A Chamber of Stars

A Chamber of Stars

Each person has a universe inside of them.

A personal universe with characters influenced by the observable reality around them. Your friends, the fans, the local shop clerk, each person you pass without giving pause is another universe. You make up a story about them, they form a story about you. The universes expand.

I always wonder how similar our universes can be. You and I. Will I ever be able to pierce through and present myself, my real self, or will the information be lost in translation? The thing rattling around in our heads can’t be all that different. We both still get choked up over the same melodies, it’s only human to do so, right?

Maybe, if you would like it, I could play something for you. Lord knows your songs are still rattling around in my head.

The singularly named Starr, an enigmatic performer, guitarist and songwriter, has somehow survived the constant shifting tide of the musical landscape. Decade after decade, this artist has remained relevant in culture’s eye. After multiple personas, genre manipulations and controversies, the public is still buzzing. “What will Starr do next?” The rumors say their upcoming album will be the fated magnum opus…

A Chamber of Stars is the sequel to 2018’s The Endless Empty. Through six unique worlds the life of the rock n’ roll hero, Starr, will be pieced together. Exploration, choices and performances will change the course of a life and will alter the songs that are produced. A Chamber of Stars will feature a mix of classic adventure games, puzzle solving and unique rhythm game performances all within a fully realized surrealist universe.

Nothing heavenly or divine; just filthy mortal music here.

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A Chamber of Stars on Steam

Kamikaze Veggies

Kamikaze Veggies

Red, communist vegetables want to take control over the world. Only a special squad of veggies - warriors can stop them. If you like absurd humor and a breath of adventure on your back, then you’ve come to the right place!

Kamikaze Veggies is a game where the wrong move means death. Keep your eyes peeled! You need to be focused to react quickly to a threat. If you are smart, you have a chance of a successful mission. When the frontline situation is dire, use a suicide blast. This is the specialty of the rebel crew.

Red communist vegetables are your enemy. They are cruel and ruthless bastards. They want to take control of the whole world. Reds are better armed, and their troops contain GMO mutants - extremely aggressive beasts.

Get ready for a deadly encounter. War is not a place for cowards!

Key features:

  • Single-player mode with an interesting story

  • Third-person perspective

  • 3D graphic

  • Split-screen mode option (co-op for two players)

  • Unique gameplay based on the sacrifice of kamikaze warriors

  • Many interesting missions

  • Many fascinating characters with different skills

  • Beautiful and contrasting art styles with great music

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Kamikaze Veggies on Steam



Cataplexy is a short visual novel that combines incompatible genres of comedy and horror. It all depends on the chosen interpretation of events and the mood of the reader. To believe in the mystical nature of what is happening or to make out logical explanations. To be horrified by the state of hopelessness or to laugh at the comicality of the situation. This is for you to decide. Although the hero of our story in any case will have a hard time.


  • Possibility to choose the mood of the story: ironic or serious.

  • Visits by various otherworldly entities.

  • Backgrounds that combine hallucinations with reality.

  • A non-standard view of a truly existing phenomenon called Cataplexy.

  • A lot of story fragments were based on personal experience.

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Cataplexy on Steam

New Ice York

New Ice York

This game is so much more than I expected it to be. At first, playing it- I was charmed by how weird it was but after playing through it, I found myself feeling connected to this universe and the characters within it. It’s intuitive- familiar, but totally different. Refreshingly fun, and an overall great release by magicdweedo, an artist I’ve really enjoyed since Mealmate™. Make sure to check out the soundtrack, too- it’s really catchy!

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

New Ice York has deceptively good writing. The first chapter is unfortunately slow, which is a bad problem for a game of this length to have, but that slowness does its job of lulling you into a familiarity with the characters that it uses as a platform to build off of. NIY unfurls in a way similar to Frog Fractions or magicdweedoo’s last major game, Ticket: breaking its own rules and shuffling weird mechanics around. Where the former games engage themselves in a game of zany one-upsmanship, though, New Ice York’s treatment of mechanics is much more narrative and constrained. Detective has an oblique resemblance to Deadly Premonition’s Francis York Morgan / Twin Peak’s Dale Cooper, and similar to those stories New Ice York’s descent into surrealism takes on a personal significance in the quest of the protagonist.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

New Ice York on Steam

A Museum of Self & Space

A Museum of Self & Space

A Museum of Self and Space should be a reminder of not only the beauty we can bring into the world, but how cruel that beauty can be.

