Russian Subway Dogs

Russian Subway Dogs

8/10: Russian Subway Dogs is a fun, silly arcade game of barking, snatching food out of the air, and surviving the hazards of the Russian subway like bears and chocolate bars. MOLODETS!

Russian Subway Dogs is based on a true, real-life occurrence of stray dogs in Russia using the subways to commute into the city in order to find better food, the commuting back to the suburbs for safer places to sleep. Choose from a collection of referential dogs and cats and get to filling your belly with shawarma and burgers before the other dogs and animals.

Real player with 33.2 hrs in game

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Oh c’mon this is a fantastic arcade game with a ton of charm and meat-on-the-bone. Yeah, the price is off-putting at first, but I assure you this is top quality stuff. There is a solid campaign mode that helps you learn the ropes in steps. There is an endless mode complete with Steam Leaderboards. And lots of awesome unlockable characters that are largely cameos from other indie games. It’s surprising how much great diversity they crammed in here. Finally, the pixel art and music couldn’t be better.

Real player with 31.4 hrs in game

Russian Subway Dogs on Steam

天国病院-Heaven’s Hospital-

天国病院-Heaven’s Hospital-

Needs a lot of work but is playable.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

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天国病院-Heaven's Hospital- on Steam

Spinny’s Journey

Spinny’s Journey

Not sure how to explain but you are a stick that spins. You have to try not to touch the edges of the maze as quick as possible. Seems kind of unique to me, enjoyable in a frustrating kind of way.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

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Overall, I quite enjoyed this game as one of the first true homages to Kururin around. The music and visuals are quite good on the whole, and I found the level design to be nice as well.

However, I think the game is held back by some really odd gameplay issues that might not even matter to most players. For example, as I got into the later levels I noticed how hard it became to precisely move the ship since there’s this odd deadzone on the analog stick (I was playing with a DS4) that doesn’t read your inputs until the stick is moved about halfway from neutral.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Spinny's Journey on Steam

Stak Atak

Stak Atak



Blok pairs rain from the sky so do your best to rotate and place them as well as you can. If four bloks of the same colour are in a row then they are destroyed, your score goes up, and all nearby ground gets destroyed. Win by getting rid of all the special blue bloks buried in the ground. Try and get the most points possible or go for for the fastest time to see how far up the leaderboards you can get. The game features full controller support so play with a controller or simply use your keyboard.


There are 3 primary difficulties, each with their own leaderboard. Beyond this, you can adjust specific characteristics of the difficulty to tailor your experience to exactly how you want it, but rounds played with the custom difficulty do not contribute to the leaderboard. These specific changes you can make include: the depth of the dirt placed at the start of the ground, the speed at which bloks fall to the ground, and the quantity of special blue bloks buried in the ground.

Whak Atak:

A unique way to play the game where after certain numbers of bloks are place, crazy effects take effect on the game: your controls could be reversed, gravity could stop working, special new bloks could show up, and many more. This offers a more unpredictable way to play and can be done in the single player mode or can be played in the two player mode.

Two Player Mode:

You can play the game against a friend and see who can beat the game the fastest or maybe you could crank the difficulty up and see who can survive the longest. This mode keeps track of the number of times each player has won a game so you can really see who the best player is. Both players can play using the keyboard or have one player use the keyboard while the other uses a controller.

Stak Atak on Steam

Starship Turd Nugget: Too Cool For Stool

Starship Turd Nugget: Too Cool For Stool

After playing this game for a moderate amount of time, I can say as a fact. I am now “Too Cool For Stool”.

This game is quick and easy and great for passing time.

Real player with 53.1 hrs in game

A nice way to kill time in 2 minute increments :-)

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

Starship Turd Nugget: Too Cool For Stool on Steam



Zeko is an original puzzle game that’s fun to play.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Zeko on Steam

Jumping Joe! - Friends Edition

Jumping Joe! - Friends Edition

Was a fun casual game even with friends.

However, there’s no twist when someone is just good than the others. He will always win.

Hope to see something new regarding that in the future.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Great party game. I recommend using gamepad for it

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

Jumping Joe! - Friends Edition on Steam



Fun little game. I like the fact that it has a checkpoint system to let you enjoy the game yet only losing your score that way you can experience the game and then get better and your own pace! Could definitely see the Parodius inspirations!

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

I happened to receive this game for free during a key giveaway during Shmup Slam 4 which you should check out if you haven’t. This game is an incredibly well made shmup. It is 7 stages long and each one is actually designed quite well. It gives off huge Parodius vibes which is also awesome. All in all, if I hadn’t received the game for free I definitely would’ve bought it especially for 6 bucks US. If you enjoy shmups at all definitely give this game a shot. I can’t recommend it enough.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Rangerdog on Steam

Candy Fall

Candy Fall

a very cute and unique reaction game, its a high score based game with 12 different speeds. you can either start from the slowest speed or move directly to the fastest speed like a level select, the controls take a some time to get used to and feel a little clunky, if you’re searching for a difficult to master time waster this could be the game for you and i don’t think you’ll regret spending your precious dollar on this, if the game gets expanded with more modes, less clunky controls or a multiplayer i’m pretty sure it may have a potential future.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Candy Fall on Steam



“ONNANOKO” is back!

While the game may seem nostalgic at first glance, it’s actually a test of your ability to make accurate situational judgments in real time.

Rules of the Game

The goal is for the player, who is a small robot, to secure a larger area.

The player must secure the required area within the time limit to clear the stage.

The player can move around the perimeter of the unclaimed area.

You have to allow for the speed of movement to be halved as you carve out new territory.

There are enemy mobs roaming around in uncharted territory, but from their point of view, they can’t do any harm unless an alien player invades. (But that may not necessarily be the whole truth…)

Occasionally, things can be found that can help you.

Clearing a stage will reveal the entirety of the “ONNANOKO” record.


  • More technical 30 different stages and their rankings.

  • 30 challenging achievements

  • When clearing the game: Time remaining, life remaining, and excess area bonus from the required area.

  • When playing: Bonus for securing a large area at a time, bonus for burying more than one enemy at a time.

  • You can play with a gamepad or keyboard.


  • All characters in this game are 18 years old or older. (There is no nudity)

  • The graphics and musics in this game are used with official permission.


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