Canary in a Crater

Canary in a Crater

Review is based on Version 1.03

It is a fun little game. Controls are solid and upgrades are useful. Achievements work and are simple enough to get.

You could probably finish the game in a few hours, definitely within a day if you’re trying for that. This is a GREAT game if you’re busy and would like to play a game for 20 minutes before work and feel like you accomplished something.

Game play is a simple loop. You dig down collecting upgrade orbs and treasures. Sell treasure. Pay for upgrades and resources to get down farther where higher priced treasure is. This can be a bit ‘grindy’ but that is what this style of game is meant to be. If you are not into that style of game this might not be for you.

Real player with 13.7 hrs in game

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Canary in a Crater is a clone of Miner Dig Deep, but it’s graphics are far better and in my view super cute! ^_^ Movement is smooth, but seems slower than Miner Dig Deep. There are upgrades and things in this game that Miner Dig Deep does not have, but I did not play enough to see them myself so I can not comment upon if those aspects make the game overall stronger then Miner Dig Deep.

The developer seems genuinely into improving the game and making it better then it is and is open to critical feedback.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Canary in a Crater on Steam



This game is well balanced, well done, the gameplay is really cool.

The idea of ​​drilling the basement is very nice to me. No crash or bug when I play but sometimes a little trouble stopping my train in the station lol. I love to control my machine with the mouse !!

Note: 8/10 therefore

After I played this game for 23 hours : I just can’t stop playing it .. Going deeper and deeper ! !

Real player with 549.0 hrs in game

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An interesting experiment. The player will take on the role of the driver of a huge drill. The whole point of the game is to go down as low as possible, get a certain amount of resources, return to the surface and improve your drill.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

CorePiercer on Steam

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

All That Glitters is Gold!

In this mining platformer, traverse your underground mine shafts to retrieve gold! Team up or compete against your friends or go solo into the mines and extract as much gold as you can. Setup your operation and reinvest your earnings into better gear and equipment. This line of work not only separates the gold from the dirt, but the pups from the dogs. With danger lurking in the ancient grounds, hungry Dinos awaken, searching for prey and loot. The wise miner doesn’t fear the Dino but sees it’s flesh and bones as a potential fuel source for their operations. Gold mining is a treasure hunt, so open your miner’s map, test some dirt, and find that stash of gold!

Mine to Save the Town from Fat Cat

Each unique map has new environmental hazards like forest fires, earthquakes, lava and new machines like helicopters and excavators! Every speck of gold you collect gets you closer to prevent Fat Cat from building his Cat-sino next door and paving over the town!

Beware of Dinos

  • Dinos cause cave-ins when they get grumpy and stomp their feet

  • Dinos eat all of the gold out of your bags of dirt.

  • Dinos steal gold coins when they bite you!

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Surprised this doesn’t have a higher rating. Maybe people are disappointed because they are comparing it to the first game and this game is very different. The first game was great because it has these crunchy controls with old school arcade-paced levels. This game is not like that. Unlike Milk Mine Defender, where you can only go left and right in an infinite loop, these are open maps where you have to hunt around and collect specific things. Also unlike Milk Mine, the powerups are not temporary but are items which can be collected and upgraded. Personally, I love it. It’s like if Star Fox was a 16-bit rpg with all the little side-quests and boss battles. But if you were expecting a continuation of Milk Mine, I can see why it would be disappointing.

Real player with 28.1 hrs in game

Now I have finished it, I can say it worst its price. It is a very lovely sequel and a quality product for an indy title.

ASTRO AQUA KITTY is such an improvement compared to the previous one.

Now it is an Action RPG shoot-em-up with classes and multiples weapons. An immersive and even more cute artistic direction, a minded and polished level design that increase in size level after level and give you various tasks, all served by very good musics.

Devs made it with great care and you can feel it.

Real player with 26.7 hrs in game


Cloud Miners

Cloud Miners

Cloud Miners is a 2D couch co-op space mining and exploration game!

You and your shipmates have been attacked and your ship destroyed! A Cloud Corp ship was nearby and able to save the crew at the last minute, but now you are indebted to Cloud Corp. In order to buy a new ship, and your freedom back, you must toil away mining asteroids and planets of their valuable resources, running on suspicious missions for Cloud Corp and entertaining spectators in the C.L.A.A.S.H. Coliseum battle arena. Your lives now belong to Cloud Corp, and it’s up to you to take your power back!

  • Playable with up to 4 people

  • Choose from 4 different characters with different abilities and tools

  • Use the crew’s ship and venture out on foot to complete missions

  • A mix of procedurally generated and crafted levels

  • Solve puzzles, fight battles, and use mined resources to complete missions

Cloud Miners on Steam

Animal Doctor

Animal Doctor

its not what i expected. you dont get to run your own vet practice. you dont even get your own house or anything. very short game. not very fun.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

The devs have apparently never seen an American farm or talked to a real vet. The hillbilly music playing constantly in the background isn’t bad, per se (it’s pretty good, for what it is), but I don’t particularly like that style of music. And not everyone who lives in the country is a hillbilly, for gods sake. So why that music? If they added some alternate tracks, I’d be okay with it.

