Garbage: Hobo Prophecy

Garbage: Hobo Prophecy

Can’t recommend the game, based on the demo…

You start out with RIDICULOUSLY little resources, and then you’re supposed to survive and scrounge together a living by traveling to different areas/zones to collect more resources. The problem is that my hobo died of cold before I could get warmth (since your hunger/warmth/hygiene/energy is constantly draining from the start of the game). This makes the game a constant juggle of your hobo(s)’s resources and your hobo camp is raided by other hobos every couple of minutes. I think that the game could be playable, if there were more resources to be gotten or if there was a reliable way to generate resources, but currently there isn’t. Now, that would make the game playable, but it still wouldn’t be enjoyable imo. Quite a lot of stuff needs to be done before this game becomes enjoyable, nevermind playable. So in its current state, I can’t recommend the game, but I’ll try the full version of the game down the line and see if that is at least good enough to be recommended.

Real player with 124.5 hrs in game

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I’ve had a chance to test this game on my friends account and I can to say one thing for a fact - this game is difficult.

One thing is watching how someone plays it, but the real deal is playing it. Very soon you realise it shares some similarities with heroes of might and magic 3, where few silly decisions can cost your life in future.

The game keeps punishing you for every mistake you do, nor training too much, neither trying to quickly go through the quests will do the trick. I love the way this game tingles your anxiety when the winter comes and you realise that your main issue is not the food anymore. Stacking up supplies might help you pass through the winter which reminded me a great strategy game - Northgard.

Real player with 25.0 hrs in game

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