Rise of the Slime

Rise of the Slime

Rise of the Slime

You suddenly wake up as a small Slime and are told to go on a journey across the land to reclaim the throne…

Slay the Spire but with a slimy gooey twist

After playing the game for quite a while now I can say that I really enjoy it and every little aspect of it.


The artstyle is a cute comic cutout style with almost everything being moved around on sticks like on a kids play which adds a unique charm to it. Small details like two extra arms holding up shields to signify block are just cute.

Real player with 27.4 hrs in game

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I was pleasantly surprised by this game. This is NOT just another carbon-copy deck builder.

Rise of the Slime feels a bit more casual than similar titles. I died less often, and combat encounters felt less swingy in general. You can expect to get much further in your runs, and to have more control over the cards in your deck.

The adorable graphics and setting are a huge bonus. Most deck builders take place in a highly gritty fantasy setting, and the adorable art style is a nice change of pace. It is also nice to walk through the world rather than click on rooms in a menu. There are even a few secrets with the interactable terrain.

Real player with 24.6 hrs in game

Rise of the Slime on Steam

Rise of the Slime: Prologue

Rise of the Slime: Prologue

The demo is awesome! You should try it out.

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

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You know how some games make the beginning easier so you get that feeling of accomplishment before you’re stomped on?

That doesn’t happen here. :)

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Rise of the Slime: Prologue on Steam



Welcome to the worlds of Homewords! In this story focussed adventure game you play a mute boy who has to help a rude kid find her parents on an alien planet.

As Vincent, it is your goal to prevent Zoë from insulting anyone, be that human or alien, and guide her through increasingly difficult conversations to get closer to reuniting her with her parents.

Homewords travelling tips:

  • Explore the alien melting pot planet, Orbtüse, and discover it’s peculiar locations.

  • Hold intense conversations with charming and memorable characters.

  • Make sure Zoë doesn’t insult said charming and memorable characters by interrupting her mid-sentence.

  • Learn about alien etiquette to ensure a well-flowing conversation.

  • Use your trusty notepad to help Zoë make decisions, that is if she feels like listening.

  • Walk, run and jump around each location to look for items you can use during conversations.

  • This also applies to useless shiny items that Zoë wants to collect for the sake of it.

  • Visit Party Park, hosts of the biggest planet-warming party in the world.

    ((This ad was paid for by Party Park Inc.))

  • No crying until the end.

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Homewords on Steam



Amazing game. Fun to play with your significant other or a close friend. Requires just the right amount of teamwork where you need to do a level a couple times or more to complete it if you’re going for all the achievements. Overcooked vibes, controller recommended.

This game however, gets a down vote from me due to the TERRIBLE, COMMON, AND MAJOR GLITCHES in this game that completely ruin the experience. Boxes sometimes will not move when you run into them, ruining your time on a level. Boxes sometimes cannot be pulled when you try to pull them multiple times, ruining your time on a level. Dashing will glitch out and make it so you cannot dash anymore for the remainder of the level unless you butt-drop - doing exactly the same thing when you try to dash again, ruining your time on a level. Mail sometimes being thrown into mail slots make it in the mail slots but don’t count towards score, ruining your score on a level. Buckling up the mail while it’s being fed sometimes glitches out completely and makes it so you can’t feed the animal or finish bucking up the mail - making it so you cannot complete the level at all.

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

KeyWe is so good i really recommend anyone that likes interesting and thoughtful co-op experiences to give this a try, it’s a truly unique experience. Even though it stands on its own if i had to compare KeyWe to anything I would say the closest gameplay loop is that of Overcooked where you’re trying to complete a common objective and need to work together in order to achieve it. various things need to be done in order to reach that goal and you’ll have to decide quickly who is doing what tasks. If you work well with the person you’re playing with this obviously makes things a lot easier to manage.

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

KeyWe on Steam

Things That Bounce and Explode

Things That Bounce and Explode

I know now that I can’t handle that many B.A.L.L.s 😔✊

I love the progression and the skill depth!

Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

This game is awesome!! Once you start to play, it’s hard to stop playing it! Lots of power ups, upgrades, random stages, everything that guarantees a high replayabilty. As a fan of both brick breaker and shmup genres, I absolutely LOVE this game and 100% recommend it!

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Things That Bounce and Explode on Steam

Poly Puzzle: Cats

Poly Puzzle: Cats


Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Poly Puzzle: Cats on Steam

Choco Pixel S

Choco Pixel S

Pretty decent puzzle game. Most of the levels are quite easy, some of them are a bit challenging. Do not hesitate to give it a try !

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game


Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Choco Pixel S on Steam

Goat over it

Goat over it

After finishing the game I can finally rage about this damn game. It is definitely unpolished. If, for example, you do a Backflip, your legs turn into cooked noodles and just flip away even though you are landing on your feet and therefore lose. If You do the exact same action twice, you may get different outcomes. For example pressing “E” until the goat can’t turn any higher may result in the goat just standing there(which isfine), or in flipping over(which tilts alot), at the exact same spot(like Starting points). Furthemore the “Hitbox” when you hit your Body on something and you lose sometimes feels just off. Sometimes it doesnt count even though you are clearly hitting it, and sometimes you just die standing close to an object and you guess you hit your head.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Addicting if you like this kind of games

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Goat over it on Steam

Kōmori Fruit Rush

Kōmori Fruit Rush

It is a awesome game, love the quests I would recommended for anyone no matter what their age.

Real player with 86.1 hrs in game

What a fun little arcade game its a nice one for me to just chill and play and my 4 year old loves playing this game game on the lowers levels.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Kōmori Fruit Rush on Steam

Lazy Sweet Tycoon

Lazy Sweet Tycoon

I enjoy a lot of clicker games, and I did enjoy this one as well at first, but the game has a few achievements that are way too grindy to keep enjoying the game. After completing all the other achievements I have the following achievements left:

  • clicking 100k energized trees left (I only got around 10k while getting the other achievements with active play)

  • Start/complete 100 jobs, most of them take 1 to 2h in real life which means you have to log in every 1/2h to start a new job if you want to get through this one as fast as possible.

Real player with 99.5 hrs in game

Really fun game, it is not as indepth as other clickers but I like the chill environment and themes

Cross play is cool as well, I was a fan of the mobile game so I liked being able to bring my progress over

Runs pretty well on my computer too :)

Real player with 41.1 hrs in game

Lazy Sweet Tycoon on Steam