But the main problem is that it’s goofy. No vet would send an intern to scrounge around in the forest for “healing herbs” (which he can’t even identify) or let him be sidetracked into becoming a delivery boy for the local farmers. He’s ON THE CLOCK. Not to mention the fact that farmers don’t generally leave clumps of goat cheese and bottles of milk just lying around the farm to collect later.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

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See the full review here:

The simplest explanation is “It’s Minecraft in Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past’s perspective.” Also, there’s a story mode with a linear plot in the procedural sandbox world, and you play as catgirls. You’ll probably enjoy it around as much as that elevator pitch appeals to you.

It’s SNES-inspired sound and graphics aside, LandTraveller is an “and the kitchen sink” dabbler in many different genres, including some born after the 16-bit era, and not all of these ideas play well together. LandTraveller wants to have the base-building of Minecraft or Terraria, however, it doesn’t want to let you actually use those for fighting bosses like in Terraria, and in Story Mode in particular, bases are almost entirely just a storage bin and crafting bench. Why bother customizing something you only see for 5% of the game? LandTraveller wants to have difficult twitch combat focus like a roguelite such as Binding of Isaac, but it has old SNES controls instead of twin-stick shooting, making the game character too difficult to control for some of the high-precision combat it demands. RPG mechanics mean that level and gear can render enemies that were one-hit-killers toothless, further undermining twitch-based action focus. In fact, since movement speed is also based on RPG-style stats, and there is no “run” or inversely, “slow down” button, a slow character (bears) might find it impossible to evade attacks, while fast characters might find platforming or just plain fitting through the one-tile-wide doorways nearly impossible, as it’s extremely difficult to line up on a single block when your character is only a couple pixels narrower than a block.

Real player with 219.7 hrs in game

This review is for Story mode using the beta version with the latest updates. You can opt into this version from game settings in Steam.

Seems like a great game so far. I’ve run into a few bugs but overall it’s been pretty enjoyable - moreso than I expected.

There are plenty of open world crafting sandbox games but this is one of the few that is also a complete RPG and didn’t just contain a few RPG elements. There’s an Explore mode that leaves the story out. It also has multiplayer, which I haven’t tried yet.

Real player with 159.0 hrs in game

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Boulder Dash Deluxe

Boulder Dash Deluxe

A classic game updated for the future.

However, it looks very scary. Playing it, I could say that as a child I would have played this a lot, but as a grownup it’s not something that I would recommend. It’s past it’s prime and not updated to compare to other games today.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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I’m a big fan of Milkbag Games. They make fun, relaxing games with a lot of thought and creativity in them just for the player’s enjoyment! Santacraft was a lot of fun to play. I was hooked and couldn’t stop. My desire to completely clear the map will probably send me back into the game very soon! Music, characters, and pop culture references are all on point!

EDIT for 2021 update: Love all the new stuff added, including a way to keep building! Thank you so much, Owen and Matt for making SantaCraft even more fun!

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

A perfectly witty and wholesome Christmas game just in time for the holidays! Definitely worth the $5!

On top of being fun for me, I’ve found that it is a great way to teach my 6 year old to use a mouse as he finds controllers too difficult and has given up on other games like Minecraft. This game is right up his alley with the cute characters as well as incorporating the crafting and building that he loves to do!

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

SantaCraft on Steam

Cattails | Become a Cat!

Cattails | Become a Cat!

There are two kinds of gamers: those who can enjoy life sims, and those who cannot. Some people need the game to show them “this is what your goal is,” and others are very happy to invent their own goals regardless of whether or not the game gives you one. If you’re in that latter category, then by all means, I recommend this game to you. Especially if you like cats. Otherwise… you’ll probably find yourself growing bored right after the tutorial.

Although I feel like this was pretty ingenious–of course you have no goal at first. You’re a housecat that was dumped off into the middle of nowhere! Your first few days should be spent learning how to survive. THEN you can come up with something to do. (And the game provides you with a main quest a few days later, so there’s that.)

Real player with 192.1 hrs in game

If you haven’t gotten Stardew Valley yet, get that instead…but check this game out after you’re done with it and wait for a sale.


Great music. Decent pixel art for he environment. Although I’m not a fan of the character portraits. I would have preferred it looked like the stylized digitally drawn characters in the main menu.

Main Story:

What you can consider the main story is the Temple at the near center of the map that requires you to gather unique resources and items from all over the map to “restore the balance” and revive the Forest Guardian. Gamplay wise it’s a standard affair. What makes Cattails unique is that there are little puzzle rooms that you have to do after completing a bundle. Half are decent at best puzzles and the other half are boring combat trials that require a key that can only be received by having good relations with other cat colonies. There 6 bundles with 4 milestones- for completing the first, third, fifth, and last.

Real player with 93.0 hrs in game

Cattails | Become a Cat! on Steam