A good way to discount the rage of this whole pandemic.

The game is interesting and very cartoonish, which left it with a very nostalgic style from my childhood and my drawings.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

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A very nice minimalist game with a great retro music and sound effects, the art is like some 8-bits early games. Protect the cells against the virus, that is what we are right now fighting for !

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Pandemos on Steam

Paquerette Down the Bunburrows

Paquerette Down the Bunburrows

The bunburrows are filled with the cutest bunnies… and Pâquerette wants them all!!

U=๏ x ๏=U U=๏ x ๏=U U=๏ x ๏=U

The bunnies flee when Pâquerette gets too close: they will dash through the tunnels carefully avoiding dead ends. Will you let the lil critters outsmart you?

  • Use the bunnies' smart yet predictable behaviours against them!

  • Resort to various tools such as traps, pickaxes and carrots when simply manipulating the bunnies' moves isn’t quite enough!

  • Explore diverse bunburrows, each featuring their own distinct visual and musical themes (and maybe some special bunnies??)

  • Capturing bunnies is all fun and games but Pâquerette would also love to find some baby bunnies, but how?

  • Secrets may lurk deep down the bunburrows…

  • and the most important feature: BUNNIES

This game was originally created for the Ludum Dare Game Jam 48!

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Paquerette Down the Bunburrows on Steam

Slime Fantasy: the search for the lost sword

Slime Fantasy: the search for the lost sword

More Reviews @ (It’s not updated a lot currently because I’m working on my 2nd game.)

Full disclosure: I went out of my comfort zone for this game because I saw a post about it on twitter about Slime Fantasy and it looked cool. It’s a Pico-8 game about a slime that needs his sword back to defend his kingdom and so I followed the link to Steam. What I saw there was a cool-looking pixel game with zero reviews. Honestly, I hated to see it. Especially when I thought the game looked interesting enough. Then it was confirmed to me that it was a “kill you a lot” platformer. I hesitated for a day or so then picked it up. It did and does kill me a lot; that much is true. Is it worth picking up though? Let me break it down for you.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

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Slime Fantasy: the search for the lost sword on Steam



Bzzzt is a beautiful pixel-art platformer highly inspired by games from the ’80s.

Experience a story-rich adventure with unexpected twists and help your creators Norbert and Emily to stop evil and completely mad professor Badbert from taking over the world.

Game features

  • Various environments with ever-changing game mechanics.

  • Possibility of transferring your energy lifeform into other robotic bodies.

  • Precise and accessible controls.

  • Traps and enemies more insidious with every new stage.

  • Intense boss fights.

  • 50 stages with their own records to beat.

Pick a difficulty and choose a gameplay style that suits you the best. You can just enjoy the story without any rush or you can try insane mode with the authentic 80’s permadeath feature and check your gamepad ninja skills.

You are the only person who can save the world!

Bzzzt on Steam

Castle on the Coast

Castle on the Coast

Fun game with great controls and fun levels.

I enjoyed it 8/10

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

An effective, charming 3D platform experience that is honestly one of the best on steam. I got to play this early thanks to the dev but in no way did that influence my opinion on it, it is genuinely a great experience you should check out for yourself.


Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

Castle on the Coast on Steam

Eversleep: Lunistice Gaiden

Eversleep: Lunistice Gaiden

Before you buy, a little warning - this game was made in a self-imposed challenge to create a commercially viable game in only 30 days.

…Which didn’t quite work out! Turns out: 30 days is actually a really short amount of time to create a game that’s not only commercially viable, but also fun!

The goal was still to make a fun game in the end, with polished gameplay, but - you know - still expect some jank and not a TON of playtime!

Eversleep? More like Nosleepforthedeveloper, am I right, hahaha (help).

But what is Eversleep?

Now that’s a good question! Eversleep: Lunistice Gaiden is a 3D Platformer created with simple but fun gameplay and a cute PS1/SEGA Saturn inspired artstyle in mind. Take the role of Hana the Tanuki and jump and fight through her dreams! What secrets await her on the moon - her final destination?

Eversleep features a retro look heavily inspired by early 90s 3D graphics with bouncy enemies and a fluffy heroine.


How Eversleep came to life

Good. So you’ve made it this far in the text. We did not lose you, thank you!

Eversleep: Lunistice Gaiden was developed within 30 days as a challenge for A Grumpy Fox. For transparency’s sake: he is also working for the publisher of the game, Deck13.

