UFO vs Bikini

UFO vs Bikini

A very unusual game with an original idea. We have to play the role of a UFO, which collects resources on earth, and in very strange proportions and for incomprehensible purposes. The game itself is not difficult and is perfect for a weekend.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

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If you love 2D games, then in general this game is worth paying attention to. The only thing I didn’t like was that the price was too high. I think it’s worth buying at a discount during the sale.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

UFO vs Bikini on Steam

La Memoire

La Memoire

La Mémoire is a futuristic visual novel about longing and the struggle to bring back lost memories, set in a future where humans live alongside androids.


The story takes place in the near future, where scientists and innovators have created near-perfect androids to help humans with their daily necessities. At first, they were only produced to help people in their homes, but then slowly began to penetrate the industrial sector as workers. Soon, they were replacing humans. Many were satisfied, but many were not. People began protesting against the use of androids in the industrial sector, resulting in a destructive revolt against androids by humans.

This led to severe damage in the industrial market. For the first time in widespread human history, human rights won over deeply corrupt leaders and governments, as there was nothing those in power could do to suppress the protests of the people, who had nothing to lose from the androids having taken their livelihood.

Today, androids are limited to performing housework or helping elderly people, focusing only on serving humans. Even though laws were passed prohibiting the use of androids beyond certain situations, there remains a black market for people who attempt to use broken androids for activities like manufacturing weapons, illegal dealings, and other shady activities. Thus, the world still is not truly at peace.

After Inazuma Kazuya lost his mother for unknown reasons, his father, a renowned scientist, took Kazuya to another city. But before Kazuya left, he promised to play with his friend Kotobuki Risu for the last time, only to find her killed in a car accident right in front of his eyes. Losing both his mother and his friend brought Kazuya trauma, which he blamed himself for.

Years passed, and Kazuya decided to move back to Ringo City and enroll in a private high school, Kiyoku High School. He determined that he was going to find peace for himself at last, thinking that he couldn’t live with such guilt forever. He lives in a mixed dorm with his new friends: Asami Mao, an energetic yet caring girl; and a mysterious girl with a penchant for music, Kamome Saaya.

For a time, Kazuya’s life went smoothly. Slowly but surely, he began to come to terms with all that had happened in his past and started to make peace with himself. But things turn upside down suddenly when Kazuya sees his once dead childhood friend. His hand suddenly shivers and his face turns white. All the memories about his childhood friend, accompanied by the guilt, sweep over him like a torrent in a deep sea. Kazuya then approaches the girl and abruptly asks her about everything he can. Much to Kazuya’s surprise, the girl doesn’t seem to know him. She only introduces herself as Kotobuki Risu. Her voice, her crimson-red eyes, her gesture, and everything else is just the same. Kazuya is positive that she is Risu herself. But why doesn’t she remember him?


  • Multiple Routes and Endings

  • 20+ CGs

  • 8-10 Hours of Gameplay

  • Beautiful OST

  • Windows, OSX, & Linux Support

Inazuma Kazuya

An infamous transfer student known for his cool, composed, yet kind attitude. Everyone also knows him as someone who is ‘not so good academically, but godly in physical activities’; something proven his participation in many sports clubs, which to this day beg him to join them or be a temporary member of their tournaments. Despite his childhood traumas, he returned to Ringo City to make peace with himself and his past, not knowing he’d meet his supposedly dead childhood friend, Risu, once more.

Kotobuki Risu

The supposedly once-dead childhood friend of Kazuya. She was turned into an android by her father because her father still wanted to see her smile, even in death. She lost all of her emotions and memories in the process, leaving her but an empty vessel of a ‘living’ android. She may appear precious and fragile, but under her cute and doll-like appearance, she is actually the strongest android in existence.

Asami Mao

Her smile is her best quality, and it’s something that everyone in Kiyoku High School can tell you. Rumor has it she can melt even the coldest heart, Asami Mao. Besides her cheerful, caring, and energetic nature, she has an abundant love for felines. She is also a good engineer—she has a penchant for building cute feline robots. How perfect can she be? None would seem to doubt her perfection; that is, unless they happen to know about the hollowness of it all. Her encounters with Kazuya changes her little by little, as she gradually feels that Kazuya has the same pain as she does.

Kamome Saaya

A mysterious elegant girl who barely talks and has a sharp gaze. Because of her dark stare, people often mistake her for being angry. She often got into problems because of this, mainly with upperclassmen. She dreams of becoming a great musician just like her mother once was. However, she struggles with this dream because of her own traumas.

Kotobuki Ryuu

A newly transferred student who takes the entire school by storm. He immediately overthrows Kazuya’s position as the most influential and popular student in school. Compared to Kazuya, Ryuu can seemingly do anything slightly better, and even more, he’s not a dimwit like Kazuya, and he is arguably more charming.

Kazuya isn’t bothered by Ryuu’s existence however, or so he tells himself. Yet, Ryuu claims to be Risu’s older problem, something Kazuya can’t accept - not just because of him knowing her so well, but because he can’t remember her even having siblings in the first place. Ryuu seems to know everything about Risu however, and has decided to help Risu regain all her memories together with Kazuya - but what is his real plan?

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La Memoire on Steam

Save the Universe, Please!

Save the Universe, Please!

I’ll say this right off the bat. This game is great if you’re looking for something really laid back. It has a cute, light-hearted story; nothing too deep, and the gameplay itself is quite simple. It also has a bit of a Star Trek feel to it. You can definitely tell the creator is a fan.

