my fluffy life

my fluffy life

Update 2 (Late Autumn Update) :

Gameplay : The gameplay has improved very much. The seasons make every season change exciting. The new minigame introduced where you collect apples, pumpkins, and hiney to make jam is an excellent game. It keeps my attention and the art design is gorgeous. The amount of teddycoins you make from that game is also reasonable in my opinion. The way the minigames themselves make you gain happiness as well as working towards another minigame is something I very much enjoy. Growing chamomile bushes and collecting honey is also very relaxing! One thing I think that could enhance the game play of the jam-making minigame in particular though is being able to make multiple jams at once. By this, I mean that I can stack layers of apples and honeycomb to make several apple jams, similar to how you can stack items in Minecraft in the crafting table to make multiple of the same object all at once. Of course this is just a suggestion and I respect the vision pooftie wishes to create, so if she does not want to do this for any reason, I am fine with that!

Real player with 64.2 hrs in game

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este é o joguinho mais suave que já joguei .. ! ς꒰´ ˘ ' ς ⑅ ꒱ა ˒˒

é um adorável jogo projetado para interação e personalização .. os controles são fáceis e você pega o jeitinho do jogo muito rápido ♡ você pode enviar mensagens à outros jogadores, decorar sua casinha e seu meigo bichinho, e no final de um dia amável .. relaxar com as musiquinhas do jogo enquanto escreve em seu diariozinho ♡

me sinto com o coraçãozinho aquecido e completamente confortável enquanto exploro os cantinhos deste joguinho, e fortemente recomendo para quem deseja fazer amigos de uma maneira mais sutil ou está buscando um cantinho aconchegante para passar um tempinho .. ♡ ꒰ ᐟᐟ ´ ˘ ' ᐟᐟ ꒱

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

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A Gummy’s Life

A Gummy’s Life

If the only thing they did was a carbon-copy remake of Gang Beasts with just a ‘splatter’ like they have for the punches, it would have been worth at least a dollar. There was that, and so much more, and my kids (7 & 10) absolutely loved it!

I find it way less boring than gang beasts with all the bot options and the much, much more interactive environments. Matches rarely last more than 1 1/2 minutes. A+.

Some comments from the children –- “I like that there’s more ways to die.”

Some comments from Dad — “I like that there’s bots out the wazoo, and that way I don’t have to pick one of the two children to go after and end up falling off the edge holding them.”

Real player with 19.8 hrs in game

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This is a very entertaining game, from the ragdoll physics to beating up your friends. However, it isn’t for everyone, and has major problems.

While I would still recommend the game, the game is not without flaws, which I think many wouldn’t be able to overlook. Most notably would be the large amount of bugs and glitches. Many maps have areas the players can climb out of, instantly killing them. Others have environmental backdrops the players can clip through. There are also many physics-based problems that could potentially throw someone off the map and ruin their experience. However, many of these glitches are funny enough to not cause any frustration.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

A Gummy's Life on Steam

Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale

For a battle-royale game, it is surprisingly more casual and still fun to mess around with friends. Each matches are short (7 minutes or so) and definitely feels less frustating than most battle-royale game that I have played.

It just had a unique style that makes it different from another BR genre. I just love how there are a decent amount of customizations, despite the lack of blood and gore that appears to be missing. I’d like to thank the devs for listening to the feedback for the past few years.

Real player with 942.5 hrs in game

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I’m not big into shooter games, but I love Super Animal Royale.

Real player with 645.2 hrs in game

Super Animal Royale on Steam

Zoo Squad

Zoo Squad

Zoo Squad is a multiplayer party brawler for 4 players.

You will win by fighting your friends using a variety of cute animals.


  • Play online with your friends.

  • Unique levels.

  • Random ability box.

  • Lots of animals.

  • Lots of original music.

  • Support cross-platform.




Zoo Squad on Steam

100% Orange Juice

100% Orange Juice

I’m revamping this review, as my last one which I had made months ago was meant as a in-joke, which probably isn’t the ideal approach. So, where do I begin?

100% Orange Juice is a board game featuring characters across multiple games from the Japanese indie group daidai (who are better known as OrangeJuice among the populace). The game premise is to move around the board obtaining stars and/or wins from successful battles, which allow you to increase your Norma level, which in turn allows access to cards. Cards play a vast role in 100% Orange Juice by changing the scenarios in and outside of battle. Some common examples are having access to two dice for movement, healing yourself after a battle, and setting traps which can slow down other players. Due to the versatility of cards, you will find yourself always trying out different deck creations.

