Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse (Episode 1)

Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse (Episode 1)

The game gives a few laughs and so far the story seems to be intriguing, so I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next. And it’s nice to see some familiar characters from the animated shorts in it.

Some problem I have with this game is how much of it is exploration and how little is a part of the story itself. The game can be completed really quickly if you only focus on the tasks they give you. But there’s a bunch of locations and countless of objects you can interact with in each of them. So vast majority of the game is just clicking everything and listening to your character saying something funny about it, coming up with another pun (I swear this game contains every single pun you could ever come up with), sometimes unlocking a costume piece or giving you some easter egg. I don’t think the balance is right if I have to spend hours examining all the new locations open to me, but when I move on to actually do the tasks to carry on in the game, it turns out it only takes a few minutes and suddenly I’m back to having to explore more locations.

Real player with 19.3 hrs in game

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You go to the school doctor because you feel ill - and she welcomes you by telling you that they don’t do plastic surgery here. Or whether you’ve come because of your malnutrition or your terrible body odour … well, that’s how you constantly get treated in Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse. Funded on Kickstarter, it is based on the dark yet humorous Explosm comics. To ensure that the humour and character design of the comics is also reflected in the game, publisher Serenity Forge and developer Skeleton Crew Studios have worked closely with Explosm and I-Mockery. With Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse, subtitled Hall Pass To Hell, the first of three planned parts has now been released.

Real player with 17.4 hrs in game

Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse (Episode 1) on Steam

Psycho Bathroom

Psycho Bathroom

This is a 2D hack-and-slash action game where you assume the role of a ninja-like toothbrush. In the bathroom you reside in, the toilet lid is broken, causing plumes of aerosol to shoot up in the air whenever the toilet is flushed. All sort of might-be-infectious matters floats among them, threatening everything in the bathroom. You, as a toothbrush, must exercise your agility to avoid hit and at the same time annihilate the threat.

Be a hygienic toothbrush to keep your master clean. In turn, your healthy master will work hard to earn money for you to level up and unlock new abilities. Remember not to spend all the money on your own stuff. Your ultimate mission is to buy a new toilet lid to stop the chaos once and for all.

Game Features

  • Tight control allows you to move around and strike swiftly.

  • Enemies and bosses with different ai movements and attack patterns. Observe, plan, dodge and attack accordingly.

  • See the consequences you cause to your master after every battle. Feel bad, happy or indifferent, your choice.

  • Buy equipment. Improve your stats!

  • Unlock new abilities. e.g. dash, double jump and special chain attack(coming soon).

  • Unlimited levels with increasing difficulty.

  • Dumbfounding ending cutscene. Work your way up to see it.

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Psycho Bathroom on Steam

Air Marty

Air Marty

An…interesting game. First, let me talk about the downsides of this game: some typos in the game and some of the minigames were either a bit hard or the controls were a bit finicky (I wasn’t sure which it was in all honesty). Both issues I have with the game are actually pretty small overall. I did thoroughly enjoy myself playing this game, so that definitely outweighed any downside I had with the game. There are a total of 64 (technically 65) endings, which I did love. I didn’t realize at first that I could use the continue feature to pick points in the game so I can get the various endings a lot quicker than redoing the whole game every single time. I expected a comedy (which it most definitely is) but I wasn’t prepared for a dark comedy (which a lot of the endings get pretty dark, so a warning for anyone who is sensitive to dark jokes and

! themes of suicide/self harm). Strangely enough, I did also thoroughly enjoy the artwork in-game. It was varied and some were (purposefully?) odd/bad, but it was unique and added another comedic effect to the game.

Real player with 10.2 hrs in game

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The game was worth the money and time I spent with it. This is this developers first game, you can definitely feel it. There is a level of polish missing that while isn’t too distracting is definitely notable.

The game takes quite a long time to launch. There is a button binded that brings you directly back to the menu instead of a pause screen. There is a button that skips the menu that takes you directly to the level select. You can spam these buttons and reload the menus really fast and cause the soundtrack to restart rapidly. The way certain controls feel on multiple levels feel very floaty and weird. Not being able to skip through the dialogue fast enough to replay a mini-game can be a chore, especially if the mini-game isn’t very self explanatory and you can fail some of them instantly.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

Air Marty on Steam

New Ice York

New Ice York

This game is so much more than I expected it to be. At first, playing it- I was charmed by how weird it was but after playing through it, I found myself feeling connected to this universe and the characters within it. It’s intuitive- familiar, but totally different. Refreshingly fun, and an overall great release by magicdweedo, an artist I’ve really enjoyed since Mealmate™. Make sure to check out the soundtrack, too- it’s really catchy!

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

New Ice York has deceptively good writing. The first chapter is unfortunately slow, which is a bad problem for a game of this length to have, but that slowness does its job of lulling you into a familiarity with the characters that it uses as a platform to build off of. NIY unfurls in a way similar to Frog Fractions or magicdweedoo’s last major game, Ticket: breaking its own rules and shuffling weird mechanics around. Where the former games engage themselves in a game of zany one-upsmanship, though, New Ice York’s treatment of mechanics is much more narrative and constrained. Detective has an oblique resemblance to Deadly Premonition’s Francis York Morgan / Twin Peak’s Dale Cooper, and similar to those stories New Ice York’s descent into surrealism takes on a personal significance in the quest of the protagonist.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

New Ice York on Steam




Strange things are happening in the Land of the Dead. Instead of reaping souls, Thanatos, the Angel of Death, has to deal with his teenage daughter Prim. Every night, Prim has the same dream: An oddly familiar human boy cries out for her help. Needless to say that our heroine tries to answer the call. There‘s just one tiny problem: The Grim Reaper has strictly forbidden her to enter the Realm of the Living – she‘s not ready for the immense power she‘d develop there, he claims.

