A Rat’s life: the Cat Conspiracy

A Rat’s life: the Cat Conspiracy

Fast First-person Rat Gameplay

Get on your four legs to sprint and travel through a unique world. Use pipes to reach hidden area and find cheese.

Featured in this adventure:

  • Story rich arcs set in a unique world

  • Different stealth challenges

  • Skilled-based drills

  • frantic cat pursuits

  • Trashball against AI (a popular sport among rats)

  • Rat races

  • Exploration and cheese chasing

  • Great cinematics and soundtrack

Story Rich Arcs

Rats live in societies inside walls. Big corporate control the access to the outside world where cheese, the main currency and food can be found by cheese hunters. In order to find out what happened to your missing siblings, you will have to be employed as a cheese hunter to sneak your way to the outside world, far from home. Through this adventure the narrative deals with social themes related to inequality and conspiracies.

Hide from horrifying cats

The outside world is filled with traps and scary looking cats. Use your speed and small size to sneak your way through this mysterious world without getting caught.

More details to come, make sure to wishlist and follow to stay tuned.

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A Rat's life: the Cat Conspiracy on Steam

Fit For a King

Fit For a King

Fit For a King is a relatively short game but is definitely an enjoyable experience. The whole game is centred around the summit that you will be throwing and your main goal is to outspend your rival.

Like the trailer says, you can pretty much do anything, from executing a foreign ambassador to marrying a literal piece of sh- ahem refuse.

At times it can seem a bit aimless and it can be hard to find the clues to get things you need but otherwise is quite fun and definitely worth a play.

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

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The game has a weak and slow start, don’t let this dissuade you. The controls are dated and supposed to feel like a mid to late 80’s crpg, but are way more straight forward and easy to understand then those ever were back then without 200 page manuals. Once you can get a good grasp of the controls the game opens up and the gameplay starts. For the most part it’s a puzzle game with some loot hunting in it. The humor is pretty good and the mix of both serious and silly just strikes that perfect balance. It’s only really down fall and biggest selling point is that it’s short and sweet and complete. It left me wanting more, which is rare for most game these days. It made me want to give ultima another shot or some other Crpgs. I guess some minor things that made me sad was that while there was a ton of lines for the NPCs I wish there was more , and by extension more tasks or quests. (Spoiler) Another minor thing was that it’s never explained in game that some walls can be walked through as a sort of secret entrance.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Fit For a King on Steam

Florida Man: Hurricane Hijinks

Florida Man: Hurricane Hijinks

Six hours until the hurricane hits. Six hours alone on a Florida island with no one to stop you. Six hours of free booze and stale burgers. Six hours to reach fame!

Slip into Florida Man’s favorite incarnation - Dale - for one hour game play sessions full of laughs and eyerolls, ending with sharable headlines summarizing your exploits! Roam the island to find books, keys, weapons, and many many hidden items! Hunt a little, explore the swamp, or see what the inhabitants of the Vampire Hotel were up to! Oh, and always try beating your friend’s score (you do have a friend, right?) by coming up with crazier hijinks!


Discover this scenic Florida island. Roam the beautiful hills, smell the flowers. Pet a pretty duckling and somewhere along the way, don’t forget to break into the diner to fill your empty stomach. That place had it coming!


It was a chore in your second year arts class with Ms. Guttentag that old hag, but things have changed! Who could turn down a pirate hat made of leather and two rolls of duct tape? Or an apron to finally cover up after that unfortunate bathroom incident…


Don’t fall to your death. Don’t overdose. And for god’s sake, don’t get caught breaking into the Vampire Hotel! You remember the stories about that place. Ever since that shipwreck, strange things have been happening there!

What Will Your Headline Be?

Florida Man Goes Home Early With Illegal Drugs!

Florida Man Can Not Stand The Heat! White House Set To Issue Statement Monday At 11am. Tacos May Be At Fault!

Naked Florida Man Wields Speed Limit!

After eating pork rinds and grits, Florida Man went crazy. Sources say, Sheriff may have known. Nobody hurt.

Reporters out of Business! Florida Man on Vacation!

Faced with lack of news, Tribune continues to report on pancakes! Florida Man’s grandmother concerned, police remain optimistic.

Tired Florida Man brings home Chicken Hat!

Reading 13 books was not enough for naked Florida Man. Breaks into Cafe and steals Nixon’s prized personal photo. Police still searching for witnesses.

