Yuhha: Stolen Treasure

Yuhha: Stolen Treasure



If you are a fan of Retro-Style 2D Platformers, you should help disgruntled dragon Yuhha to find out who stole his treasure and waking him!

15 long and hard vertical levels without checkpoints

Each level brings something new! (Enemies, Obstacles, Mechanics)

Horizontal screen wrap! (Leaving one side of the screen, Yuhha immediately reappear on the opposite side)

5 different stages (Each of them has its own unique music theme and thematic tileset)

Try to find secret room to get extra life! (One secret room per level)

Strive to improve your run grade (From zero to ten) and run time (Use built-in timer)

Retro 8:7 aspect ratio of gameplay part of the screen (Gameplay + Interface = 16:9)

Family friendly content! (All enemies in the game are robots)

Platforming with real falls (Since the levels are vertical, you won’t meet any typical “Bottomless pit” in the game)

Made with using classic (8-bit) color palette

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Yuhha: Stolen Treasure on Steam

Castle on the Coast

Castle on the Coast

Fun game with great controls and fun levels.

I enjoyed it 8/10

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

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An effective, charming 3D platform experience that is honestly one of the best on steam. I got to play this early thanks to the dev but in no way did that influence my opinion on it, it is genuinely a great experience you should check out for yourself.


Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

Castle on the Coast on Steam



Storyline: On the darkest of nights when creatures and spirits rarely seen by man abound, a lost(?) traveler/wanderer is invited to join a campfire and listen to a tale. The tale told by the invisible narrator is about a small insignificant nameless creature born out of darkness on the darkest of nights much like that night. This epic journey of self-awareness and discovery turns into a magic strewn and danger filled quest which takes place in a single night full of magic and spirits taken from Swedish forklore.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

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You follow a little creature on his journey for fulfillment, wandering through nightly environments that are inspired by tales of folklore. Gameplay is quite standard to the point-and-click genre where you collect objects to interact with your surroundings and overcome puzzles. A nice addition though, is that you’re equipped with four elemental runes (earth, water, air, fire) which activate and produce different outcomes depending on the scene. You can also interact with entities in a few different ways, such as touching, observing or talking to the person/object. Although not all interactions are entirely necessary, it can lead to some humerous/extra dialogue and is a nice feature nonetheless.

Real player with 9.3 hrs in game

Oknytt on Steam

Wingsuit Dream

Wingsuit Dream

fly the Sky In Your Dream

with Just Two buttons.

In this game, you can jump, hover and fly fast with ring

passing the ring carefully to fly further, gerthering coin for score!

do not fly close to obstacle, avoid star and space cat!

This Game Have 4 Stages, Each Has Several Minute

when you clear every single stage, you get bonus score by distance

Aim for the high score!

Wingsuit Dream on Steam

Poulet Poulet

Poulet Poulet

The Evil Mahi Mahi returns, as the Poulet Adventure comes from Fantasy-Consoles to your PC.

Poulet Poulet is a simple but unique action Platformer. Each level is hand-crafted and play-tested to challenging and delightful perfection. Half Chicken, half-pinball, Poulet can beak-smash foes and bounce off of them, flying towards the next foe for a score-multiplying combo (or maybe to an untimely end!)

Victory awaits at the end of 32 (or more?) 2D stages across 8 worlds just like the platformer classics of back in the day. Set high scores, set speed-run records, and maybe discover a secret or two.

Poulet Poulet on Steam

2 Synchro Hedgehogs

2 Synchro Hedgehogs

pretty fun to play was a bit confusing to begin with but was awsome once i got the hang of it u like hedghogs and puzzles this is your game :)

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

2 Synchro Hedgehogs on Steam

Mighty Chameleon Brothers

Mighty Chameleon Brothers


Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

is pretty fun game is really short but nice to play :)

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Mighty Chameleon Brothers on Steam



DoubleShake is an action-packed platformer inspired by some of our favorite 5th Generation games such as Mischief Makers, Klonoa, and Tomba! Our goal is to utilize modern technology, techniques. and game design to “shake up” a nostalgic aesthetic. In DoubleShake, you’ll follow Loam as she investigates and grapples with the ensuing Chaos that threatens to toss her humble little island into total disorder!

DoubleShake on Steam

Proto Cuckoo 64

Proto Cuckoo 64

Awesome little game. Love the clean visuals. Highly recommended.

Real player with 56.2 hrs in game

Great wee game, i really enjoy the competition trying to get the fastest time, well done and polished feel. I recommend to anyone young or old.

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

Proto Cuckoo 64 on Steam

Rescue Lucy 2

Rescue Lucy 2

It does seem a bit better compared to the first game, i did enjoy the jigsaw puzzle in this one. However there is not much plot and felt it was quickly thrown together, so unfortunately i will have to say that i do not recommend this game.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Rescue Lucy 2 is a Flash-based attempt at a horror point and click game. There’s a very bare story and a lot of poorly designed puzzles. It feels like an indie game from 10 years ago. 3/10


Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Rescue Lucy 2 on Steam