Psycho Bathroom

Psycho Bathroom

This is a 2D hack-and-slash action game where you assume the role of a ninja-like toothbrush. In the bathroom you reside in, the toilet lid is broken, causing plumes of aerosol to shoot up in the air whenever the toilet is flushed. All sort of might-be-infectious matters floats among them, threatening everything in the bathroom. You, as a toothbrush, must exercise your agility to avoid hit and at the same time annihilate the threat.

Be a hygienic toothbrush to keep your master clean. In turn, your healthy master will work hard to earn money for you to level up and unlock new abilities. Remember not to spend all the money on your own stuff. Your ultimate mission is to buy a new toilet lid to stop the chaos once and for all.

Game Features

  • Tight control allows you to move around and strike swiftly.

  • Enemies and bosses with different ai movements and attack patterns. Observe, plan, dodge and attack accordingly.

  • See the consequences you cause to your master after every battle. Feel bad, happy or indifferent, your choice.

  • Buy equipment. Improve your stats!

  • Unlock new abilities. e.g. dash, double jump and special chain attack(coming soon).

  • Unlimited levels with increasing difficulty.

  • Dumbfounding ending cutscene. Work your way up to see it.

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Psycho Bathroom on Steam



SCARENOID is a ridiculously macabre action-RPG.

It follows the offbeat adventures of a vindictive little Coward who must overcome his paranoid fear to retrieve his guileless Companion from harm’s way that awaits them in an alien environment.

Game offers a singleplayer third person experience in a story-rich 3D environment combined with a gripping plot. Designed for all lovers of horror-comedy story-rich plots. It’s the atmosphere of Courage the Cowardly Dog meeting the mechanics of Diablo.

  • battle monsters and bizarre adversaries

  • overcome paranoid fear by developing skills and abilities

  • collect items, health and experience points; pay attention to stamina and breath levels

  • choose your adventure; multiple ways to pass a stage

  • canny deaths abounds; no boring repetitive videos

  • atmospheric and challenging environments and levels

  • customizable character

  • easily accessible; comprehensive tutorial

  • real-time gameplay with pause

  • dark, surreal humor

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Scarenoid on Steam



Shaype is a fantasy role-playing game with an emphasis on player dictated character creation, combat playstyles, dialogue, and story outcomes. The ability for the player to create and develop their own character and world is at the heart of Shaype’s design, presenting diverse role-playing and alignment options.

​With Shaype, we wish to create a true role-playing game. Our focus in development is for the player to feel as though they exist in an engaging world where their decisions matter.


  • A major goal for Shaype is to provide an engaging setting and atmosphere. Despite the friendly artstyle, Shaype will explore dark/adult themes, allow for diverse character alignment options and pose morally grey situations in a violent land.

Player Choice

  • Gameplay will be multifaceted and reflective of the player, with significant world-changing options in dialogue, playstyle, and quests that are driven by the skillset and choices of your character.

Combat System

  • For combat, we are developing varied weapons and divisions of Magic which will each possess their own skill trees and abilities.

  • We want to provide a challenging experience that rewards the skill level of the player. Combat mechanics are designed to be easy to learn but hard to master, testing the ability of the player to find openings to strike.

Visit us on our website and join our Discord to learn more.

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Shaype on Steam

TP Royale

TP Royale

trying to avoid hoards of people coming for your tp and trying to break the tp world record??? sign me up….. fckin chapter 2 of this game made me sht my pants… worth the buy and would recommend. I’m extremely excited for the future of this game.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

TP Royale on Steam

Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron - Flyboyz Edition

Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron - Flyboyz Edition

“Just fly straight at ’em as fast as ya can, give ’em sum dakka, and don’t ferget to yell “WAAAGH!” dead loud like. Nuffin’ to it!"

— Flyboss Skarzag, Badtoof Skwadron


“Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron - Flyboyz Edition” is an arcade shooter I first became aware of in a preview of the mobile version in a “White Dwarf” magazine from 2017. I am only now getting to reading my older issues, yet before I got to even look the mobile game up on the Google Play Store, this was announced for PC. Being a long time player of the greenskins I knew I was destined to join their ranks once more. I am a long time PC gamer who enjoys mobile ports, in fact I often prefer them for a casual aside to more serious games. Mobile platforms are quite often the testing ground for potential PC releases and this is becoming more and more the case.