Real player with 3605.2 hrs in game

After many hours of play, I think it’s time I finally put in a review as a means of advice to potential buyers.

100% Orange Juice is good/challenging game that will give you many triumphs and tragedies. Many negative reviews you may read might say things like “games are very long and require almost no skill” or “you just throw dice”. I disagree with these sentiments entirely. If you intend to buy OJ, you need to understand it’s a very specific kind of game. This is a dice board game, where RNG and skill take center stage. If you intend to buy this game and assume you can master it and win every game, and have a perfect W/L ratio, prepare to be disappointed. It is impossible to master OJ and sometimes the game can be extremely upsetting. So why do people like me keep coming back?

Real player with 1374.9 hrs in game

100% Orange Juice on Steam

Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

I’ve been waiting to write this review so that I could give the developers time to rectify my situation, but I’ve lost all hope in them and the correspondents I’ve dealt with over the past month as they refuse to give me any answers.

I’ll start off by saying that I do enjoy playing this game with my friends; I’ve bought the Battle Pass, Premium Chests, and have brought friends to the game that have done the same. Which is why it is even more disheartening that the developers would steal my money given my past patronage.

Real player with 164.9 hrs in game

i have left a negative review in the past on this game but i have changed my mind. they may not be adding new content and only adding cosmetics but for a free game that i can log this much time into its fine, this game is highly addictive and satisfying to master. even though it’s the same thing every time i still find myself getting exited to start the game and load into the game. it’s lots of fun with friends and I have had a lot of fun with it, and the best part is it’s free. the only critique i could really make is they need to add new content if they want the game to keep growing. overall a fun game to mess around on with friends.

Real player with 111.1 hrs in game

Bombergrounds: Battle Royale on Steam

Breadbox Game Pack

Breadbox Game Pack

Literally no other game where I can see a depiction of myself as bread saying “poggers.”

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game


Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Breadbox Game Pack on Steam



★ ★ ★ - -       maybe       ★ ★ ★ ★ -

to start i would definitely suggest this game if you can get it on sale for -50% or more, or if you have a friend or 2 you are going to play with then the $20 isnt that bad in comparison to the amount of content to play with most games being released now a days, and just the general amount of fun as long as your into the type of game it is.

+ General +

game has decent options so you can set a few graphics options, and you can also set your keyboard config in the Options, although the page is kinda strange compared to other games key binding option pages, theres also a option for using Steam account or making it use your char name, but all it does it makes it so your friends and other players see your steam name above your characters head, or the character name you gave them instead.

Real player with 88.8 hrs in game


I just can’t recommend this game for the following reasons:

-Finding an Online Lobby: everytime when you try and play online and search for lobbies you will either have none to join or “If” you find one, the players will be all afk

-AFK Players: as mentioned above 99% of the times players are afk and when the golden chance happens and you say to yourself: finally i’m lucky there’s few players who aren’t afk but no don’t get your hopes up because they’re 99.99% of the times speaking japanese or another language that isn’t english so you can’t communicate with them

Real player with 69.4 hrs in game




For the last few weeks, I have dedicated my life to Meadow. Sleep, food, job and even family became less priority and only water kept me hydrated so I could survive till the final release and tell you a story you may or may not enjoy. Are you ready to spend few minutes of your life, yes? Very well, brave badgers and devious lynxes, buckle your seat belts, because ‘Shelter’ is going bye bye!

So what’s this Meadow is all about you may wonder. Let’s cut all the ‘woo woo’ stuff and dive deep into it.

Real player with 721.5 hrs in game

I’ve had Meadow for a good while now, so I think it’s high time that I write a review for it.

First of all, Meadow is good for:

  • Anyone social

  • People who have trouble introducing themselves in real life

  • People who need to take a break

  • People who long to relax

  • People who want to be in a very kind environment

  • Perfectionists

Now you know who I reccomend it for; you’re probably wondering who I wouldn’t reccomend it to.

  • People who only like survival games

Clarification - no survival? Yes, that’s one thing… also, there is no chat. At this point you’re probably thinking, “What?! There’s really nothing in this game, is there?”

Real player with 460.1 hrs in game

Meadow on Steam

Party Animals

Party Animals

Make Painfully Great Memories with Your Friends in Party Animals.

Mess With Your Friend in 100 Different Ways

Or Together You Could Eliminate Others

Teamwork Is Also Highly Appreciated Here

Especially When Fighting For Gummy Bear

Party Animals on Steam