A museum about our inner demons and how they’re reflected in the world around us. A Museum of Self & Space is a first person narrative game where you will explore a surreal museum of about a failed architect. It is about life, love, success, and the lack of all three. Explore a house that won’t stop changing, a collapsing apartment, and avoid eye contact in a locker room.

In A Museum of Self & Space you will interact with narrative vignettes each with their own novel mechanic, while learning about the life of Jules, the fictitious creator of A Museum of Self & Space.

A Museum of Self & Space on Steam

You Pilot A Piece Of S***: GAIDEN

You Pilot A Piece Of S***: GAIDEN

10 out of 10! A game about shit that is better than all the shit games out there now!

Pros: You are poo.

Cons: Not enough corn.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

My dream of role-playing as a turd has finally come true! It’s an interesting mix of flappy bird and gradius from a gameplay perspective; with one button for jumping and another for shooting. You can also gain extra life by collecting more turds.

The variety of enemies and levels slowly change the longer you play as well.


Recommend you change your buttons to something other than mouse 1 and 2 or you’ll get carpal tunnel!

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

You Pilot A Piece Of S***: GAIDEN on Steam

1f y0u’re a gh0st ca11 me here! 幽铃热线

1f y0u’re a gh0st ca11 me here! 幽铃热线

I think this game’s charming in its way. It has quite a unique gameplay that I think it’s worth a try.

Gameplay is somewhat demanding. It’s kinda like playing papers please, but have to check about 2-4 different documents all at once and it is up to the players to make a split judgement where to send where.

The game is quite difficult, but I think anyone can get used to the game over time.

Story is short? I think? I haven’t seen all the endings (cuz the game’s hard..), but in terms of building an overall environment and the characters were interesting enough for what this game is worth.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

i really wanted to like the game but the story sucks there is only one song that is kinda annoying the gameplay is innovating but at the end it breaks and looses meaning

at first i was like i need to get all A but in the end i said fuck it i don’t care

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

1f y0u're a gh0st ca11 me here! 幽铃热线 on Steam

Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square

Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square

I love the arcade aesthetic of this game, and its very much like the original on coolmathgames.com, the only problem is, when i close the app it doesn’t register as closed and i have to shut down steam if i want to play it again. edit: the bug i mentioned is fixed

Real player with 81.2 hrs in game

Challenging but fun platformer game. Sooooo relieved there are checkpoints throughout to save my progress! Never thought being laughed at by Security boxes could feel so…personal haha :(. Love the neon theme and music, feels like the 80s.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square on Steam

Shine Within

Shine Within

-Yes, this game is free, and no, i think it would have been better to keep this in an early access state.-

Some factors remind me of games like Undertale, some ‘jokes’ of Toby Fox’s style of writing in general.

Having said that, this game misses opportunities to build up irony where it seemingly wants to, which results in boring gameplay fairly quickly. Unfortunately i had a game breaking bug ontop, unable to get the last piece of a mandatory objective, hence i could not advance in the game and had to start over right at the beginning.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

For a free game, it isn’t bad. I can tell there was a strong inspiration from Undertale. There isn’t any combat here and the puzzles are all very mild. There is a story hidden here, but it is told in a vague enough fashion that I never really felt sucked into the world. Especially since the “memories” start coming quickly towards the end, breaking the flow of action time and time again.

That being said, I can see a lot of passion behind this game and it is definitely worth a try…especially for free!

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Shine Within on Steam

Hell Invades Heaven

Hell Invades Heaven

Read carefully, as this story is too boring to read it again.

You, an absolutely newbie hellish commander, gain the possibility* to prove that all rumors about your person are at least 28% wrong, and you are in fact capable of commanding small forces in the greatest Hell vs Heaven war that ever happened**.

Put on your Unterleutnant uniform and do your job.

What you probably want to know:

  • 15*** almost beautiful, challenging levels on Hell, Earth and Heaven scenery.

  • 10 different minions, so you don’t need to do everything yourself.

  • A lot of challenging puzzles that may be impossible to solve for people under 5 y.o.

  • Interesting dialogues for full silent cinema experience.

  • You can decorate Devil with tattoos****.

  • Beware of holy water!


_* of course if you buy or torrent game, otherwise you will be seen as uncappable of this tasks for the rest of your life

** at least in this dimension; C137 and D2R2 are much more interesting in this case

*** circa about, I run out of fingers counting

**** butterfly on back is strictly forbidden!_

Hell Invades Heaven on Steam