A Chamber of Stars

A Chamber of Stars

Each person has a universe inside of them.

A personal universe with characters influenced by the observable reality around them. Your friends, the fans, the local shop clerk, each person you pass without giving pause is another universe. You make up a story about them, they form a story about you. The universes expand.

I always wonder how similar our universes can be. You and I. Will I ever be able to pierce through and present myself, my real self, or will the information be lost in translation? The thing rattling around in our heads can’t be all that different. We both still get choked up over the same melodies, it’s only human to do so, right?

Maybe, if you would like it, I could play something for you. Lord knows your songs are still rattling around in my head.

The singularly named Starr, an enigmatic performer, guitarist and songwriter, has somehow survived the constant shifting tide of the musical landscape. Decade after decade, this artist has remained relevant in culture’s eye. After multiple personas, genre manipulations and controversies, the public is still buzzing. “What will Starr do next?” The rumors say their upcoming album will be the fated magnum opus…

A Chamber of Stars is the sequel to 2018’s The Endless Empty. Through six unique worlds the life of the rock n’ roll hero, Starr, will be pieced together. Exploration, choices and performances will change the course of a life and will alter the songs that are produced. A Chamber of Stars will feature a mix of classic adventure games, puzzle solving and unique rhythm game performances all within a fully realized surrealist universe.

Nothing heavenly or divine; just filthy mortal music here.

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A Chamber of Stars on Steam

AR-K: The Great Escape

AR-K: The Great Escape

After playing the first 2 episodes I can safely say that this is the best episode so far!!! The developers certainly improved the game quality in both ways: technically and direction-wise. The following points sums up the following:


  • Gameplay quality much improved from first 2 episodes

  • Puzzles more interesting

  • Protagonist given more depth in character

  • Story development much more natural

  • Render quality improved

  • This episode is much more bug free than previous 2 episodes

Real player with 27.8 hrs in game

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It’s great when you come to a game and it’s a lot better than you thought it would be. While I enjoyed ar-k 1 and 2 and I do recommend those games to play first, this for me is a lot better - story, graphics, setting. The writing was very good and if you didn’t want to read everything, you didn’t need to click on that character’s bit of conversation but could come back to it if you wanted. I liked the humour, and it was witty in parts. It is the perfect balance of not just a good story which is vital in an adventure game but also good interactive gameplay.

Real player with 18.4 hrs in game

AR-K: The Great Escape on Steam

Captain Pegleg

Captain Pegleg

On their journey across the South Pacific, something incredible happens to Captain Pegleg and his crew. They find themselves stranded on an island, where our Captain goes on a treasure hunt and tries to hijack a new ship to escape while his crew is…. doing absolutely nothing!?

Captain Pegleg needs you to join him on this challenging journey. Help him find treasures and escape the island.

*** IGDA Rating 8.2/10 ***


• 2.5D platformer

• 40+ levels - challenging and fun

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Captain Pegleg on Steam

Afterbern Democralypse

Afterbern Democralypse

A pretty funny and generally well-made game, but oh my god the AI is infuriating. I don’t doubt that it’s intentionally annoying, but their patterns make it pretty hard to play more than a few matches and remain sane.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

This game is a political street fighter where you whoop peoples asses as certain characters such as donald trump and michelle obama…hilary…it’s funny and fun!

There needs to be more combos added I would say, I didn’t feel there was a ton of options.

This was fun and runs smooth with no problems, definitely worth the price tag especially on sale!

I feel bad no one else has even written a review, this game is a good time waiting for some friends with a set of controllers, on the real though!

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Afterbern Democralypse on Steam



you just wanted to hang with your crush!

so how’d you end up stuck between them and your friends in your tiny dorm room watching a campy horror film?

And what happens when the movie comes to life?

This is not what you signed up for.

COME ALIVE! is a first person 2.5d mystery visual novel about a group of friends, where you play from several of their perspectives. Can you get to the bottom of why this movie has come alive? Or should you just roll with it and have fun?