Together we had this idea to provide as much data about the game’s development and release as possible: to support upcoming game developers and give interested players an insight about the development and marketing process. That means we are releasing sales numbers, discount strategies and valuable development and marketing info via Twitter and Medium. If you would like to support this approach and experiment, feel free to buy the game. And if you dislike it, feel free to make use of the refund system Steam offers. Every data helps making the process more transparent.


  • It’s really affordable!

  • Experience 5 different dreams!


  • Test your skills in the included Speedrun Mode

  • …and enjoy the good vibes and retro A E S T H E T I C S

Eversleep: Lunistice Gaiden on Steam

Juno’s Journey

Juno’s Journey

Adventure through Doggo Island as Juno, the Siberian Husky! An evil Grue has locked your furry friends up in cages, and it’s up to you to save them. Journey through four areas to rescue over 100 pups, becoming a Husky Hero!

You will explore over 36 levels, each consisting of 3 lost dogs and a hidden bone. Every trapped dog requires some skill or knowledge to rescue. The more dogs you find, the more levels you can unlock.

There’s lots of scary monsters trying to stop you from protecting your friends, but your bark blast will mow them down! We’ve included multiple costumes for you so you can fight in style.

Juno can’t jump, so you’ll be traversing levels by bouncing on springs. Don’t worry, these trampolines are challenging, but fun!

A checkpoint option makes recovering from death much more bearable. Turn it on in the settings to make the game considerably easier!

All of the huskies are trapped!

Over 100 individually named lost dogs, will you find them all?

Well don’t you look adorable! ^_^

Juno's Journey on Steam



Out of the hamster wheel and into space, Pompom is on a mission to save his boy Hoshi from the claws of Captain Cat and his wicked crew. Chase down each of the Space Cat Pirates, building platforms as you go. Use whatever it takes: springs, whips, umbrellas, cannons… Nothing can stop Pompom!


One day Pompom was working up a sweat on his hamster wheel, when Hoshi the boy burst into the room, showing a hand of beautiful jewels that fell from the sky with a great ‘BOOM’. Suddenly, Captain Cat & his crew appeared into the room, kidnapping Hoshi into a portal to space. Now Pompom must go on an adventure to save his boy Hoshi from the eight Space Cat Pirates!


Take a breath of fresh air in the platformer genre: you do not control Pompom the hamster, but instead help him by moving platforms and items around him. Drop springs, build bridges, slash vines, illuminate ghosts: From outer space, to beaches full of flying fish, to ancient temples inside deep jungles, help Pompom get past the enemies and beat Captain Cat and his crew.


  • Play a platformer in a new way, moving not the character but the platforms.

  • Explore a beautiful tribute to the SNES classics and the 16 bits retro era.

  • Adventure across 8 worlds in an epic space rescue: jump on flying fish, dodge nasty arrows, dispel vengeful spirits, swim past piranhas, battle flying saucers, and more.

  • Pompom defeats enemies and collects items, and you can use those items and interact with the world to get him to victory.

  • Use every item at your disposal: fly out of cannons, swing on ropes, slash vines, splash honey, freeze time and much more.

Pompom on Steam

Sakura Stars

Sakura Stars

The game is very hard but have boobs.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

It is a good game, however this game should come with a manual but for future reference, z to play x to shoot. you can’t use mouse to move but rather the up down left and right keys. It is not a must buy but if you are a pro mover then it’s a must buy game. It is hard to defeat but not impossible. This game doesn’t have any sexual content or nudity. A game just for fun.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Sakura Stars on Steam

Whip! Whip!

Whip! Whip!

This game is full of good design decisions, wrapped in an unfortunate number of bad UX decisions.

Movement is really fun once you get the hang of it. It felt clunky at first, but after playing through the story mode it started to feel very natural.

Challenge mode is structured very well in the old arcade model. Beating it is tough and takes a serious amount of time, but because the game does have a definite ending, getting a good score requires skilful play and risk-taking. It tracks both score and time, and they feel like two different challenges, you don’t get a better score just by going faster.

Real player with 9.5 hrs in game

I never heard of this game until today but good lord this is like something that would have been an actual arcade game back in the day except if it were given a dab of spice. The controls for Whip! Whip! are simple enough, and the game also shows you in the first few levels the basics and what you are expected to do, leaving the rest of the intricacies behind wraps for you to discover on your own. Even though this game says it requires a controller (due to it tying movement to left analog stick), I was able to use a joystick set to PS3/360 left analog stick. Not sure why this game specifically requires an analog stick, but whatever you may be able to use to set something to read as a controller left analog stick you might be able to use something else.

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Whip! Whip! on Steam