Lancelot’s Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze

Lancelot’s Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze

This game is a barrel bursting with absolute nonsense. And this is why it’s terrific.

The art style is simplistic but serves the humour very well, the puzzles aren’t hard, until the last chapter where it’s more of a “How much do you remember of the game you’ve played and the locations you’ve visited” luckily the game cuts off branches you don’t need to revisit so it doesn’t become annoying.

It’s a laugh and a half and definitely worth a look.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

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Do you have a sense for black humor? Then you have to play Lancelot’s Hangover. That seems familiar to me… anyway I would say even if you don’t have a sense for black humor you have to play it because it’s a great sexy adventure game. Everything is alright. I can’t complain. It reminded me a bit of my childhood when I was in the monastery and in the church. At that time there were unfortunately no naked women in the monastery. It also reminds me of Marilyn Manson when he says: I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me. Lancelot should sing that, the sexy knight with beer (I recommend the Bavarian beer).

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

Lancelot's Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze on Steam