  • A regular cast of normal characters

  • Definitely nobody dies ahaha

  • ~1 hour playtime

  • Original, dream-like art and music

  • Gamepad + keyboard/mouse support

  • For MacOS / Windows / Linux

COME ALIVE! on Steam



I wholeheartedly wanted to like this game, but I can’t recommend it to everyone.

TL;DR it looks great, the premise is great, the voice acting is great, but it doesn’t feel great.

I’ll start off with some positives:

-I absolutely love the aesthetics. The artwork and the lighting and effects are fantastic.

-The environment is extremely detailed and there are plenty of background conversations to eavesdrop on.

-The voice acting is pristine, with a few exceptions.

-Meeting the Greater Demons was really cool.

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game


Afterparty is an story driven, supernatural game from the creators of Oxenfree.


The player controls Lola and Milo that just found out that they died and now have to endure hell for eternity – except there is a way to escape hell by outdrinking Satan in a drinking competition. This where the best buds decide to give it a shot and face Satan.

Personal Note

When I’ve heard that the creators of Oxenfree made a new game I was very excited to play it, unfortunately they decided to make it Epic exclusive for a certain amount of time. When it finally released on Steam, I waited a bit to just buy it during this year’s summer sale and I have to say that I really enjoyed playing through this game.

Real player with 16.8 hrs in game

Afterparty on Steam



A heartwarming tale of the will of mankind, and its ability to persevere through any adversity. The game is fun, silly, and an enjoyable 3 or so hour experience. Take it at face value as a satirical, goofy game and not one meant to be taken immensely seriously.

Also, dash in the air to go much faster. It doesn’t always work, but most of the time it does.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Godkiller on Steam

You Pilot A Piece Of S***: GAIDEN

You Pilot A Piece Of S***: GAIDEN

10 out of 10! A game about shit that is better than all the shit games out there now!

Pros: You are poo.

Cons: Not enough corn.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

My dream of role-playing as a turd has finally come true! It’s an interesting mix of flappy bird and gradius from a gameplay perspective; with one button for jumping and another for shooting. You can also gain extra life by collecting more turds.

The variety of enemies and levels slowly change the longer you play as well.


Recommend you change your buttons to something other than mouse 1 and 2 or you’ll get carpal tunnel!

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

You Pilot A Piece Of S***: GAIDEN on Steam

Ravenous Devils

Ravenous Devils

Manage a tailor and a cook corpse based business in a city where crime, bribery and poverty are a commonplace. Percival and Hildred just moved here with nothing but a dream: get extremely rich.

Take control of Percival to manage the tailor shop, wait for the arrival of clients seeking for a new suit, kill them at the right moment, throw them in the trap door that leads in the kitchen and use stolen outfits to make new ones: nothing will be wasted!

Take care of Hildred’s pub and customers. Feed them with delightful corpse based meals, manage effectively resources and make sure not to run out of ingredients.

Increase the fame of their business by buying new tools and upgrading the shops, but beware… someone knows their secret.

Ravenous Devils on Steam

Wholesome Slaughter

Wholesome Slaughter

As a man with slightly more than my fair share of hours on this marvelous experience, I believe I am one whomst beholdth the adequate knowledge to place a well thought out and honest review on this product. As previously stated, I have quite the record playing this game…and that is for a meritorious reason! This game…this formulation of bits and bytes of data, has amounted to even more than I ever thought possible in this feckless existence of ours. It has risen within me a purpose…a will to live. God blesseth this divine creation for the merits it has brought to my life…HUZZAH I SAY!!

Real player with 1325.7 hrs in game

What a fantastic game, honestly. Through 15 hours ive yet to encounter any bugs what so ever. Im a very big fan of the soundtrack and sound effects. The main theme actually makes a fantastic ringtone. I can see myself continuing to hop onto this game and try a speed run attempt anytime im bored and looking for something to kill some time on

Real player with 23.4 hrs in game

Wholesome Slaughter on Steam