How To Make Scrambled Eggs

Add some butter to pan on medium-low heat. While it melts, combine eggs with some milk, add salt and pepper. Add into the pan once hot. Stir occasionally until the eggs have firmed up to your taste. For cheesier eggs, add cheese. For bacon flavor, add bacon. Do not add pets or spouses.

Fine Print

No developers were harmed during the writing of this description. We treated them well, fed them Dr Pepper and chocolate. We promise. Don’t listen to the badgers. They weren’t even there. They have no witnesses. Dale said it was alright!

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Florida Man: Hurricane Hijinks on Steam

Hobo Cat Adventures

Hobo Cat Adventures

A fun and silly 3D platformer with a character and story aesthetic like a love letter to Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Full of silliness, over the top humor, potty mouths, flying body parts, and is a blast! Ride a chicken to get around. Zoom around on an over-caffeinated spree. Roll around with crazy physics as a Snowball. Blast a regiment of rat warriors to smithereens with bombs. Hack em to bits with a chainsaw and collect their heads as trophies. Twang your banjo. Help a very drunk duck deny the reality of his living conditions. Drink Hobo Brew until you’re pissing on plants to rejuvinate the local flora and fauna. Full of little nods and references to it’s inspirations. An overall a silly good time!

Real player with 16.7 hrs in game

So, first of all, I have to say this game was my first Steam purchase and I don’t regret it.

The funny characters, the varied places as well as the many possibilities that the items offer always put a smile on my face.

Some of the collectibles are well hidden but not unfair. The quests that you get in the game are all very varied and do not repeat themselves.

As a German, I don’t understand the Eastereggs that are based on the Swiss streaming scene, but so it piqued my interest to take a look. It was really interesting to deal with it a little more, because I never noticed anything about it. Which of course is not surprising.

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

Hobo Cat Adventures on Steam

Re: Award

Re: Award

Basically there is only one objective in this game you must complete using the basic power provided. The hallway corridor is small and short so if you reach the end it just resets you back to the beginning. This is where you will realize that the power is required to progress. By right-clicking you activate her magic powers and the goal is to find all the missing furniture and making it spawn back in its original place. After you place all 23 pieces of furniture down you exit through the corridor and the game is complete. The achievement will be unlocked and that is the end of the game. Probably spent less than five minutes to finish the game. Overall rating 5/10 based on length and difficulty. Cannot complain since it is a free game.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Third person F2P Corridor Walking Simulator.

A game of searching for objects using a special ability.


Rin’s friend Scarlett came to Rin’s grandfather’s house in the country.

Rin’s grandfather died when she was young, and Rin wants to know what kind of person her grandfather was.

Scarlett’s special ability

Scarlett has a special ability to project what was there in the past.

She can project the old furnitures of Rin’s grandfather.

If you can project all the furniture, the game will be completed.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Re: Award on Steam

Shine Within

Shine Within

-Yes, this game is free, and no, i think it would have been better to keep this in an early access state.-

Some factors remind me of games like Undertale, some ‘jokes’ of Toby Fox’s style of writing in general.

Having said that, this game misses opportunities to build up irony where it seemingly wants to, which results in boring gameplay fairly quickly. Unfortunately i had a game breaking bug ontop, unable to get the last piece of a mandatory objective, hence i could not advance in the game and had to start over right at the beginning.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

For a free game, it isn’t bad. I can tell there was a strong inspiration from Undertale. There isn’t any combat here and the puzzles are all very mild. There is a story hidden here, but it is told in a vague enough fashion that I never really felt sucked into the world. Especially since the “memories” start coming quickly towards the end, breaking the flow of action time and time again.

That being said, I can see a lot of passion behind this game and it is definitely worth a try…especially for free!

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Shine Within on Steam

Little Reaper

Little Reaper

Charming puzzle platformer. Super cute animation and family-friendly gameplay. The tiny grim is the cutest thing! Throwing the scythe to teleport is key and an excellent mechanic. Reap those souls!


Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

This Platformer was a lot of fun! Makes you think in more challenging areas. Artwork is brilliant, can easily get lost playing this for hours! Definitely worth a buy!

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Little Reaper on Steam

Isolation Story

Isolation Story

I received a copy of this game from the dev to Let’s Play it and I really enjoyed my time with it. This is a survival game heavily inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic where you need to survive for 7 days until a vaccine can be created and deployed.

You’ll need to manage your character’s health, hunger and happiness. It’s oddly addictive and has a surprising amount of stuff to do given how small the city is. Including tons of achievements to try and complete, and even a way to time travel.


Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Isolation Story on Steam