Unfortunately, when Prim finds a way to trick her father and travel to Earth, it painfully turns out that Thanatos‘s presentiments have been right all along…

At its core, PRIM is a story of a father learning to let go and a girl finding out who she really is. But it’s also a thrilling adventure, full of magic and darkness. On her journey, Prim repeatedly has to switch between the Realm of the Dead and the Land of the Living, where she faces demons, real ones and ones within herself, while always being accompanied by her sidekick, an eye with spider legs.

Key features

  • Hand drawn HD artwork and traditional frame-by-frame animation

  • Simple one-click interface

  • 6-8 hours of varied gameplay

  • Atmospheric orchestral soundtrack

  • Control multiple characters

  • In-game hint system, hot-spots and fast-travel

  • Mini games, such as a deck-building card game

Try the free demo!

  • Release: Feb 2, 2021

  • For PC, Mac and Linux

  • 30-60 minutes of gameplay

  • Texts in English, German, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian!

  • Voice over in English and German

PRIM on Steam

The Call Centre

The Call Centre

This game is half an hour long. There’s no sound effects or music, just some barely animated stock library anime sprites supposed to represent your co-workers. Horribly written dialogue with poor grammar and multiple spelling mistakes every sentence, very few branching paths or dialogue possibilities. Did I mention it’s half an hour long?

I played it because I liked the premise having worked in a call centre before and love visual novels, but with so little “game” here I don’t think it’s worth even a fraction of what the dev is charging. Frankly I’ve played free visual novels which have better production values and effort put in than this.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

At face value, The Call Centre does not work at all as a game: It is slow, soul crushing and completely shallow at its core. However, as a meta-joke about customer service work, The Call Centre is painfully real in presenting the world of phone work as accurately as it ever would need to. It is a world where the general public continue to disappoint you, a world where toxic work environments bring out the worst in those who thrive on it and prey on those with the best intentions. I think Junaid, perhaps naively, went into this with those exact intentions and a commendable effort he even tried to really. Not many games thrive on the same concepts of a drab, day-to-day, office environment, with Paper’s Please and Stanley Parable being the only ones that spring to mind. The anime, visual novel, inspired look is something I can appreciate too. That said, there needs to be a bit more to The Call Centre than that, so players stay gripped on the idea. At the very least though, the heart is in the right place

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

The Call Centre on Steam

Clarence Goes to the F&#%ING Store

Clarence Goes to the F&#%ING Store

This game was amazing, the humor was fantastic and I really enjoyed the art style. If you’re looking for something quick I would recommend you try this out. 10/10

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

I’ve only played through 2 endings so far, but I had to come here to say this is amazing. Well worth the tiny price. When’s the last time a game made you laugh out loud in an empty apartment? It’s simple, a visual novel, not “challenging” at all, but if you enjoy dark humor you’ll have a good time.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Clarence Goes to the F&#%ING Store on Steam

Don’t Be A Baby!

Don’t Be A Baby!

Don’t Be A Baby! is side scrolling run and gun with heavy influences from Metal Slug and Cuphead but with a focus on story and animated cutscenes to convey a hilarious narrative inspired from the works of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Mike Jude, and Matt Groening. Difficult but rewarding gameplay with a boss focused goal in each level.

You play as Max Murphy who is baby who has been fed up with his mother leaving him alone every night. Finally after breaking out of his prison they call a “Crib”, Max finds himself in a world that he doesn’t know and must defend himself!

Don't Be A Baby! on Steam

Helheim Hassle

Helheim Hassle

Hello, new hyperfixation! You are just what I needed to get through everything else, my ray of light in this time of darkness!

That might sound overdramatic, but in all seriousness this game is excellent. To be honest I was a bit worried that the world of Manual Samuel might have been ditched, so finding out that this takes place in the same universe was a relief! I’d been pretty attached to MS’s characters back when I was into it, and it would seem that Helheim Hassle is continuing Perfectly Paranormal’s trend of introducing characters you can really feel for!

Real player with 338.5 hrs in game

Honestly, I too would want to escape Valhalla if I was forced to be on an Esports team.

The creators of Manuel Samuel is back with another game! And just with how Manuel Samuel was a unique adventure will humor surrounding Samuel’s unfortunate situation, so is Helheim Hassle. And fun fact, Helheim Hassle and Manuel Samuel takes place in the same universe and even on the same day.

Helheim Hassle brings us to a young teenage Viking named Bjorn Hammerparty who isn’t like his Viking brethren. Unlike everyone else, he is a pacifist. He doesn’t want to go out fighting so he makes sure he doesn’t get into a situation where he has to and he sure doesn’t want to go to Valhalla. However, during a battle that is sure to wipe out his whole village, Bjorn gets into a fatal accident while he was running to his hideout. The sketchy bridge he was crossing may have made him fall straight onto a bear. Once Bjorn comes to, he’s a ghost and his body is limbless. Before moving on, Bjorn attaches his limbs back on his body and talks to Modgunn to be granted passage into Helheim. However, his cowardly fall to his death was counted as him heroically killing a bear without a weapon and is brought into Valhalla by the Allfather.

Real player with 36.2 hrs in game

Helheim Hassle on Steam

Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die!

For some of us, the 1980s never ended. The true scene veterans persevered through the changing trends in music, fashion and common decency, keeping glam rock alive through sheer stubbornness and detachment from reality. When one of the least successful bands in hair metal decides it’s time for a comeback, no one is safe. They may have put on a few pounds and lost some of their graying hair, but their rocking power and sex appeal are still… Uh, as questionable as ever? But this time they’re sure to make it big. This time rock ‘n ‘roll will never die!

Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die! on Steam