Real player with 26.0 hrs in game

I have mixed feelings about this game, but I will approve of it for 40k fans who are fond of the Orks.

There is barely any background information about the 40k setting in the game itself, and there is an unspoken assumption that the person who is playing this game is already familiar with the lore, so people who are not 40k fans will probably not care about what is going on.

Graphic settings are practically a joke: There is a single low/medium/high graphics option and the ability to turn VSync on or off, and that’s it. The framerate is capped at 60 FPS in-game, and while it easily keeps to that cap, this might bother some people with higher end gaming PCs with a +120Hz monitor.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron - Flyboyz Edition on Steam

Fatal Paws

Fatal Paws

Is your cat a murderhobo?

If you want to be spoiled, go ahead and watch my video. Fatal Paws puts you into the role of a jaded teacher who picks up a stray cat from another planet. Dive into Pokemon style cat-vs-human fights in-between an overly dramatic plot that makes about as much sense as a bad horror movie. As a tribute to Fickle Sickle’s cat, it’s touching. As a game to buy, I can’t recommend it. But if you decide to, there is a cat video waiting for you at the end.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

OMG this game is so fun and so cute. If you are a cat lover you will enjoy this game.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Fatal Paws on Steam



This game has incredible movement with a super fun momentum based physics system and I absolutely love it. It has been incredibly satisfying to improve at this game and experiment with all the various items and techniques as well as game modes. The base game is not overly difficult so it’s fairly easy to get in to and there are quite a few compelling alternate game modes.

I give this game a huge recommend and I believe it deserves way more attention than what it has gotten. If you are into movement games, roguelites or platformers of any kind creatorcrate highly worth checking out.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

Tons of fun! Its a creative platforming game with a fairly open world to play in with a fun storyline so far!

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

CreatorCrate on Steam

Ctrl Alt Ego

Ctrl Alt Ego

You are ego, a disembodied consciousness.

You’ve been downloaded to an evacuated retro-tech space dock where a mind-altering virus has infected the consciousness ctrl stream.

Take ctrl of robots and devices to get around; some are friendly, others not so much.

Explore, grow your ego, find and exploit bugs, install and hack disk programs to upgrade your bug, evade or defeat hostiles.

Adopt a strategic, stealthy approach, or don’t.

Solve puzzles to reach locations of interest, or don’t.

Dig deeper into who you are and why you exist, or don’t.

  • 15 substantial handcrafted immersive environments

  • Sneak, cause mayhem, be a ctrl freak or an egomaniac

  • Darkly farcical tale about the future of consciousness

Distinct Features

  • There is no ‘player death’ in Ctrl Alt Ego. Your invincible, disembodied ego always lives on. If your current host is toast, pick another and carry on:

    (Note: there is a traditional save/load facility too, in case you refuse to accept who you are).

  • Once you’ve ctrl’d a robot, it is yours to keep. Amass an army and bring it with you:

  • Use robots to get around the old fashioned way, or ‘hop’ from one side of an area to another in a near-instant:

Ctrl Alt Ego on Steam

Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed

Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed

Crypto is back with a license to probe. The alien invader returns, groovier than ever. Experience the swinging ‘60s in all its chemical-induced glory and take revenge on the KGB for blowing up your mothership. You’ll have to form alliances with members of the very species you came to enslave.

Key Features:

  • Show those hippies who’s boss using classic weapons and new technology like the Meteor Shower

  • Explore 1960’s Mother Earth and unload your trusty saucer all over her fictional cities

  • Defend a much larger, much more open world from those who seek to undermine your mission

  • Hoover up humans from different countries and grind them up into DNA cocktails to upgrade your skills

  • Invite a friend over for a twosome and enjoy the full story in local 2-player split screen co-op

Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed on Steam

Man of Honor

Man of Honor

A cross between Hotline Miami and Mafia. A very quirky game that I had a great time playing. The story and gameplay are both top notch and it’s well worth your time.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

The game makes a very good impression. “Man of honor” is highly recommendable for those who have spent many hours playing gta1,2 and “mafia”. The plot is simple enough - it’s a classic gangster thriller where the main character takes revenge on the one who betrayed him. It genuinely has good gameplay. This game is really hard compared to other games in such style of top-down shooters. It’s kind of game made purely for fun. Love the style. Totally loving this game, and find it hard to stop playing. “Man of honor” is made wisely, with humor and love.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Man of Honor on Steam