Basically, you’re the captain of a spaceship. You travel from planet to planet chasing down your threat-to-the-unverse first officer while collecting some alien friends along the way. You can either try to save the universe and win over your second officer, or like me, stab everyone in the back and make it with your first officer~

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

First things first–this is basically a visual novel. That’s fine, I like visual novels, but it might disappoint others. There is, nominally, combat, but when you run (usually by accident) into an enemy, you either defeat it and get one Spacebuck or you don’t and take damage. Enemies almost never block your path, and the main reason to use currency is to buy weapons, and weapons…allow you to beat stronger enemies. Hmmm.

Aaaaanyway, this game is for people like me who just wanted a story about cute alien girls running around and trying to save the universe. For that, it delivered. While the main cast is a teeny bit simplistic, they, and the story, are endearing and occasionaly surprising.

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Save the Universe, Please! on Steam

Die, AI

Die, AI

A traditional horror RPG set in space, with heavy emphasis on puzzle-solving, survival and jump scares. As the lone survivor onboard a spaceship returning to Earth from a mining mission, you must work your way through the ship that has been taken over by the systems A.I which hellbent on killing everything on board. Limited oxygen, failing systems and A.I created booby traps.

Die, AI on Steam



Very cool world, average mechanics.

Game is not difficult.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Simple platformer for kids and adults. The game is quite short and it’s easy to finish. If you have children at home, they can play too.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

SUPER BOT on Steam

Boom Bits

Boom Bits

As a beginner gamer it’s not always easy to find an interesting game that’s still fun to play and not frustrating. This game is very hard for me but, at the same time, the challenge I’m facing isn’t frustrating. The graphics in this game are very realistic and believable and the characters are just freaking cute. I can only recommend this game and promise you that you will not regret it. Well, perhaps you are losing your time doing other things you should be doing because you got hooked in this game. lol!!!

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Boom Bits on Steam

Himawari - The Sunflower -

Himawari - The Sunflower -

I ended up with this game in my library one night after imbibing a tiny bit too much alcohol, evidently having decided that these heroines were too cute to not throw 35 bucks at, as I knew nothing else about the game.

I wish all my inebrieated decisions ended this well.

Do not be deceived – Himawari may be teeming with an overwhelming amount of moe appeal, but judging it as a run of the mill moege is more criminal than all the lolis the game has to offer combined.

It’s understandably hard to convince you otherwise, and the entirety of the first route will, sadly, do little to dispel any reasonable person’s concerns regarding that. You’re treated to a route consisting of a hodgepodge of anime cliches you’ve seen at least a hundred thousand times before, including things like amnesiac protags, amnesiac girls falling from the sky, and a harem lead so bland you oftentimes find yourself wishing you were doing anything but reading this trite dialogue. How well you can withstand the game’s copious amounts of slice of life comedy scenes depends on your tolerance for cute girls doing cute things – fortunately, I consider myself quite the connoisseur, but I can understand it might be tiring for a more socially well adjusted human being than myself.

Real player with 86.9 hrs in game

Himawari is one of the most heart-wrenching yet beautiful stories you will ever read. It tells a tale about characters trying to overcome the shackles of their pasts and finally putting their lives back in motion. Once it gets going, the story is amazing at hooking you in with its cool sci-fi concepts and brilliant character drama.

“You said there was a meaning behind chasing after one’s dreams. But if the dream one had been aiming for vanished into nothingness… what is one to do then?.”

Real player with 69.2 hrs in game

Himawari - The Sunflower - on Steam



Beautiful graphics

Never played anything like it before

Difficult but kept me wanting to keep playing

Made my viewers dizzy which I thought was hilarious!

Great game for your buck!

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

I’ve played this game a lot on the Nintendo Switch with a friend of mine and yeah, this game’s really fun, but also challenging, with almost every level being a different task and always in different ways. Especially after the first levels oh boy if it’s gonna be tough, but don’t worry: co-op exists for a reason right? ;)

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Robonauts on Steam

Bunny Factory

Bunny Factory

Puzzle pastime game, same style as the previous one: “Kick it Bunny”, here too the protagonists are these cute little mischievous bunnies who sometimes even kick themselves.

The graphics are cute in cartoon style, and the third-person visibility, so you always see where you are moving, there’s no danger of getting stuck with your avatar.


We are in a large factory that produces robots, but unfortunately everything is stopped, nothing works, to reactivate production it is necessary to do an initial configuration of all the control modules scattered in the various locations of the factory.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

3D puzzle + 100 levels + online co-op = Pick up and drop boxes in work area to highlight all the squares. Each box has different highlight directions. Unlock rooms to complete areas.

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Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Bunny Factory on Steam

Falcon Age

Falcon Age

An entertaining birb hunting and robot smashing game.

Played in VR, and had a lot of fun playing with your falcon and going through the story.

There were some elements that seemed a bit unpolished, it feels like there was intended to be more to the story and setting that never came to fruition, was a bit short in that respect, and while it gives you different dialogue options it’s really unclear as to how much it really affects your playthrough or the ending (in some cases there is only one answer that lets you continue). Also, at least in VR it seemed difficult to be precise in moving objects with your electric whip, making one sidequest unnecessarily difficult - this may be easier outside of VR, but the feeling of being being -in- the world was hard to give up.

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

Note: I played this as the Desktop, Non-VR version. I don’t use VR, so I didn’t play that version.

I was keeping my eye on this game for a while, so I was so excited when it finally came to Steam! Because I was excited about it, I might be a bit biased.

Beautiful looking game! The only thing in this game that didn’t look good was, when you gave the falcon different colour feathers, their feathers looked a bit weird. Other than the feathers, everything looked good! The storyline was interesting and engaging, but short. It would have been nice to have a game like this have more gameplay in it. I normally don’t mind short games, but I really wish this one was longer, because it was so much fun!

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

Falcon Age on Steam