying all doors there seems like the best solution because opening them is a problem. I want to play around and see a lot cool weapons and other ways to obliterate enemies as well as more complicated enemies and bosses as content.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty on Steam

TP Royale

TP Royale

trying to avoid hoards of people coming for your tp and trying to break the tp world record??? sign me up….. fckin chapter 2 of this game made me sht my pants… worth the buy and would recommend. I’m extremely excited for the future of this game.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

TP Royale on Steam

War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

This is my first Steam review, so i’ll try to make it a good one; it might be a bit longwinded (TL;DR is at the bottom), but i’d like to make it as thorough as possible becouse the game and it’s devs deserve as much.

First off, my PC specs so you’ll know what i play it on:

• Windows 7 64 bit

• Intel Core i5 4570 @3.20 GHz

• AMD Radeon R7 200 Series, 2GB RAM


My history with the genre

I’ve played Dungeon Keeper 1 + The deeper dungeons & Dungeon Keeper 2 on multiple occasions & systems over the years.

Real player with 221.5 hrs in game

Update April 11, 2015:

THE memory leak has been fixed, but the game has such poor performance across the board that the game is unplayable. Still crashes. Still many many bugs and unfinished things. I am way too frustrated trying to play through the broken, unfinished stuff with awful performance.

Beating the final “boss” doesn’t even make sense in the campaign. Maybe there’s supposed to be some more cutscenes that explain it that aren’t finished/added yet? The overall story is very poorly written.

Real player with 112.3 hrs in game

War for the Overworld on Steam